Alert Sentry

Alert Sentry

Alert Sentry was founded in 1991 when one of the company's founders, Glenn Maxwell, discovered a need for an emergency response system after his grandmother fell in the driveway outside of her home. Mr. Maxwell had at the time over 20 years of experience in the alarm industry and could not find what he was looking for, so he created his own personal emergency response system.

Since that time, Alert Sentry has grown to provide services for seniors, allowing them to Age in Place, maintaining their independence, dignity, and comfort all in their own home.

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The Good

  • Time in business
  • Certified operators
  • Emergency contacts

Alert Sentry has been in business for twenty-five years and has maintained the highest level of customer service during that timeframe.

Their product line, while not as extensive as other companies, is solid and will provide the basic medical monitoring for their clients.

Each of the operators in the medical response call center is fully certified with the Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA) and undergo 6 full weeks of training before ever taking a call.

The console performs weekly self tests and sends results to the monitoring center. Alert Sentry recommends weekly tests in which users press their help button and simply alert the agent that they are testing their unit.

Subscribers create a list of emergency contacts and agents telephone these individuals in whatever order that the subscriber wants. If a medical monitoring operator is not able to establish contact with the subscriber, then emergency personnel is immediately summoned.

The Bad

  • Fall detection service
  • Pricing

Alert Sentry does not currently offer fall detection service. This service is an add-on in most companies, but provides added peace of mind in that the pendant includes highly specialized sensors which detect sudden movement and automatically summons the base unit and monitoring center. When asked about fall detection, the customer service representatives indicated that it is something which may be available in the future.

Pricing for the mobile service is a little bit more expensive than the competition.

The Bottom Line

For someone wanting basic medical monitoring and alerts, Alert Sentry is a solid option. Their customer service quality and availability is outstanding in the industry. All of Alert Sentry's equipment is easy to install and to use, which might be daunting for some seniors. Coverage with the T-Mobile Network is extensive so individuals opting for the iSAFE Mobile Responder are covered nearly anywhere that they may be, whether at home or while they are out and about. Compared to many of the other medical alert companies, Alert Sentry's plans seem limited. They offer the basic needs and work hard to provide the best quality of service to support these products. Alert Sentry is a fully recommended company for one's medical alert needs.

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    November 28th, 2016 Lakeville, MA

    I had the most wonderful experience with Alert Sentry, I highly recommend this company for family and friends. Very best pricing, services, and product selection available in the market.

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