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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2022

BlueStar SeniorTech was founded in 2013 and is headquartered near Washington, DC. The company offers high-quality products and services backed by excellent customer service. The company's medical alerts keep customers safe in every state, supported by its U.S.-based 24/7 professionally staffed monitoring centers. BlueStar SeniorTech doesn't require a signed contract, making it easy to discontinue service when circumstances no longer require the need for a medical alert.

BlueStar SeniorTech is owned and run by veterans and gives 10 percent of its profits to veteran-related causes and charities. The company specifically offers assistance and aid to charities that serve those helping homeless veterans. Veteran also receives 10 percent off of BlueStar SeniorTech services and products. 

The company offers in-home and on-the-go medical alert options, as well as additional health services and products, often partnering with other companies to do so. For example, BlueStar SeniorTech partners with Life 365 Kits to offer blood pressure management equipment. This is just one of many partnerships the company participates in to give customers a wider variety of services. 

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The Good

  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee and Free Shipping
  • Additional Health Solutions
  • CSAA Certified Monitoring Centers and EMT Operators
  • Fashionable Medical Alert Watches
  • Fall Detection Available
  • Concierge Button
  • Variety of Payment Plans
  • Veteran Discount
  • Positive Reviews

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee and Free Shipping

BlueStar SeniorTech has a money-back guarantee for 30 days and offers free shipping on all products. If customers are unhappy with their equipment or service, they simply return the working equipment and contact the company for a refund of past service fees. Although this is standard within the medical alert industry, it's definitely a positive that BlueStar SeniorTech has similar offerings. 

Additional Health Solutions

In addition to medical alert services, BlueStar SeniorTech has a full suite of health solutions and products. Here are just a few of the company's many offerings:

  • Automated Medication Reminders — BlueStar SeniorTech has operators that can send you daily medicine reminders and will notify your selected list of family members if you don't respond to the reminders. This is a great additional precaution for customers and their loved ones. 
  • Hearing Aids — BlueStar SeniorTech has its own hearing aids with volume control and three adjustable settings on each. There are three hearing aids available. The two more advanced options are water resistant. 
  • AudioCardio™ — This is sound therapy BlueStar SeniorTech offers that's meant to strengthen your hearing. It includes hearing assessments and tracks your progress. You can also listen to music or audiobooks while you participate in the AudioCardio therapy. 
  • Voice-Activated lockbox — This is a lockbox you can purchase from BlueStar SeniorTech. You can place valuables in the lockbox and it will only open to your voice. It works with Amazon Alexa voice ID. 
  • Closed-Captioned Phone — This is a unique landline phone that includes a screen display that shows the words the caller on the other end is saying in real-time. If you have difficulty talking on the phone, maybe even with the help of hearing aids, this ensures you can still talk to your loved ones without difficulty.

CSAA Certified Monitoring Centers and EMT Operators

All of BlueStar SeniorTech Center employees are certified members of the Central Station Alarm Association and have received extensive training. All operators are also EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians). It's comforting that the company takes its certifications seriously to ensure it can provide the most effective and efficient service to its customers. It's not a requirement for medical alert companies to have certified operators, so this is an extra step that BlueStar SeniorTech thought was worth investing in for its customers. 

Additionally, BlueStar SeniorTech is a certified small business employer of veterans, with a long-term vision of employing a network of at-home wounded warriors as virtual agents.

Fashionable Medical Alert Watches

A unique offering you don't see with most medical alert companies is a traditional watch that also functions as a medical alert device. Medical alert providers often have smartwatch medical alerts but not classic-looking watches like BlueStar SeniorTech offers. It looks like a sleek watch you would buy at the store, so it's a great option for customers wanting their medical alert device to be stylish and discreet. 

Fall Detection Available

BlueStar SeniorTech offers automatic fall detection as an additional add-on to its medical alert plans. It's $5 extra a month, which is half the price most competitors charge for fall detection. However, the fall alert pendant can only be added to the mobile medical alert plans. The in-home system isn't eligible for fall detection. 

Concierge Button

In addition to the regular emergency button that will contact BlueStar SeniorTech's monitoring center, there is also a separate concierge button located on the medical alert system that will contact any number of your choice. You can program it to notify your caretaker, a family member, a neighbor, etc. This is an additional feature most medical alert companies don't typically offer. 

Variety of Payment Plans

BlueStar SeniorTech allows you to pay monthly, quarterly, or annually. This way you can customize the payment to your needs. If you pay annually, you'll save around $70 when compared to paying monthly; If you pay quarterly, you'll save about $35. 

Veteran Discount

Being owned and operated by veterans, BlueStar SeniorTech is passionate about giving back and offers a 10% discount to veterans.

Positive Reviews

BlueStar SeniorTech reviews are mostly positive, noting the company and its customer service as being prompt and helpful. Looking through BlueStar SeniorTech reviews, the majority of customers enjoy the company's products and services. 


The Bad

  • Limited Range from Base Station
  • Medical Records
  • Bulky Medical Alert Pendants
  • No Built-In Battery in Wall-Mounted Button
  • Limited Battery Life

Limited Range from Base Station

While BlueStar SeniorTech offers a number of effective and easy-to-use medical alert devices, the company does have some drawbacks. For example, the maximum range of its base unit for the Sentry in-home medical alert package has a range of 600 feet. While this is fairly standard for the industry, top-rated companies feature an extended range upwards of 1,200 feet for the same price.

In addition, BlueStar SeniorTech doesn't have this information readily available on its website. The range of a medical alert system tells customers how much flexibility they have in their home while still being protected. For example, 600 feet is going to be much different than 1,500 feet.

If you're looking for protection all around your home and maybe even into the yard or garage, the available range from the base station is extremely important. It's disappointing the company doesn't disclose this information on its website and make it easier for customers who are looking to quickly compare medical alert offerings. 

Medical Records

BlueStar SeniorTech provides additional protection to its customers by alerting emergency contacts or family members in the event of a fall or other accident; however, the company does not currently disclose whether it keeps its members' medical records on file, which could be particularly useful for emergency responders who need to make a house call.

Bulky Medical Alert Pendants

BlueStar SeniorTech's wearable medical alert devices are quite large and bulky. Some medical alert companies address that issue by making miniature medical alert devices that are more functional and easier to conceal. BlueStar SeniorTech's devices are bulky enough that they'd be difficult to hide, even if wore as a necklace and tucked underneath a shirt. 

However, the company does offer a medical alert watch that looks like a regular watch but has medical alert capabilities. It's convenient this is an option if you want a more discreet option that looks fashionable to wear, but it would still be helpful for the customer if the company had other options like this in necklace form for the customers who don't want to wear a watch. 

The majority of BlueStar SeniorTech reviews are positive, but the limited concerns there are mention the equipment being a bit big and difficult to wear. 

No Built-In Battery in Wall-Mounted Button

BlueStar SeniorTech has a wall-mounted emergency button included in its in-home medical alert package. Unfortunately, the alert button doesn't have a built-in battery. Instead, it has a compartment for four AA batteries. It's disappointing the equipment isn't more high-tech with a more convenient battery that will last longer, as most other medical alert companies make this a priority. 

Limited Battery Life

Leading medical alert companies have mobile medical alert buttons that have a battery life of up to five days. BlueStar SeniorTech's battery life for it's mobile buttons are only good for 40–48 hours. This means you'll need to charge your device at least every other day, whereas other medical alert companies only require you to charge your pendant once a week or so. 

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The Bottom Line

BlueStar SeniorTech has competitive pricing and innovative equipment, such as its medical alert watch. Despite its focus on serving the veteran community, BlueStar SeniorTech can be a viable option for non-military personnel as well.

In regards to BlueStar SeniorTech's general offerings, it is a decent medical alert provider. What sets it above its competition is its traditional-looking watch that functions as a medical alert device and its additional health services and products available for purchase through its website.

BlueStar SeniorTech isn't the most technologically advanced company and definitely has some shortcomings. The company has a limited range on its in-home medical alert system, as well the other cons, such as limited battery life for the mobile alert pendants. If you want a longer battery life or a wider range from your medical alert base station, we recommend looking into other top-rated medical alert companies that have more competitive offerings. 

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LeAnn C Bryan, OH

In July of 2020, my husband and I ordered the Ranger 4G Mobile Medical Alert device for my mother. We ordered it online with fall detection, which was never activated, but yet were charged for. The Mobile Alert was set up and tested but a couple of weeks after this, my mother moved to a new location. I called Blue Star on 8/7/2020 with her change of address and I was assured that her address would automatically be changed on 8/9/2020 to her new location, it was not. On Tuesday 8/11/2020 she accidentally bumped the Alert button and because the emergency staff did not have her updated information they sent an ambulance to her previous address and then they called me. Now my mother will be charged for an EMS arriving at her prior home. On 8/14/2020 I called Blue Star to give them my mother's new cell phone number and I asked what address they had in their system and I was given her old address. I then gave them (a 2nd time) her new address and then added her new phone number and I was assured that her new information was updated - it was not! I received a call the next day, 8/15/2020 from Blue Star's affiliate call center telling me that an ambulance was en route to my mother's house due to an alert and they could not make contact with her. I asked the address that they had on file and they gave me her old address!!! Another charge for an unnecessary EMS run?! This is unacceptable!!!! If I performed this poorly for my employer they would show me the exit! I have called Blue Star's "Main office" 3 different times and each time seems as if the call has interrupted that individual's nap time - they seem to scurry to collect themselves and the tools they need to use to talk to a customer. Obviously, the computer application/system that Blue Star uses does not have a "Save Button," or their staff is not trained on its location and how and when to use it. I can only think that the positive ratings that Blue Star has received are family and friends of those in management. My husband and I chose Blue Star because of the overall positive ratings, their lower cost in comparison with other medical alert systems, and because they advertise that they are created and run by Navy veterans, which they are using to provide reassurance to the buyer. My husband is also a Navy veteran and this is this was the deciding factor in choosing Blue Star. After all of this, my husband said that he will never recommend Blue Star! Buyer Beware! FYI - I have done a screenshot of my review as well as a copy and paste. You might want to train your employees on what those 2 things are!

2 years ago

BlueStar SeniorTech Logo

Reply from BlueStar SeniorTech

Dear Mrs. Childress: I’m Robert Wray, the CEO of BlueStar, and retired Navy admiral. I am responding to two reviews on the same mistake—one from you and one from your husband—so please excuse me if some of my wording is repetitive. First, I apologize for the difficulty we have caused your family. We don’t get scathing negative reviews like yours very often, and we take them very seriously. Second, our COO (also a retired two-star Navy admiral) and I have conducted a thorough investigation to learn what exactly happened in the situation with your family. Third, we screwed up big-time, and we apologize. We didn’t change the address as you asked. And we messed up twice, which is all the more inexcusable. The first time, the issue was that you asked for it to be changed in the future, on a weekend; our customer service agent entered it in the system, but didn’t follow up to get it changed in the multiple systems required. It was updated in one place, but not another. She has been punished with a formal letter of reprimand, and we have had training for our entire company, twice, to learn the lessons from this matter. The second time you called, our customer trainee (being supervised by the agent who made the first mistake) was not yet trained in a new software recently put in place; he generated a trouble ticket to have other staff members make the change. But before that change happened, your mother’s fall detection went off, and the system was alerted to the wrong address a second time. This is an explanation, not an excuse. There is no excuse for our having made this mistake. Fourth, we have hundreds of predominantly positive reviews on the web. Contrary to your assertion, I can assure you they weren’t generated by friends and family. We have 5000 customers and deal with hundreds of customer service issues weekly—most of the time, we do our job well, without mistakes. This is the first time I’ve had to respond to a review like yours. Actions on our part:  I called your family the day we first learned of the problem—told you we’d investigate, and get back to you. I will call again, and send a final resolution letter after this on-line response.  We have updated the address, obviously.  We punished the employee who messed up, and we re-trained our entire staff.  We are prepared to pay for any ambulance charges you might receive for going to the wrong house.  If you are interested, we are prepared to keep you as a client for the next 12 months at no cost to you, saving you about $420. But we’ll understand if we’ve lost your confidence. Again, Mrs. Childress, our apologies for our failure to live up to your very reasonable expectations. We’re grateful that you took the time to let us know about our mistakes. It’s painful for us, obviously, but it will make us better, so that others don’t have to have the same problem you did. I take full responsibility for our mess-up, and have provided my cell phone and e-mail address in the text to your family. Very sincerely, Rob Wray

Aug. 22nd, 2020

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elaine kilgore Loveland, OH

I am totally as upset with a system as I could be. They sold it to me on the phone and when it arrived I could not get it to charge. I complained about being charged 35. plus dollars a month. Was told they would only charge 19.95. When I finally got it charge. I did get it activated I believe. Never got a check on the system never got a notice to recharge battery etc. Called to cancel, told couldn't do that until I sent back equipment. They were to send me a return label; never received return label. Was told if I didn't return equipment would be charged for it. All this time being charged 35 a month. One year later being told they can not cancel my service. Had to pay $5 to send back the $50 equipment so I could get my service cancelled. I paid over $400 for service I never used. Get a less expensive service elsewhere. The person I talked to today was pleasant, the other guy just kept telling me they could not cancel the service. What would a disabled senior citizen on Soc. Sec. need with an extra $400 ha ha. I would give them -* if I could.

3 years ago

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Jennie MacInnes

I've been a subscriber for 4 months, I am not very happy with BlueCare, although the monthly fee is reasonable. I'm seriously thinking on making a change. First of all it takes a long time for a response. I have had to contact them 3 times because of a signal problem with my pendant. I was doing a signal check after a first month of service & got no response, (after a 25 minute wait) sending my local EMTs/ police & fire dept to respond. Thank goodness it goes directly to dispatch in my local town., which is a good point. There was no emergency but a problem with my Life Line unit ....that I wasn't aware of. I am a heart patient & it could have been a life & death situation. I hope this service improves. Difficult to get through to customer also. Thank You. J.Mac

6 years ago


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Gloria Brown

I don't wear it its to heavy, I don't use it, I don't charge it needs charged to much

2 years ago

BlueStar SeniorTech Logo

Reply from BlueStar SeniorTech

Thank you for the feedback and info, Gloria! I understand our customer service team is working with you to make things right. If you need to reach them please call (800) 300-1724.

Dec. 18th, 2020


Verified Customer


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Had to cancel the service because it was not working. They need to stop charging me for it.

2 years ago

BlueStar SeniorTech Logo

Reply from BlueStar SeniorTech

Hi Anita - If you haven't already done so please call our customer service team at (800) 300-1724 ext 2 so they can get your subscription canceled. Thank you for speaking up!

Dec. 10th, 2020