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LAST UPDATED: June 9th, 2023

As the name might suggest, Aloha Alarm is based in Honolulu, Hawaii. The company opened its doors and started doing business in 2011, and offers a full range of alarm systems, including home security systems, fire alarms, and medical alert systems. Aloha Alarm aims to provide customers with the feeling of security and independence, even if they have medical needs. The company’s medical alert device will call for help in the event of a fall or other accident. Users can program any phone numbers they wish into the device, including medical responders, family, friends, and neighbors. Users will love the small, lightweight, discreet device as well as its effectiveness. One concern you might encounter is that there is a lack of information on the company’s website about the medical alert device. There also aren’t many options to choose from, and the company lacks the experience of others in the industry.

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The Good

  • 24/7 service
  • Simple to use and comfortable to wear
  • Trained operators

When you choose to do business with Aloha Alarm, you find a committed partner that provides you or your senior loved ones with the resources to keep them safe. There are some positive aspects of the company that you will love. Here are a few:

24/7 Service

Emergencies and accidents can happen anytime, and you can never predict when they will occur. That's why Aloha Alarm has emergency operators standing by in a call center 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. No matter when an emergency occurs, someone will be there for you to render the assistance you need.

Simple to Use and Comfortable to Wear

The device from Aloha Alarm is small and discreet. You can wear it on your neck, belt or wrist. It's also simple to use, as all you need to do is click a button, and the pendant will transmit a signal to the receiver in your home. Within seconds, an emergency operator will speak with you through two-way communication.

Trained Operators

Those answering your cars are specially trained to assess your situation. You can have peace of mind that your calls will be given the best attention and that help will be on its way swiftly.


The Bad

  • No fall detection
  • Lack of information
  • Not a lot of experience

Aloha Alarm has some shortcomings and negative aspects that you should be aware of before deciding to do business with the company. Here are a few things to consider that may cause you to go with another provider:

No Fall Detection

A fall detection device should be part of every medical alert device provider, but you won't find it with Aloha Alarm. Falls are one of the most common problems with seniors, and having an automatic detection device brings peace of mind to users and loved ones. The fact Aloha Alarm doesn't have such a tool should be a big concern to any prospective customer.

Lack of Information

When you make a visit to the Aloha Alarm website, you'll probably be disappointed in what you see. The company doesn't provide much in-depth information about its alert devices. If you want to know basic information such as pricing, warranties, contract details and other commonly asked questions, you'll have to call a company representative.

Not a Lot of Experience

Aloha Alarm has only been in business for five years. Many companies across the country have been operating in the medical alert business for many more years. This isn't necessarily an indictment against Aloha Alarm, but it does place the company at a disadvantage when comparing it with more experiencing competitors.

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The Bottom Line

Aloha Alarm offers a full range of alarm systems, so if you are in the market of home security, fire alarms and smoke detectors, in addition to medical alert devices, you will find Aloha Alarm to be quite convenient and helpful. Also, the fact that trained responders will be on the other end of your calls for help at all times of the day, any day, will give you confidence that you'll be in good hands in case of an emergency. If you are content with Aloha Alarm's one offering and don't mind calling customer service for more information rather than finding it online, then Aloha Alarm is a fine option for you and your senior family members or loved ones. On the other hand, due to the company's lack of experience and dearth of information on its website about the medical alert device, you might want to shop elsewhere.

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Titus Manuk Kailua, HI

Absolute Nightmare Experience I cannot stress enough how much of a nightmare my experience with Aloha Alarm has been. From their abysmal customer service to their faulty and junk equipment, this company has proven time and again that they have no regard for their customers' safety or satisfaction. If you value your peace of mind and hard-earned money, steer clear of Aloha Alarm. First and foremost, let's talk about their customer service, or lack thereof. Trying to get a hold of a representative is akin to attempting to communicate with a brick wall. Their phone lines are consistently busy, and when you do manage to get through, you're met with unhelpful and dismissive agents who seem more interested in getting you off the line than addressing your concerns. It's as if they couldn't care less about the issues you're facing with their service. Now, let's move on to the equipment. "Faulty" would be an understatement to describe the shoddy devices provided by Aloha Alarm. From the moment the system was installed, it was plagued with issues. False alarms were a regular occurrence, resulting in countless unnecessary disruptions and panicked moments. It's beyond frustrating to constantly live in fear that the alarm might go off for no reason at all. But wait, there's more! The equipment itself is flimsy and prone to malfunctioning. Sensors would randomly stop working, leaving areas of my house vulnerable to potential break-ins. And when I attempted to have these issues resolved, Aloha Alarm's response was lackluster, to say the least. They would promise to send technicians, only to cancel or reschedule last minute without any consideration for my schedule or security concerns. To add insult to injury, Aloha Alarm's pricing structure is nothing short of highway robbery. They lure you in with attractive introductory offers, only to hit you with exorbitant fees and hidden charges once you're locked into a contract. It's a classic bait-and-switch tactic that leaves a bitter taste in your mouth. It's evident that their primary focus is squeezing every last penny out of their customers rather than providing reliable and quality service. In conclusion, my experience with Aloha Alarm has been nothing short of a nightmare. Their customer service is nonexistent, their equipment is faulty and unreliable, and their pricing is deceptive and exploitative. I would strongly advise anyone in need of a reliable alarm system to look elsewhere. Save yourself the headaches, sleepless nights, and unnecessary expenses. Aloha Alarm is a company to be avoided at all costs.

5 months ago

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Barbara Robinson Danielson, CT

I dont believe this company is legit. I have been trying to talk to someone at Life One and there is noone to take my call. They always say they will have their manager call me which never happens, I have been paying for the last year and found out theres no wire connected to it for the phone. I want to cancel this because they continue to take the money out of my acct every month and I cant use it. I just wish I could speak to a human being and get this straightened out/

7 years ago