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LAST UPDATED: August 13th, 2022

Constant Companion is a medical alert service that was made with caregivers in mind. It is a voice-activated service that works with Amazon Alexa. Once you have a Constant Companion account and an Amazon Alexa, you can request emergency help at any time by saying “Alexa, call for help.” This will notify Constant Companion’s monitoring center immediately, which will then notify emergency responders and the selected list of emergency contacts saved on the account. 

It is not a typical medical alert device and does not include a medical alert pendant or automatic fall detection.

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The Good

  • Hands-Free
  • 8-Second Response Time
  • Simple Setup
  • Five Diamond Rated and UL Certified
  • Additional Alexa Capabilities
  • Daily Care Calls
  • No Equipment Required Other Than Amazon Alexa
  • Monthly Monitoring Less Than $1 per Day
  • Free 2-Day Shipping


Rather than a medical alert pendant worn around the neck or the wrist like most medical alert devices, Constant Companion functions with Amazon Alexa and is completely voice-activated with no additional equipment. The convenience of voice activation is that the medical alert user doesn’t have to worry about remembering to put on the pendant; you simply address Alexa and say “Alexa, call for help,” and Constant Companion will immediately connect you with its monitoring center. 

8-Second Response Time

Constant Companion’s monitoring center answers all of its emergency calls within eight seconds. The emergency response center confirms your personal information and location and relays the information to the emergency responders that are sent to you. If you aren’t able to speak after calling for help, Constant Companion has your address, medical information, and emergency contacts on file so the company will send help and alert your contacts immediately. 

Simple Setup

Constant Companion is simple to set up and only takes a few minutes. All you need to do is plug in the Amazon Alexa and have a Constant Companion account. After that, Constant Companion will be synced with Alexa and will be ready to use. 

Five Diamond Rated and UL Certified

Constant Companion’s emergency response center is five diamond rated as well as UL certified. This ensures the company follows proper medical alert monitoring guidelines and has effective equipment and services. 

Additional Alexa Capabilities

Because Constant Companion functions with Amazon Alexa, you also have the extra capabilities that Alexa offers, including medication alerts and doctor appointment reminders. You can also send messages and make phone calls with the device.  

Daily Care Calls

You can schedule daily care calls from Constant Companion’s response center. If you’re a caregiver wanting to make sure your patient or loved one is checked on daily, this is a great way to do so. Some medical alert companies offer this, but it isn’t very common. 

Once the daily check-in call is complete, an update email will be sent to the approved contact list you set up when purchasing Constant Companion’s services. 

No Equipment Required Other Than Amazon Alexa

Most medical alert systems require a small assortment of equipment, including a base station as well as a medical alert pendant. Constant Companion doesn’t require any equipment other than Amazon Alexa. Once your Constant Companion account is set up with your Alexa, you now have a fully functioning medical alert service.  

Monthly Monitoring Less Than $1 per Day

Constant Companion doesn’t note exact pricing on its website, but the company mentions that its monthly monitoring cost is less than $1 per day. The company also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you don’t need to worry about having to pay for the service if you end up wanting to cancel before the first month is up. 

Free 2-Day Shipping

Your Constant Companion supplies will arrive in two business days, and shipping is completely free. Most medical alert companies have lengthier shipping times and require you to pay for the shipping cost. 


The Bad

  • No Fall Detection
  • Amazon Alexa Required
  • No Online Ordering

No Fall Detection

Because Constant Companion is hands-free and doesn’t include a physical medical alert pendant, no fall detection is available. If you’re wanting a medical alert system that will notify help in the event of a fall, Constant Companion may not be effective for you.

However, because Constant Companion is voice-activated, you can still call for help in the event of a fall. Even if you are hurt and can’t move, if you’re still able to speak, you can call for help using Constant Companion’s voice activation — it just won’t be automatically triggered like a fall detection pendant would be. It’s still helpful that you don’t need to move to press a button to alert help.

Amazon Alexa Required

Although it’s convenient that you don’t need to pay for any medical alert equipment from Constant Companion, you do need to purchase an Amazon Alexa. 

No Online Ordering

Constant Companion doesn’t offer online ordering. Most medical alert companies have an online checkout that allows customers to complete the entire purchase online without having to talk to anyone from the company. This is easier for customers who are hoping to make a quick purchase.

If you decide to purchase Constant Companion, you have to fill out a form on the company's website or call the customer service department.


The Bottom Line

Constant Companion is a great choice if you want a voice-activated medical alert system and you don’t mind purchasing Amazon Alexa. However, if you’re looking for a physical medical alert system that includes a wearable pendant and automatic fall detection for extra protection, Constant Companion will not be a good choice for you and we suggest looking into other medical alert companies that offer those capabilities.

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Something New Sarasota, FL

I love the voice activation. I don't like having to wear a pendant or wrist band device. Sometimes I forget to charge them or don't have them on. With this system, I can just use my voice to call for help in any room of my home. Simple.

2 years ago

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ReShaun Hola, this is me San Antonio, TX

My grandmother just ordered this service and we’re trying to activate it and no one is returning our calls we have called five or six times nobody has called back. Is this how you treat the elderly for a company that is supposed to be for the elderly? I don’t recommend this company if they can’t call back and treat the elderly with the utmost respect.

1 year ago