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LAST UPDATED: March 19th, 2021

With so many medical alert systems in the market place, Brick House Alert has worked to stand out in the industry by utilizing the newest technologies. Throughout the company's history the devices used have continually improved to meet customers' needs and provide even more coverage. But the services offered by Brick House Alert are not limited to machines, customers who experience an emergency will work with a professionally trained operator to get the help and assistance they need most.

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The Good

  • Fall Detection
  • Full Coverage

Fall Detection

One of the major customer demographics who use these medical alert systems are the elderly population. A large concern for these customers and their loved ones is a fall occurring when the customer is alone and requires assistance. This concern is why Brick House Alert offers automatic fall detection sensors to all of their customers. A fall detection sensor will be able to alert the monitoring center when a sudden fall occurs, whether the customer can push their emergency button or not. This protection is a huge benefit to customers and is not common among companies across the industry.

Full Coverage

There are so many more potential threats to customers than just falls or other medical emergencies that can occur where a customer would need to use their emergency button. But most companies do not cover more than medical emergencies. Brick House Alert offers customer's protection options like smoke detectors or intruder motion sensors. All of these extended options will help customers to feel even more secure living independently. Each option is fully covered by the 24/7 monitoring center that will help get help from the necessary authorities.


The Bad

  • Limited Options
  • Phone Line Required

Limited Options

Brick House Alert customers only have one package to choose from when deciding on a medical alert system. That package has the basic features including the emergency button and the home base system. Customers do have the option to add additional services like the smoke detector or extra fall detection sensors. But many other companies provide a variety of packages to make it easier for customers to just pay one upfront fee for all equipment. The pre-set packages can make the whole process simpler for customers to decide from, but there is sometimes a lack of customization options.

Phone Line Required

One option that is not available in any Brick House Alert equipment or package is for the system to be wireless. All of the systems must be plugged into an existing phone jack in order to function properly. This is helpful in the installation process because it is quick, simple, and can be done by anyone. But many customers do not use traditional phone lines anymore and will find that only option to be a hassle trying to figure out. Phone lines are also considered less secure since the can physically be tampered with.

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The Bottom Line

The services offered by Brick House Alert are fairly similar to those across the industry, as are the monthly monitoring charges. But the fall detection option is very unique and adds an option that will really help customers. This is one of the major concerns for people who use medical alert systems, so having that added protection will be a major benefit. One downside is that all systems must be hardwired through a traditional phone line, which could potentially be hard for customers who do not use those types of technologies anymore. Brick House Alert is a good option for those customers who want a simple, easy to use medical alert system that also is full coverage. These customers will be protected from a larger range of potential emergencies so they can live their lives as independently as possible.

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