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LAST UPDATED: March 19th, 2021

Life Assist USA is a medical alarm company based out of Wisconsin. They provide 24/7 emergency call center support to their medical alert system users. Their products are manufactured by Linear, a well-known leader in the medical alert system industry. Life Assist USA may be a good company, but it is hard to determine based off of the vague information they provide on their website. The value of Life Assist medical alert system has to be determined based on the quoted price they give once a customer calls in.

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The Good

  • Up to sixteen users
  • Inactivity reporting package
  • Products made by a reputable company

Up to Sixteen Users

Life Assist USA's medical alarm system is calibrated to allow up to 16 users. This is a huge benefit to home where there are more than one senior living there, like nursing homes for example.

Inactivity Reporting Package

A unique product add-on is the inactivity sensor. If the special sensor does not detect any movement within the house during a set amount of time, it will automatically alert the emergency monitoring center.

Products Made by a Reputable Company

The company who makes all of Life Assist USA's products is Linear. This company invented the personal emergency transmitter itself and have a good reputation in the life alarm industry. They are one of the top manufacturers of life alarm equipment. The quality of equipment that Life Assist USA uses should bring a peace of mind to the customer.

The Bad

  • Unclear pricing/package information
  • Vague description/differentiation of products

Unclear Pricing/Package Information

There is no clear information about pricing on the medical alarm system packages that Life Assist USA provides. They list a few monthly packages but give no pricing breakdown. If a customer is interested, they will have to call customer service which can be inconvenient. There is a "view cart" button but no way to add products to your cart. They do, however, provide a lifetime plan of $799.00. While this can be convenient if you plan on sticking with Life Assist USA, there is no information or guarantee that you would get your money back if you decide that Life Assist USA is not the company for you.

Vague Description/Differentiation of Products

It is difficult to determine which products are which as you read through Life Assist USA's descriptions of their products. The wording and description is vague enough that it is hard to tell what packages include which products. To get a clearer understanding of what the products really are, one will most likely have to call into the customer support center.

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The Bottom Line

Life Assist USA might be a good company, but it is hard to tell from their website. The information provided about their services and products is vague. One of the number one things one would want to know up front about a product is the cost, and the cost of Life Assist USA's monthly packages is nowhere to be found. It is hard to tell if their products are a good value because it is not clear what they cost. Other companies within the industry might provide the same services at a better price but you will not know unless you do your research and call Life Assist USA. It might be better for a customer to go elsewhere if they are looking for a straightforward product with upfront pricing.

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