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LAST UPDATED: December 13th, 2021
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3 Things to Look for in a Life Insurance Company

  1. Financial Strength — Look for an insurer with high financial strength ratings or an agency that works with highly-rated insurers because it indicates the insurer is financially stable.
  2. Underwriting — Look for whether policies are guaranteed issue, simplified underwriting, or fully underwritten because it will affect how quickly you can get coverage in place.
  3. Purchase Process — Look for purchase processes that suit your preferences. Some companies offer a fully online process, require you to meet with an agent, or offer an online-agent hybrid.

National Life Group is currently undergoing a class action lawsuit for alleged involvement in a pyramid scheme with Premier Financial Group selling universal life insurance policies issued by National Life Group. Girard Sharp law firm filed the lawsuit. Life insurance shoppers should take this into consideration and do more research on the case before buying life insurance from National Life Group. 

The insurer offers term, whole, and universal life insurance plans. It also has life policies for children.

National Life Group has also consistently received high financial strength ratings from A.M. Best, a rating agency. This rating indicates that National Life Group is in a good position financially. The life insurance carrier has also received high ratings from other rating agencies, though the recency of those ratings is unclear from its website.

While the ratings and policy options are good, potential clients should keep the current lawsuit in mind, pay attention to what customer reviews say, and see how National Life Group ranks when compared to other life insurers.

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The insurance company was chartered in 1848 and began issuing its first life insurance policies in 1850. Over the years, the company has grown and diversified, offering life insurance, annuity products, retirement planning, and various investment products.


The Good

  • High Financial Strength Rating
  • Variety of Life Insurance Products
  • Over 150 Years of Service
  • Living Benefits Offered
  • Nice Contact Options

High Financial Strength Rating

National Life Group has received some of the highest financial strength ratings available in the industry. High financial strength ratings demonstrate a company's financial stability and its ability to pay the death benefit to beneficiaries when they file an insurance claim.

Variety of Life Insurance Products

Life insurance rates are determined by the size of the death benefit, the kind of life policy purchased, and the underwriting process. Life insurers do underwriting to analyze risk factors like age, current health, and health history.

National Life Group has a nice array of life insurance policies. Its permanent life insurance options are especially robust. National Life Group offers:

  • Term life insurance
  • Whole life insurance
  • Universal life insurance
  • Variable universal life insurance
  • Indexed universal life insurance

With so many options, most people should be able to find the right kind of insurance policy to match their budget and insurance coverage needs.

The website provides clear and basic information about each policy type, making it easy to see what the benefits are for each one.

If you're looking for a term life policy that is simple to apply for and hassle free, National Life Group should fit the bill.

National Life Group's term life policy appears to come with two different options: one with a fixed premium rate and one with increasing premiums as the insured ages. These options allow potential clients to choose which term life insurance structure would work best for their situation.

National Life Group's whole life insurance is a permanent policy that offers insurance coverage for the insured's entire life time. It also has level premiums. A whole life policy grows cash value over time and has a set death benefit.

This cash accumulation is a living benefit because you can access it while the insured is alive. Keep in mind that whatever you borrow without paying back will be deducted from the death benefit when you make a claim.

For individuals interested in a universal life insurance policy, National Life Group offers several different kinds of universal life policies.

Its universal life policies offer more flexibility with death benefit amounts and premium payments. This flexibility allows policyholders to adjust coverage and premium payments to reach financial goals. The biggest difference between the kinds of universal life insurance policies are how the cash value is invested.

Indexed universal life insurance policies are invested in a market index fund. Variable universal life insurance policies are invested in different kinds of stocks, bonds, and money market sub-accounts based on the policyholder's preferences.

Over 150 Years of Service

The company itself has been in business a very long time. The origins of National Life Group go all the way back to 1848, so there is an established reputation for stability. Though it is not the largest life insurance company by any means, it has a lot of experience in the insurance business.

Living Benefits Offered

Though National Life Group may not have as wide of a selection of life insurance riders compared to others, it does offer living benefits with some of its life insurance policies.

Living benefits allow the policyholder to receive the death benefit early to cover expenses from a terminal illness or long-term care. If you have a chronic illness or experience a critical illness per your insurance policy's criteria, you can also benefit from your life insurance coverage early. This feature is also called an accelerated death benefit. It can come in handy in a difficult situation, so it's nice to have the living benefit included in your insurance product.

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Customer Review: Linda Young from Sugar Land, Texas

"Comprehensive coverage in living benefits that one does not have to die to use - that is a 'must' in an aging society like ours. Low monthly policy fee. Options to use the cash value as a supplement retirement income that removes the worry for living too long."

Nice Contact Options

National Life Group clients can contact the company via phone, contact form, online account, or through it's mobile app.

With these options, clients should find it convenient and easy to work with National Life Group.

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The Bad

  • Class Action Lawsuit
  • No Burial Insurance
  • Limited Online Information

Class Action Lawsuit

National Life Group is currently undergoing a class action lawsuit for alleged involvement in a pyramid scheme selling universal life insurance policies that allegedly targeted Asian immigrants. Until a decision is made, life insurance shoppers may want to research the case or purchase a life insurance policy from another insurer.

No Burial Insurance

National Life Group does not list burial insurance or final expense insurance among its offerings. These policies are a kind of permanent life insurance designed to cover funeral expenses.

Because they're just for funeral expenses, the coverage amounts are lower than other life policies. If you want a final expense policy, you'll need to find another insurance provider.

Limited Online Information

While National Life Group does a good job giving an overview of the kinds of life insurance policies it offers, specific information is limited. For more information on available life insurance riders, policy exclusions, specific investment options for a universal life policy, and life insurance quotes, interested individuals will have to speak with a National Life Group representative.

Life insurance premiums are determined based on the policy-type and underwriting process. The underwriting process determines the risk of insuring the applicant based on age and health information. Because premium rates vary, most life insurers do not list specific premium amounts.

However, meeting with a representative can make it harder for some people to turn down a policy that they might otherwise reconsider because of sales pressure.

Some life insurance companies make this information available online, which is convenient for those researching their options.


The Bottom Line

National Life Group offers a nice life insurance product selection. Whether you are looking for a term policy or a permanent policy, customers should be able to find a good life policy. National Life Group 's permanent coverage options include whole life and universal life policies. The life insurance company also has received high financial ratings and has several ways that clients can contact the insurance company.

While National Life Group has several positive aspects, it is currently undergoing a class action lawsuit for alleged involvement with a universal life insurance selling pyramid scheme.

Take time to learn more about the case and how the outcome may affect current National Life Group life insurance policyholders before spending money on a National Life Group life insurance plan. It's also worthwhile to research customer reviews.

National Life Group could also do a much better job with the website by providing more detailed information about policy particulars. For premium rates and coverage details, you'll need to work with a National Life Group representative.

Depending on what you find in customer reviews, you may want to research other companies before purchasing an insurance policy from National Life Group.

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flynn joseph uy Marina del Rey, CA

This company is great! Lots of living benefits/riders (lots of qualifying events)/GILR/ etc.. There are reasons why this company has been around for more than 170 years! The financial ratings of the company are great! This is one of the insurance companies I would put my money in and even invest. We can't always blame the carrier and/or agents if client(s) have bad intentions. All I am saying is that investigate all angles and not to always pointing fingers to the insurance carrier.

3 months ago

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Khlessy Salama Kingsburg, CA

Beware, representatives from this company will make false promises and then ignore you when you call them to fulfill those promises. Furthermore, it seems that after they sign you up they are next to impossible to get a hold of. When you finally do get a hold of them, they give you the run around. Every time. I will be moving my 403b from them to literally anyone else at this point.

1 month ago


Review Source

star star star star star

Cx Canby, OR

I purchased life insurance from them. I had a claim. Although it takes long time to process, they do inform me from time to time. Love their living benefits!

2 months ago

star star star star star

Rickson Amorim Boca Raton, FL

I have been a client for about for years now and I’m extremely happy. In 2019 I had a sudden cardiac arrest and I was in coma for 4 days. Fortunately I have survived this event, but National Life Group allowed me to accelerate $257K from my policy and helped a lot during those difficult times. I am proud to be their client and I do recommend Living Benefits to everybody.

11 months ago

star star star star star

Liz T San Jose, CA

We bought life insurance with other companies before National Life Group and we can't complain about this company. Only if you've had experience with other companies, you would know that all companies are almost the same in terms of service and claim. We've called National Life many times and the customer reps were always so patient and helpful. Of course, sometimes the wait is long but they offer to call back without us waiting on the phone. My father had life insurance with another company. When he passed away, we had to wait for the company to verify before paying the claim. All of the (bad) complaints posted here made me laugh; too ridiculous that they made no sense! If you have one or more life insurance policies, you'd know exactly what I am talking about. I hope review websites like this one would be unbiased to give the fairness that each company deserves.

1 year ago

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Happy Customer Saratoga, CA

National Life group is the best life insurance company in USA. It is the oldest (172 years old) and rated #2 out of 900 insurance companies. All these bad reviews I see look like sour grapes case or jealous competitors who are losing business to National Life group and premier financial alliance. I have been a customer, have had friends been recipient of living benefits. If someone (other bad reviewers) are trying to claim fraudulently, they cannot expect ANY company to succumb to their unjustified claims. I have looked at policies from New york Life, Transamerica, AIG, Alianz. None of the above companies listed benefit as detailed as National life group clearly lays it out in their customer policies, very very transparent company. I find that all the bad reviews listed here are from disgruntled competitors.

1 year ago

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Victor Roque Folsom, CA

Wow some of these claims are really unfounded. US has a lot of rules and regulations about insurance. That person claiming he would have lost $13,000 after issue if he canceled is completely bogus. All life insuance has a free-lool by law. Most give 30 days free-look. Surrender charges are properly disclosed on illustrations that requires your signature and even in the policy you received that you have to sign when delivered. I am an NLG client and I have done my due dilligence when I purchase this insurance but for most Life Insurance companies they are mostly all good and heavily regulated. I think theres just others who just want to create a negative false claim. Thats why agents must acquire license and get Error and Ommissions coverage.

1 year ago

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Rickie Knarich Charlotte, NC

I’d give 0 stars if possible, horrible company, horrible prices, horrible customer service. I was told I had to sign my contract before they could activate my plan, never signed it and they started deducting money from my bank account.

2 months ago

star star star star star

happyclient Miami, FL

Know them for 8 years. Serious and responsible company. Recently upgraded in A+. Has very good customer service and agents support. I always get answers for my questions. There is plenty of training material and quality marketing material that you can request for free.

9 months ago

star star star star star

Karol Virginia Beach, VA

They have been the best life insurance company that I've ever dealt with (and I've dealt with 4 others throughout my life). Their living benefits are amazing and I actually have had friends who've had to utilize them throughout their life. I asked about the alleged "class action law suit" and this is inaccurate information. It's the internet, so it must be true, not exactly. After getting the facts I'm was 100% comfortable going with this company and sleep easy knowing I'm protected should I need it for a critical, chronic or terminal illness or of course upon death.

2 years ago

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Jim Cumming, GA

I would stay away from this company just due to their lack of customer service. Signed up for a policy 9 years ago and never heard from my "agent" again in all this time. Each time I have called to speak with someone about my policy the hold times were over 30 minutes long and then they did not seem to have the information needed to answer my questions.

4 months ago

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Keisha Hayes Greer, SC

Dealing with National Life Group and TSA consultants has been a nightmare. I have been trying for 2 weeks to get money from my account to help with the cost for the burial of a family member, and here we are the day of the funeral and still my money has t came. They told us the full balance has to be paid today before going forward with the funeral service today and idk it that's going to happen because they still haven't sent my MONEY!! Do better and you have definitely lost a client.

5 months ago

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Glen Schwartzberg Salt Lake City, UT

I am surrendering a whole life policy with cash value after 40 years of paying in. I requested the forms to fill out 45 days ago. Got the form 10 days latter in the mail and filled it out and followed up 7 days latter. So now we are past mid April and I was told to send it to an email address for quicker processing. Never got that info on my first request. I followed up on April 29th and was told the got the email and it was processing. Called today 5/12 and after an hour still did not have a date for the money to be deposited to my account. Find someone else to do business with. These guys have so much red tape they are not worth it. Imagine the confidence I have that my estate would have a different experience if I was deceased. These people have awful customer service and their customer service people cannot give you information. Just awful.

8 months ago

star star star star star

Millicent Johnson Newburgh, NY

I am new in considering having my family covered through this insurance company. It also has an affiliation with Premier Financial Alliance and I needed clarity on the Living Benefit plan. Thank you for the explanations.

9 months ago

star star star star star

Linda Young Sugar Land, TX

Comprehensive coverage in living benefits that one does not have to die to use - that is a “must” in an aging society like ours. Low monthly policy fee. Options to use the cash value as a supplement retirement income that removes the worry for living too long.

2 years ago

star star star star star

Daicy Massiah Brooklyn, NY

Bought an IUL product from NL, very happy about their terms, especially the Annual Income, to 120 years old, never saw one with other insurance company. Customer Service is great, need to wait a little time though, hope they increase more helper there.

2 years ago

star star star star star


I have called their customer service a few times and every single time, my experience had always been good. They have answered my question and informed me of what I needed to do. They do get back to you on time if you email them too.

3 years ago

star star star star star

Melly Arlington, TX

Incredible customer service ! ? I’m happy with the agent I encounter. She is very humble, patient, and very informative. She did all her best to help us for the life insurance that suit our situation. Keep up the Good job Theresa S. and to all of the staff ? just hoping that you will expand your offices.

3 years ago

star star star star star

Tiff San Jose, CA

Customer service was great! She helped me to register my policy and the rest of family's policies online. She was very helpful and walked me through step by step. They have the best Indexed Universal Life product with great savings and best three living benefits that's built in the product with no charge.

3 years ago

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Svetlana Daily Minneapolis, MN

This is the worst company ever. You are not able to pay on your insurance plan anymore and they steal your money in the first year you stop . Yes car insurance are a rip off, but this company is the worst ever. I would never recommend them to anyone.

4 months ago

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Aya Orozco San Jose, CA

Terrible experience with National Life Group. They made it sound like they were official through my school district (not true). After I opened an account and started contributing, I never heard anything. No welcome letter, no emails, no info about accessing online account. I never heard from my account manager one time, even to confirm my account and to send me the copy of the paperwork. It took me months to get ahold of him. Really do not recommend national life group.

7 months ago

star star star star star

Aliza Henline Provo, UT

Our representative is so helpful! I always feel like my family will be easily taken care of if something were to happen (in terms of making contact with a real person and not a robot). It was really easy to understand as we navigated income changes and new policies.

2 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Michael ,

I am a 100% disabled combat veteran, and retirement benefits post on the 1st of each and every month. I set up for premium with National Life to be paid monthly on the 2nd. Now, for 2 yrs each and every month the funds are not debited from my account with a 2 to 4 days period. I repeatedly repeatedly told my agent to correct this, but the same thing each and every month. I just requested a charge of agent form, because this agent is totally incompetent. I can't find a agent name to put on the charge of agent form, which is absolutely ridiculous. The National Life agent is send me their name. I will put it on the charge of agent form, and will be done with this agent. I just ask you fix and correct pay issue. Michael

1 year ago

National Life Group Logo

Reply from National Life Group

Hello Michael. I will send you a private message where you can send us your contact so can be in touch to help us resolve this issue for you. Ross

Jan. 25th, 2021

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Kay L King George, VA

NGL has a life insurance policy called "Income Builder" but it only builds income for NGL. Another words, the company fails to inform the public that this policy has a “Cash Surrender" clause that costs in the THOUSANDS to stop payment & surrender the policy. Who would knowingly in their right mind agree, accept, sign, and pay for a life insurance policy that costs in the thousands to terminate at a later date? No one. The very day that my policy was issued, it would have cost me over $13,000 to stop premium payments & surrender the policy. The cash surrender clause is difficult to locate & exactly at what point & where it's located remains a mystery. The clause is not included because a person is hard to insure. Quite the opposite, I had two policies in place when the agent was in hot pursuit of my business with over a combined total of $850,000 life insurance. The agent's relentless, aggressive nature in selling me a policy, filling out my forms, telling me to hurry, mail a check, should have been a huge warning for me to keep avoiding the relentless phone calls, emails, and letters. I hope this serves as a 'WARNING' to anyone reading this who may be leaning towards doing business with this company.

1 year ago

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Dominique Manor, TX

I have been with National Life for over a year, lost my job recently; so I pulled my annuity from the company.. I had got a loan just previous to that.. however I had enough money to pay the loan and still pull out a hefty amount, anyways I spoke with an agent just before closing the account and she stepped me through the process.. during this she noticed something didn’t really tell me, but assure me that she put notes into my account to be able to get my money, I call into speak with an agent about what’s going on with my account and if I could get a statement of what’s going on with my account and she told me I had to go to the attorney generals office to get a statement of what happened to my account.. has anyone ever heard this before?? I do have the emails sent back and forth about this..

2 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Daniel Jang Hesperia, CA

If it's possible to give negative star, I already gave them negative 1000 stars. This company is under National Life Group which has multiple subsidiaries (National Life Group; National Life Holding Company; NLV Financial Corporation; National Life Insurance Company; Life Insurance Company of the Southwest). All these companies are ready to rip you off at anytime when your love (wife; husband; parents) pass away. My father was passed away in 2016 with liver disease, but these companies come up with another person's medical record (different first/last name, different birth date, different age) regarding cancer and denied life insurance benefit. These companies still haven't paid benefit for more than 2 years. Also these companies have been sued by consumers regarding BAD Faith for more than 150 times for past 11 years. I individually sued these companies in 2017 and still ongoing (X:XX-XX-XXXXX-XXX-XXX and related case X:XX-XX-XXXXX-XXX-XXX). I sued these companies in State Court, but these companies removed my case to Federal to give me more financial burden. However, I will keep continuing for justice of our society. Denying life insurance policies are their main strategy to maximize their profits. "National Life" and its subsidiaries are the worst companies of the United States.

3 years ago

star star star_border star_border star_border

Roger Hamilton New Haven, VT

Buyer beware. Be sure to read everything, double check everything. I used to be a smoker, but I wanted a life insurance policy. So I bought a 10 year smoker. I had to be smoke free for a year. Once the year was up, I told my agent I wanted to change my 10 year smoker into a 20 year non smoker. I filled out all the paperwork and I was approved. Turns out he only gave me a 10 year smoker. I've even reached out to the agent and basically all I got was an "oops" and "well, you signed it".

3 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Cristiano Salgueiro Los Angeles, CA

STAY AWAY! 200 pages contract, very confusing, to the point that two attorneys could not understand. I called to cancel and they won’t return NOTHING, not a single penny. Bevy nice pitch, very talk, very friendly, but, it is only To mislead you. STAY AWAY!!!!

9 months ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border


We just got a medical records request from Tweedy Claims on behalf of National Life. Now why would a life insurance company want to see a bunch of medical records on someone who has died? She's dead. Pay her husband her life insurance. Plus the deceased was never a patient at our clinic. So it looks like they are just throwing out a wide net, fishing to see if they can find anything medical that would disqualify the patient for life insurance after her death. Wow. So sketchy.

2 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Katie Leesville, LA

Terrible service! The 1-800# always has "high call volume" which means they don't have enough staff members employed. You will wait for 30 minutes plus for your call to get answered just to be transferred somewhere else. Who has ever heard of a company that doesn't have a phone number listed on ANYTHING (literature, website, account information, NADA). And when you try to register online, something is always wrong so you can't do it. I don't have time for this MADNESS!

3 years ago

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Unhappy Customer Celina, TX

Terrible company! They misinformed us on some major things and now we are out 5K because the agent was uneducated on what she was selling. The case worker for our complaint was extremely unprofessional and argumentative. Will be going to the BBB & State Insurance to file a complaint.

2 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

jel Mountain Top, PA

delay, delay, delay. just try to get your money as a beneficiary. 10 business days (NOT calendar days) plus mail delivery time for a paper check. Thought this was the 21st century with electronic transfer. I can move more money faster with my cell phone than these people can using their "state of the art" systems.

3 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Michael Merced Las Vegas, NV

Thieves. They sctre me out of 6k dollars. First they don't tell you about the 20% fee monthly on your investment off the top. Than they keep 83 percent of your investment when you surrender ypur policy. Liars is what the agents are and they don't have the courage to call you when they know they screwed you over! Stay away from these crooks!

3 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

C Anderson Spring Hill, FL

They are extremely difficult to deal with. Whenever you call they have unusually high call volume, even at 0830. Then when you get a person they are rude. They act like your money belongs to them. There are much better companies to work with

3 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border


Many years ago my then agent sold me a National Life Insurance Whole Life policy. I paid the premiums until my agent told me that the dividends would be applied to pay the premiums. That continued for several years until I started getting billed for the annual premiums (I was past age 65). I inquired of National Life and was told my agent had made an error and that the policy I purchased did not permit applying dividends to pay the premium. Unfortunately I have had a running dispute with them ever since. These people have been nasty and refuse to provide information about their practices.

3 years ago