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LAST UPDATED: September 10th, 2019

Carolina Medical Alerts prides itself on its in-person service through in-home installations and even replacing lost buttons free of charge. The company will also move the system to a new location free of charge, if within its service area. Using its personal help buttons is very simple. Simply press the one button to be connected to the company's response center who will notify your emergency contact or emergency responders. Two-way voice communication will be activated as well and the Associate will follow-up to ensure help has arrived. The help buttons are lightweight, waterproof, and have a signal range from 600 to 700 feet. The buttons can be worn as a pendant or clipped on in another manner, if preferred. Unfortunately, the company does not share its pricing information online and a call into its customer care is required to learn more. There also isn't any tutorials or troubleshooting information online to assist with its products post-installation.

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The Good

  • Excellent Customer Service
  • No Long-Term Contract
  • Multiple Product Options

Excellent Customer Service

What sets Carolina Medical Alerts apart is its excellent customer service. If a customer loses their help Button, Carolina Medical Alerts will personally drive to the customer's home and replace the Button free of charge. The company also installs systems free of charge and provides in-person assistance to make certain the customer knows how to properly work their device.

No Long-Term Contract

Carolina Medical Alerts has never required a long term contract during its entire time in business. The company believes in earning its customers' business each month thoroughly monthly plans versus a contract. If you enjoy the flexibility of not having a long-term contract, then Carolina Medical Alerts could be a great option.

Multiple Product Options

Standard medical alert systems require the use of a landline. Carolina Medical Alerts provides a traditional system but also has other options for customers who do not have a landline in their home. The company offers the HomeSafe Wireless Medical Alert Unit which enables a range of up to 600 feet. There is also a GoSafe (GPS) Medical Alert system that can be used on the go anywhere there is a cell phone signal. The varying options can appeal to all customer types and needs.

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The Bad

  • Service Area
  • Lack of Pricing Information
  • Lack of Online Support

Service Area

It's important to note that Carolina Medical Alerts only services North Carolina. The company has offices in Durham and Raleigh. Because of this, the service area may be limited as the company provides in-person installations. The company also does not mail out equipment, so it is best to only consider going into business with Carolina Medical Alerts if you are a local resident.

Lack of Pricing Information

One downside to Carolina Medical Alerts' website is that it does not share pricing information online. This makes it difficult if you are shopping online for a medical alert system and are hoping to compare your options. It is not clear as to if the equipment is charged separately from its monthly payments. To learn more, call the company directly.

Lack of Online Support

Another negative aspect of going with Carolina Medical Alerts is that it doesn't provide online technical support. While this is due to the in-person customer service the company prides itself on, this limits the autonomy of the users in troubleshooting their products. If you run into any issues, you will need to call in to the company for product help.

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The Bottom Line

Carolina Medical Alerts provides wired, wireless, and GPS medical alert systems in the North Carolina area. If you are a local resident and enjoy having in-person customer service, then it is worthwhile to look into Carolina Medical Alerts. The company also features an Auto Alert Button or Fall Detection pendant to further provide emergency care to its customers. The company also doesn't require a long-term contract giving flexibility to its customers. Unfortunately, because Carolina Medical Alerts completes in-person installations, you will need to ensure that you are within the company's service area. The company also does not share its pricing online. If you don't mind contacting the company directly for a pricing quote and potentially future technical support, then Carolina Medical Alerts might be a good choice for your medical alert needs.

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