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LAST UPDATED: June 28th, 2022

Family First Alert is a family-owned and operated business. The company began as a need for a family member and with the desire of a no-contract option in the medical monitoring community. Family First Alert was founded in 2004, and in 2014 home security and automation were added to its service repertoire. Services can be bundled to save customers cash. No contracts are tied to Family First Alert's services.

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The Good

  • No Contract
  • Pricing
  • Waterproof
  • Options
  • Bundle Service
  • Trained Monitoring Center

No Contract

Family First Alert takes pride in offering services without the need to have customers sign a binding contract.


If comparing to other medical monitoring companies, Family First Alert is reasonably priced for either the Belle or In Home pendant. Belle would be about $40 a month (unverified), and the In Home option at about $27 (unverified).


The Belle pendant can be worn in the shower.


Family First Alert gives two options when looking for medical monitoring. The Belle pendant can be taken anywhere for seniors that are on the go, and the In Home pendant can be used at home where it has a 600 feet range.

Bundle Services 

Family First Alert gives customers the opportunity to bundle services with medical monitoring and their home automation package to lower the costs for both services.

Trained Monitoring Center

Family First Alert has a trained staff that will assist customers until emergency response teams can get to the scene. Family First Alert also keeps a call list of family and friends to call during an emergency as well as a record of current medications the customer is taking and patient history so ambulance crews know any important information about the client before they arrive to the scene.


The Bad

  • Limited Range

Limited Range

Family First Alert's in-home medical alert button has a 600-foot range. This is on the lower end when compared to other medical alert companies that offer ranges closer to 800–1,000 feet. 

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The Bottom Line

Family First Alert is a great option to consider when in the market for a medical monitoring device. You will find two choices of pendants depending on which would fits the needs of you or your loved one best—an in-home medical alert device or one that can go anywhere.

Those searching for medical monitoring and home automation, Family First Alert is a great option because the company allows you to bundle these services to save money each month.

The pitfall of Family First Alert is its in-home medical alert system's 600-foot range. Other medical alert companies offer ranges closer to 800–1,000 feet, which gives consumers better protection if they are wanting to travel farther than 600 feet. 

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Ronald Shaffer Berea, KY

Family First Alert (FFA) has been providing Alert service for many years. FFA is easy to contact by text, Email and phone. When FFA is used the our family are instantly notified about the emergency. We are updated and possibly can communicate with our 99 year old mother! FFA is a great company.

4 years ago