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LAST UPDATED: September 22nd, 2020

Aloe Care Health is a fairly new company that pairs its medical alert technology with care collaboration features. The provider is unique to competitors in that its purpose isn’t simply medical alert systems and monitoring. The company focuses on the safety of older adults, but it also aims to improve communication between older adults and their family members and/or caregivers. 

The company does this with its medical alert system and alert pendant that sync with the Aloe Care Health app and allow caregivers and family members to check it regularly and get real-time alerts about the user, as well as speak directly to the user through the two-way voice-activated medical alert system. 

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The Good

  • Five Diamond Certified Monitoring Center
  • Voice-Activated Care Button
  • Smart Hub Features
  • Caregiver Aloe Care Health App
  • Back-Up Battery
  • No Contract

Five Diamond Certified Monitoring Center

Five Diamond is a certification awarded to medical alert monitoring centers that have proven their safety measures and response rates are top-tier. When you call for help through your medical alert device, you’ll be patched through to Aloe Care Health’s monitoring center, so it’s comforting to know the company takes its accreditations and safety precautions seriously. 

It’s not required for monitoring centers to be Five Diamond certified, and many companies don’t make it a priority to do so. This puts Aloe Care Health above its competition. 

Voice-Activated Care Button

Aloe Care Health’s medical alert button is voice-activated. Most medical alert buttons require you to push the alert button to call for help, and even fall detection pendants are only triggered when a fall occurs. Voice activation isn’t as common in the medical alert industry. Users who want the option to directly address their medical alert system with their voice will benefit from this feature, especially in the case that they’ve fallen and can’t move.

Smart Hub Features

Aloe Care Health calls its medical alert base station the Smart Hub. What sets the Smart Hub apart from other typical medical alert systems is its added features. It is a smart speaker that can instantly connect you with the monitoring center as well as other selected safety contacts, such as caregivers or family members. These contacts can also talk to you directly through the hub, as it is voice-activated. The contacts simply tap the check-in button through the Aloe Care Health app and they’ll be connected to the Smart Hub. The Smart Hub will ring and you can answer the call with your voice or the contact button on the device.

Another unique feature is the hub detects air quality (VOC/CO2) issues as well as major temperature changes to catch anything that may be putting the medical alert user in danger. 

The Smart Hub does not require Wi-Fi and instantly starts working when you plug it in. 

Caregiver Aloe Care Health App

To keep caregivers and family members connected to the medical alert user, Aloe Care Health offers a free app that’s available on both iOS and Android devices. The app doesn’t have a limit to how many people you can add to your Care Circle, but Aloe Care Health recommends five users. The app provides real-time alerts and can connect you to the user’s Smart Hub at any time. 

Back-Up Battery

If for some reason your Smart Hub is unplugged from the wall, there is a built-in back-up battery in place so you won’t be without protection. However, Aloe Care Health doesn’t note on its website how long the back-up battery lasts, so be sure to be aware of that before relying on the back-up battery for too long. 

No Contract

Aloe Care Health doesn’t require any long-term contracts. You can cancel your services anytime. However, the company doesn’t note on its website if you’re required to return the equipment upon cancellation.


The Bad

  • Expensive Equipment
  • No Fall Detection Pendant
  • No On-the-Go Coverage
  • 200-Foot Range from Smart Hub

Expensive Equipment

Many medical alert companies offer free equipment and only charge you for monthly monitoring. Aloe Care Health requires customers to pay for equipment upfront, and it’s rather expensive compared to its competitors. Its most comprehensive medical alert package is more than $300. 

Even high-end medical alert equipment, such as medical alert smartwatches, are typically only $100 extra. With Aloe Care Health’s medical alert package, it only includes the Smart Hub, a smart fall sensor, two motion sensors, and a care button. Aloe Care Health also doesn’t offer on-the-go coverage, so this is a hefty price point for less coverage than its competitors. 

No Fall Detection Pendant

Aloe Care Health doesn’t have a fall detection pendant. Instead, the medical alert provider offers a smart fall sensor that’s meant for the bathroom. If you fall in another area of the house and aren’t able to press your alert button or call for help by saying “Emergency” loud enough for the Smart Hub to hear, you’ll be without protection.

The majority of medical alert companies offer fall detection alert buttons so you can have protection anywhere without having to worry about pressing a button or calling for help. Automatic fall detection triggers help anytime a fall is detected, whether you call for help or not. 

No On-the-Go Coverage

Aloe Care Health only has in-home coverage. No on-the-go medical alert packages are available, so if you’re wanting coverage anywhere other than your home, Aloe Care Health may not be the provider for you. 

200-Foot Range from Smart Hub

Aloe Care Health’s alert buttons only function up to 200 feet away from where the Smart Hub is located. That’s a limited range compared to other leading providers who offer a range of up to 1,300+ feet. Especially if you have a larger house and you want coverage in all rooms and floors and maybe even your yard, Aloe Care Health likely isn’t going to give you the coverage you want. 


The Bottom Line

Aloe Care Health is a great option for customers looking to pair an at-home medical alert system with caregiver assistance. The platform has a Smart Hub that connects the medical alert user with a 24/7 monitoring center in an emergency, as well as has two-way communication for the user to speak with caregivers and family members at any time. It provides older adults with independence while also giving them tools to help them in a life-threatening emergency. 

However, if you’re looking for a mobile medical alert system that functions outside of the home or a fall detection pendant that provides you protection in places other than the bathroom, Aloe Care Health is not the company for you. Its focus is more simplistic and centered on at-home help. 

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