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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019

American Medical Alarms was started over 20 years ago with a mission to provide exceptional medical alarms and service to seniors across the United States at an affordable rate. Their monitoring services are based in the U.S. with state-of-the-art technology devices and emergency services available 24/7/365. Other than that, little information on the company is available.

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The Good

  • Range
  • DSL Compatibility


American Medical Alarms System is top of the line with some unique features, primarily its large monitoring range. While most Home Medical Alarm Systems range from as low as 300 feet to 1300 feet, American Medical Alarms offers a range up to 1000 feet. This is good for people living in larger homes (and yards) with more square feet. Many systems on the market today require the use of voice extenders or additional room/hallway buttons to accomplish this. In addition to the monitoring range, the system is an acoustical computer designed for the hearing impaired.

DSL Compatibility

Another unique feature is DSL Compatibility. Unlike other companies who rely on filters from the telephone company, American Medical Alarms has one of the only medical alert systems with built-in DSL compatibility so it can be moved or relocated. For instance, if a customer spends a week or two visiting their children, the system can be taken along and plugged into the new location. There is no cost to move or relocate service, but it is required that the user inform American Medical Alarms with a written notification beforehand so they can change the user's emergency response information.


The Bad

  • Mobile Alert Plan
  • Limitations

Mobile Alert Plan

At this time, American Medical Alarm is limited in their lack of a mobile alert plan. Many seniors are skipping landlines and using their cell phones exclusively, which makes this product a bad fit.


American Medical Alert hits on all cylinders. They could offer more information on their company history and background. They could also offer additional items that their competitors are offering, such as Medication Reminder and Dispenser devices. The 10-day money back guarantee could be extended longer too, giving customers time to try out the system with a comfortable amount of time to return it without the time crunch.

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The Bottom Line

American Medical Alarm offers prices which are comparable to the industry leaders but does not include some of the options or features which are quickly becoming the standard for modern medical monitoring and alerts. As such, there are reasons to select a company which includes some of these features, such as two-way communication from the pendant or wristband and the ability to have a system which operates off of cellular signals. American Medical Alarm offers high-quality customer service and impressive assurances that their response center is fully redundant and operational, giving additional peace of mind. For those wanting basic in home protection, especially those in a larger home, American Medical Alarm offers a large range between the base unit and the transmitter unit.

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Deborah Glover Port Jefferson Station, NY

The cord is definitely too short! It lays on the floor where you can trip over it.. You cannot find a compatible cord at any store. I have had this system for over 9 years, and they still have not made a longer cord. I use this system for my mother, who is 95 yrs old.

7 years ago

star star star star star

Jeanne Thomas Two Rivers, WI

I was a customer for several years and the services ,were always dependable and very affordable.

7 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Sam Racelis Sacramento, CA

They cannot even answer a question in their chat session.....

7 years ago