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LAST UPDATED: June 4th, 2021

DirectAlert is a company located in Canada dedicated to helping loved ones live an independent and free life. With the choice of six different alert systems, DirectAlert provides affordable 24/7 medical alert technology for less than $1 a day. Though you are able to purchase any of their systems, you are also able to rent them.

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The Good

  • GPS service and more
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

GPS Service and More

DirectAlert has many different options for services, making it easy to choose which service is best for you or your loved ones. From a simple cellular based service, to a fall detection service, a two-way voice service, a medication dispenser service and a GPS service, you can choose whatever service is best for you and your lifestyle. With the option for monthly or yearly purchases, you can also choose whatever payment plan works for you. Each system comes with the ability for two-way communication, which is best to determine what has happened and the type of help to send.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

DirectAlert also offers a 30-day guarantee, or your money back, so you can rest assured that the system will work or you before purchasing it.

The Bad

  • Limited warranty
  • High equipment fees
  • Additional fees

Limited Warranty

Unfortunately, there are some downsides to this company. For the warranty, though they state all over their website that there is a lifetime warranty, in their terms they basically say they only cover wear and tear.

High Equipment Fees

In all of their services, you have to purchase the equipment, which ranges from $199.95 to $399.95, which is pretty steep if you also choose to pay for the yearly subscription. There's also no mention of any medically trained responders of their staff and limited mention of their monitoring service, which makes the decision to go with this company a little harder.

Additional Fees

Additionally, there are lots of add on fees, including a $40 fee if you cancel after the 3-month period, and a couple of services require a fee to install.

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The Bottom Line

In the end, DirectAlert is a great option for those living in Canada. DirectAlert covers all of Canada with free shipping, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and six different services to choose from. Though all are a little more expensive (including the purchase of equipment), they seem to provide a good service. But, they don't have medically trained responders on their 24/7 staff, which makes it hard to determine if this would be a good option for seniors needing medical attention. Though we would recommend this company, we would also recommend shopping around for a better price from another company.

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I was not very happy with Direct Alert at end of contract. I had a call in February about moms machine and I told him mom was in the hospital and would not be coming home so I did not need Direct Alert any longer, he said fine keep the machine and give it to someone else that may need it. Then I get a call in May saying Mom was late in paying her yearly fee and owed for April and May. When I said Mom no longer needed it they said she still owed because we did not cancel. So beware if you want to cancel do not talk to their "Service People" because that does not work you must call the number on the alert box. Very disappointed in these people.

2 years ago

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rob Wettengl Mississauga, ON

Terrible!!! Doesn't work, I purchased the Mobile GPS+ for my mother. Activation was not done properly, I didn't receive email to allow me tor track her. Mom had a fall and the unit didn't activate. TRIED PUSHING THE BUTTON, NO RESPONSE!!! Horrible phone service, they simple don't answer or return calls. Finally I got through to them, they offered me a new unit and it too did not work even though the person on the phone said they were setting it up themselves. Another phone CALL, they said they would increase the sensitivity to detect a fall, still unit does not detect a fall even if I drop it from 6ft. Just tried to cancel, NO ONE ANSWERED! Rob W

1 year ago

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K Martin

While my mother was using the unit, I was quite happy with the service BUT after just dealing with the billing department, they have lost me as a customer forever. My mother moved into a retirement residence that has a panic button so I no longer needed the Direct Alert Service and I advised the company of this. Despite this, I received an invoice in March which I just ignored figuring they were just trying to get me to sign up again (since we purchased the machine/not renting it). I just receive another invoice for 1 months monitoring service plus a $40 administration fee (with no explanation of what that fee is for) and they gave me 10 days to pay or else they would send to collection. I had to go onto the company website to find the terms as nowhere on the invoice or in the e-mail containing the invoice did it say if you wish to cancel this service you must do so in writing and there would be a $40 cancellation fee. After 3 calls with the company they will not budge on this invoice. I am not going to ruin my credit over $80 so will pay. My recommendation - DO NOT use this company, they only care about money, not their customers. Sad part is it wouldn't be too hard to rectify the cancellation issue as they could have included the terms document with the invoice or even put a box on the invoice saying if you wish to cancel, please sign here and send back and note that there is a $40 cancellation fee. Instead they don't make this information obvious so you as a customer get screwed and have to pay them extra $. I won't be passing the machine on to others when the time came as I had planned - there is no way I will ever use the services of this company again.

2 years ago

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Joel Lessard

Dishonest policies and plain liars. After informing them of my intention to buy a used machine, I was told that the monthly fee would be $19,99 per month. After purchasing the machine, when it came down for payment they said it would be $22,99. When I asked to speak to a supervisor they informed me it was a mistake on their part and that it was now $29,99 and that they were sorry for the misunderstanding and they would therefore give me two months free. That is not a misunderstanding, that is purposely misleading customers. I don’t care about the two months free, customers hate to be be mislead. This company has no shame and no values.

2 years ago

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John Strike

Watch out for the "cancellation fee" from this company. Only old vulnerable people take this service. So this company inserts into the small print the a fee for canceling the contract. Think about this; your old mother dies and then last but not least, Direct Alert bills the dead person's visa card for $45.99 for this fee. Who is going to complain at that point. The dead person, probably not. The greiving children, probably won't see this of if they do they will ignore it as being too small with all the other things on their minds. I see this as a sneaky charge that diminishes my view of this company, Direct Alert.

4 years ago

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Jacques Mailhot Montreal, QC

We ordered the Direct Alert product for my aging father. However, he did not want to use it and asked that we return it. Direct Alert acknowledge receipt of the product and agreed to cancel charges. Yet we keep receiving letters from its collecting agency for payment.

9 months ago

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System was purchased for my disabled sister back in 2011. Due to my own health issues just started looking at her care again to find out system has not worked for 5 yrs , constant charges to her credit card and now placed into collections. Rude, ignorant, harassing customer service that was to be there to help her. Left 3 messages one with Belinda and 2 with Jass ...waiting on supervisor Melanie to return call ...nothing. This company takes advantage of disabled individuals.

3 years ago

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Claire Belanger

My mother bought a GPS system but gps only gives parameters NOT LOCATION this is a piece of garbage there selling to seniors I tried it today august 28 2018 and fall detection was also not working I would Never Buy this GARBAGE BUYER BEWARE WITH HIDDEN COST I'M SENDING A REPORT TO THE BBB BECAUSE THEY WON'T GIVE FULL REFUND OF FALSELY ADVERTISE EQUIPEMENT

3 years ago

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Peter Hern

After cancelling the service I was charged for two more payments on my credit card at which time I called and was told that the money would be refunded. A month later my credit card was charged again. When I called the fist 2 times and told my credit card would be refunded I was never informated of the 40 dollar administration fee charge (ridiculous). I should be billing them for the 2 hours that I spent on the phone to get this cancellation and billing matter resolved. A horrible experience.

3 years ago

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I. B. Montreal, QC

My mother fell down in the backyard, broke her arm and the button didn't come on, my neighbor brought her home

3 months ago

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Ann Marie Munro

Awful Experience. RUN AWAY!!! My mother got out of the hospital and the Alarm was not working AGAIN. We called Direct Alert and they laughed like hyenas at my mother (we all heard it) and mocked my mother for checking if her alarm actually worked. They refused to provide their name, insisted they did not have to, Dangerous people....

1 year ago

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Dahn Batchelor Etobicoke, ON

I got a call on the unit at six in the morning that said "Don't call." It woke me up. I pushed the button only once to see if it worked. Someone answered. After that one call, I had to recharge the unit.

1 year ago

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