Even though Habitec Security is a security company, they also do really well with personal alert systems. Habitec offers three primary products for their customers, which are included later in this review.

Habitec security was founded in 1971 and has been in the personal alert business for over 20 years. They operate their own monitoring system, while many other personal alert services outsource their monitoring service to call centers. In the last several years, Habitec has grown to over 90 employees and is one of the 50 largest security providers in the United States.

One of the nice things about Habitec is the lack of a contract for their medical alert services. This makes their company platform very transparent.

Habitec also controls their own monitoring station. Located at the company's headquarters in Northwestern Ohio, the UI trained operators are trained to help clients manage their emergency needs easily.

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The Good

  • Services
  • Water resistant feature

Habitec Security offers one of the best personal alert systems in the industry. Their three products and services were designed to fit different needs. These three services include the following:

  • The Security Special Personal Alert, provides customers with a pendant featuring 2-way voice communication to the call center. The pendant also has a help button that works in and outside of the home.
  • The standard medical alert system has both a help button and a fall sensor. The fall sensor is really important because it determines whether or not a person has fallen due to a special sensor. Unfortunately, this system does not have two-way communication available through the help button and pendant.
  • The video service is really unique and is the only product offered by Habitec Security that guarantees mobility for the caretaker. If a person cannot be around their loved one, the video system will send email notifications whenever a person enters an area of the home where they or not supposed to be and when the person awakes for the day.

The water resistant feature of the pendant is important, making sure that the person still has access to monitoring services while they are in the shower. Another great feature is the mobile unit’s volume knob, allowing the client to hear the monitoring service speaker clearly.

The Bad

  • Concerns with Security Special product
  • Differences between Medical Alert System and Security Special

There are some concerns about Habitec Security’s Security Special product. The handset and base unit looked very similar to the base units that were used by Acadian On Call. The service was about the same in price as Acadian on Call, so it begs the question- What is the difference? When comparing the two companies, a client might be more inclined to use Acadian On Call because Acadian is also historically an ambulance service company, whereas Habitec Security focuses on Home Security.

Another concern was with the differences between the Medical Alert System and the Security Special. The medical alert with fall detector has some features that the Security Special does not. Both products should feature the same fall detector features. The 60 degree angle detection offered by the Medical Alert System helps a client if they are in a condition where they cannot speak and have fallen. However, the Medical Alert does not have two-way voice functionality contained within the pendant or fall detector. The Security Special may be a better fit for those who are still able to move in and around their home easily, whereas the Medical Alert may be for someone who stays primarily indoors. 

The Bottom Line

Based on research, Habitec Security would be recommended for all of their products and services. This company has got it right with its different home personal alert monitoring services, even though they are traditionally a home security company.

Very few personal alert system companies have the customer support and care of Habitec Security. With most personal alert products and services, companies often will accidentally charge their clients the equipment fee even if they have returned the items.

Habitec Security offers their video monitoring service, showing that they are considering the needs of the caretaker as well. A person cannot monitor their loved one 24/7, but this unique mobile video service can help a caretaker check on their loved one when they are not able to physically be there.

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More Information


Equipment Details

Base station and pendant:

  • Two-way communication possible with both the base station and the pendant.
  • 300-500 feet of mobility for the patient.
  • Volume control on the pendant, in addition to a functional antenna, and large blue help button.
  • Green LED lights on the base station and pendant that indicate the system’s functionality and battery power. The red light on the base station indicates that the system is active.
  • Up to 24-hours of backup battery power on the base station, in addition to Li123 batteries on the pendant system.
  • Optional Emergency Wall Communicator that features two-way communication, and functional LED lights.
  • US Patent #5,521,582.
  • Water resistant pendant.


Featured Details


Habitec Security offers the following prices for its services:

  • Safety Special
    • $29.95 per month, billed semi-annually
    • Free Installation/Training ($49.95 value)
    • Free Equipment Use for Life
    • Free Lock Box
  • Medical Alert with Fall Detector
    • $99 installed and $39.95 per month (billed semi-annually)
  • Total Connect Video
    • $299 equipment fee
    • $24.95/month


Habitec Security provides a basic warranty for its home monitoring system. The warranty essentially covers repairs and replacements associated with factory defects and normal wear and tear.

Activation Fee

With the “Safety Special,” you receive free installation and training. Normally this activation and installation costs $49.95. 

Mobile Alerts

Unfortunately, Habitec Security’s great system does not enable the client to go mobile. The system does allow the client to go out into the yard, but the lack of cellular or GPS tracking technology limits this system’s efficacy to that of the home.

Device Range

The range of the pendant depends upon the materials inside the user’s home. This information is not listed on the website. However, we found that, when we called in, the client generally can use the pendant anywhere from 300 feet to 500 feet away from the base unit, giving the client some of the greatest mobility of some of the systems that we reviewed. 


Most of the systems, including the home alert system, is month-to-month. However, there is a 1-year required commitment for the video communication system that Habitec Security also offers.

Time in Business

Habitec Security has over twenty years of experience with home alert systems. The company, however, started doing security products for homes back in 1971. 

Company Contact Information

1545 Timbewof Dr.
Holland, OH 43528-9130

[email protected]

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