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LAST UPDATED: July 8th, 2021

HandsFree Health is not only a medical alert provider. Under the HandsFree Health brand, the company created WellBe®, which is a virtual health assistant platform that functions through a smart speaker. 

WellBe is similar to other smart speakers on the market, such as the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, but the difference is that HandsFree Health created WellBe specifically for health needs.

WellBe assists with your health by storing your insurance information, medication schedules, doctor appointments, and other health- and medical-related information. With the device’s voice activation, you can ask it insurance-related questions (i.e. “How much of my deductible is remaining?”), request reminders for medication schedules, get notified of upcoming appointments, etc. WellBe operates on a HIPAA-compliant platform, ensuring your sensitive information is protected. 

HandsFree Health’s newest addition is its smartwatch medical alert device. In order to purchase the medical alert device, you’ll need to purchase the HandsFree Health monthly subscription, which will cover your medical alert monitoring. HandsFree Health is also now offering a Medical Alert PLUS option that allows for a lower upfront cost. We talk more about this in The Good section below. 

HandsFree Health has a unique approach to the medical alert industry, taking the desire for virtual assistants and combining it with customizable health assistance. 

However, the medical alert device does differ from most on the market. Keep reading to find out where HandsFree Health’s medical alert technology falls short and where it excels.


The Good

  • Sleek Design
  • Smartwatch Features
  • Emergency Call Cancellation
  • WellBe Monthly Subscription Features
  • Medical Alert PLUS Offering
  • WellBe Health Assistant Built Into Smartwatch

Sleek Design

One feature that sets the WellBe medical alert watch apart from other medical alert systems on the market is its sleek design. Although it’s becoming more common, most medical alert companies don’t offer smartwatch medical alert systems. Companies typically just provide a home-based medical alert station with a pendant you wear around the wrist or neck, with the option to upgrade to a mobile alert pendant. 

A smartwatch medical alert device gives you convenience and a sleek, inconspicuous design.

Smartwatch Features

In addition to functioning as a medical alert device, The WellBe emergency alert device has features that are in-line with other smartwatches on the market:

  • 4G network connection to communicate with ease
  • Built-in heart rate monitor to check your heart rate
  • Built-in pedometer to track your steps
  • GPS location technology to send your loved ones and emergency personnel your exact location
  • Water-resistant material you can wear in the shower
  • Two-way communication to talk with the monitoring center in the case of an emergency 

Emergency Call Cancellation

Once you push the emergency button on your smartwatch, you have seven seconds to cancel the request, lessening the chances of false alarms. Most medical alert devices don’t have the capability to cancel emergency calls until they’re connected to the monitoring center. It’s convenient that the WellBe watch offers this type of ability, so you don’t have to go through the trouble of talking with the monitoring center before canceling the emergency alert.

WellBe Monthly Subscription Features

WellBe's monthly subscription comes with a variety of features users can take advantage of any time they'd like. Here are a few of the additional capabilities available:

  • Music — iHeartRadio and Spotify
  • News — NPR News
  • Weather — Accuweather
  • Audiobooks — AudiobookStore.com
  • Pet Health Information
  • Pricing Estimates for Medical Procedures
  • Ability to Call Your Doctor or Pharmacy
  • Preventive Care Reminders
  • Flu Shot Reminders
  • COVID-19 Vaccine Updates and Reminders

Medical Alert PLUS Offering

HandsFree Health is now offering Medical Alert PLUS, which allows customers to purchase the medical alert device as well as the WellBe speaker for a one-time fee of $99.95 and a monthly fee of $44.95. Both devices function on a 4G LTE network, which makes sure that if the Wi-Fi ever goes out in the home for any reason, the smart speaker can still make an emergency call. This covers on-the-go and at-home medical alert coverage. This offering is great for customers wanting to spend less upfront and are willing to pay a little more monthly. 

WellBe Health Assistant Built Into Smartwatch

The WellBe virtual assistant is available through the smartwatch as well as the Wellbe speaker, allowing users to access the virtual assistant on the go as well as at home. A medical alert company offering a virtual assistant and speaker is already unique, so it's additionally impressive HandsFree Health took it a step further by making the virtual assistant compatible with the medical alert smartwatch as well. 


The Bad

  • No Fall Detection Capabilities
  • No Wearable Wrist or Neck Pendant Option

No Fall Detection Capabilities

A common selling point for medical alert systems is fall detection. When a medical alert device has fall detection, a signal is sent to the monitoring center when the person wearing the device experiences a fall, even if they can’t trigger the device themselves. Because users often are unable to move once they fall down, fall detection capabilities are extremely important for users who want that extra peace of mind. 

Because HandsFree Health does not offer fall detection, this medical alert device is best for users who don’t mind having to manually push the emergency button themselves if and when they need to call for help. 

No Wearable Wrist or Neck Pendant Option

The majority of providers offer medical alert pendants you can wear around your neck or wrist. HandsFree Health only sells a smartwatch, rather than wearable pendants. However, this may not necessarily be a bad thing if you prefer a smartwatch over a wearable pendant. 


The Bottom Line

HandsFree Health is a solid medical alert choice if you want the sleek design of a watch rather than a wearable pendant. The WellBe smartwatch is on par with other medical alert smartwatches as it has similar features and costs less than $100. 

The monthly monitoring cost is on the lower end when compared to other medical alert companies, so once you pay for the equipment, the service won't cost you very much. 

HandsFree Health is best for consumers who are interested in coupling the virtual WellBe health assistant with the medical alert smartwatch. With that in mind, it’s a competitive price point and a solid quality medical alert device. 

HandsFree Health is not a good option for anyone who would prefer to have fall detection capabilities with their medical alert device. However, this company is perfect for consumers who want either the flexibility of just a smartwatch or need at-home and on-the-go protection. The added features that come with the virtual assistant WellBe set it apart from the competition and offer ways to use the device every day, not just for emergencies.

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HandsFree Health

HandsFree Health is committed to providing the best service at the most affordable rates. We don't just make promises, we deliver with the most advanced medical alert system on the market, featuring a voice-controlled smart speaker and stylish smartwatch.

We believe if you are going to pay a monthly fee for monitoring you should be able to enjoy it every day. That's why we added free hands-free calling, music from iHeart Radio, weather forecasts from AccuWeather, news reports from NPR, audiobooks, medication reminders, health answers, and much more.

When there is an emergency our monitoring center answers at the push of a button or a call for help. All of our products come with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty and access to our exceptional customer support team which in 2020 rated 95% in customer approval.

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