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LAST UPDATED: May 18th, 2023

Electronic Caregiver is a digital health technology company headquartered in Las Cruces, New Mexico. The company's goal is to build smart technology that will help seniors, the disabled, and chronically ill patients retain independence as long as possible. Electronic Caregiver offers medical alert systems and emergency coverage which helps caregivers and their loved ones have peace of mind as they navigate challenging medical conditions and life stages. 

Electronic Caregiver has grown dramatically in the past few years as Covid brought many caregiving challenges to families. It has partnered in recent years with MD Revolution and Amazon which has increased growth with new technology development. 

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The Good

  • Product Options
  • Add-On Services
  • Lifetime Warranty

Product Options

Electronic Caregiver sells three main technology packages:

  • Premier — Premier includes a pocket smart device and emergency watch style device, using one-touch telehealth and care support. Electronic Caregiver Premier uses both GPS and Cellular Based Location Services to track users’ location with 24/7 emergency response and automated health surveys. It is equipped with a microphone to use voice technology to help with patient connection. 
  • Pro Health — Pro Health provides 24/7 support, improves treatment compliance by helping patients with medication reminders and delivers patient stats to medical providers. Pro Health helps medical providers with early intervention for patients with in-depth analytics and trend monitoring.  
  • Addison Care — Addison Care is a virtual caregiver with a personality. Its design is engaging and uses a touch screen to provide care from the provider to the home for patients of all ages. It was introduced in the Spring of 2022 and hopefully will be accessible to patients by the end of 2022. This device will monitor health with voice reminders, voice instructions ensuring patients are following doctors’ orders. Patient stats are shared with designated providers and caregivers in real time. 

Add-On Services

Electronic Caregiver offers additional services like PocketMD for an additional charge monthly. PocketMD is a single button press that automatically connects a patient with a physician facilitator who will take a patient's request and fill it within 15 minutes. It is like urgent care at your fingertips.

Lifetime Warranty

All devices are covered under a lifetime warranty. Devices are waterproof and batteries last for three years so charge is not an issue. New batteries are free of charge. 


The Bad

  • Higher Cost

Higher Cost

Electronic Caregiver has amazing medical alert systems but the price tag that comes with its services are average to high for the industry. Still, some customers don't live in close proximity to a parent or patient, and Electronic Caregiver makes it possible to still oversee patient care without needing to physically be there. For many the cost is easily justified. 


The Bottom Line

Electronic Caregiver has taken medical alert devices and services to the next level by including features like voice-activation, fall detection, real time medical statistic sharing, and GPS and cellular location capability. The long-lasting battery makes its devices easy to wear without having to worry about constantly charging it.

The company's product line offers a virtual medical assistant to help patients with everyday tasks and is taking telehealth to a new level to help keep as many patients out of the hospitals as possible. Electronic Caregiver has secured its spot in the market as a highly desirable option for caregivers and their loved ones.

If you're looking for more than just a button for emergency contact, we would recommend looking into the products and services Electronic Caregiver offers. 

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Bryan Harms Sarasota, FL

Unfortunately, the Electronic Care Giver device didn't meet our needs for my mom and her sons. I want to clearly explain the issues we encountered. The device that the representative brought was non-functional and would have posed a safety risk for my mother. Despite this, the technician, Jamie, tried to convince me that the device was fine, claiming that the only issue was a depleted battery. This explanation struck me as either gross incompetence or a deliberate lie, and honestly, I don't care which it was. It was evident that there was a problem with the connection between the device and its charger, as it stopped charging again while Jamie was trying to persuade me that it was working properly. I informed Jamie that we couldn't accept a defective device, and in response, he promised to send us another one by mail. However, I made it clear that this solution was unacceptable, and I stated that we would only proceed with a contract once a functioning device was provided. Jamie's reply was, "Well, we usually don't..." Before he could finish his sentence, I interrupted him and firmly stated that we were finished with their service. The representative is no longer here, and she has taken the device with her. It's extremely disappointing that my mother won't have the anticipated level of protection while I'm away. - I am leaving for my own home in another country tomorrow. However, I'm grateful that we recognized the poor quality and lack of focus on patient safety from Electronic Caregiver before it was too late. We will get another solution for Mom but I will miss the piece of mind of being able to be here to help her get it setup. -Bryan

1 year ago

star star star star star

Happy Las Cruces, NM

Have the Premier. Had to use it. Saved my life. Never left me alone. Highly recommend.

1 year ago