The Eddy is located in northeastern New York and services 22 counties.  Begun in 1928 as a small nursing home, the company has grown to provide a full continuum of healthcare to support today’s seniors, allowing them to remain independent as long as possible as well as to manage and control their various healthcare needs. EddyHealth Alert is a St. Peter’s Health Partner.

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The Good

  • Partnership
  • Features

Recognizing the benefit of a Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) for seniors wanting to retain their independence, The Eddy has partnered with industry leader, Medical Alert and offers their equipment and service.

The Eddy’s systems is called simply, EddyHealth Alert, and offers seniors several industry-standard features, such as personal in-home installation, fall detection, mobile alerts, and equipment which can be used with a traditional landline as well as for those without a landline.

Customer may order additional services such as medication monitoring and dispenser from The Eddy as well, should the desire.

The Bad

  • Availability
  • Installation charge
  • Monthly price

In order to order an EddyHealth Alert, customers must live within the company’s delivery and installation area, even though the coverage for the systems through Medical Alert is nationwide. The Eddy does not currently show the delivery area, online. After speaking with a customer service agent, the delivery range appears to have an outer limit of approximately one hour or 60 miles from Troy, New York. The agent was not able to give specifics on the exact area, and could only estimate and state several cities or towns in which they had previously scheduled and performed deliveries.

Unlike most companies, there is an installation charge. Installing the EddyHealth Alert is $30. Some seniors are more comfortable with someone else installing the equipment, but the installation is simple and straightforward, and can easily be done, without the need for and added cost of a professional installation.

Customers using EddyHealth Alert provided by Medical Alert can expect to pay a slightly higher monthly price than if they purchased the service directly from Medical Alert .

The Bottom Line

EddyHealth Alert offers service to an extremely targeted geographic area. The partnership with Medical Alert allows customers to receive high-quality equipment and service.

Customer service with The Eddy in regards to the EddyHealth Alert products was slightly below par, in that some of the basic queries of the review team were not able to be answered.

For those people living within about a 60 mile radius of Troy, New York, wanting professional installation of a medical alert system and not minding paying a few dollars more for service through The Eddy are great candidates. Their product, features and equipment are all very high quality.

Most people will find that the EddyHealth Alert simply does not make sense for their needs.

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    April 23rd, 2017 Sheridan, WY

    The unit is only as good as the people on the phones. I fell on my step and broke my back the guy hung up on me. Thank God my neighbor helped me.

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