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Founded in 1998, UpSmiles’ mission is to make orthodontists more accessible through teledentistry. Rather than having sales people helping patients, only U.S. licensed dentists and orthodontists work with patients throughout their treatment. The company also offers tiered plans at three different price points, making dental care not only more accessible, but also more affordable. 

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The Good

  • Tiered Plans
  • Whitening Gel Pen Included
  • One Set of Retainers Included
  • Optional AcceleDent Technology

Tiered Plans

UpSmiles offers three different types of clear aligner treatment plans: Mild, Moderate, and Moderate+. These different plans correspond to the level of treatment a patient needs to straighten their smile. The idea behind the tiered plans is that UpSmiles can offer a four-month treatment plan for as low as $999. Rather than paying a fixed price when only small tooth misalignment needs to be fixed, customers can pay for as long a plan as they need without paying for extra sets of aligners.

UpSmiles’ three different plans range in price from $999 to $1,599 as an upfront cost, with monthly options from $48 to $85 a month for 15 months and a fixed down payment of $349 for each monthly plan. These prices are some of the lowest in the industry, with the Mild treatment plan being extremely low priced when compared to competitors. 

Each customer will be set up with their appropriate plan after sending in an impression kit. After ordering a No Risk Impression Kit, customers send in a mold of their teeth. UpSmiles orthodontists will look at the teeth molds and determine which plan is best for the customer and create a treatment overview for the customer to approve. If after looking at the molds, the orthodontist determines that a customer isn’t a good fit for clear aligners, UpSmiles will refund the price of the impression kit. 

After approving the treatment overview, customers will receive their clear aligner sets, for both upper and lower jaws, for their treatment: up to 6 for Mild, 12 for Moderate, and 18 for Moderate+. 

Whitening Gel Pen Included

Included with each UpSmiles treatment is a whitening gel pen that patients can use to whiten their new straight smile. UpSmiles claims that its whitening gel is more effective than other whitening gels on the market and says that patients usually start seeing results after two days of use. 

The whitening gel should be applied once a day for seven days and then once every two to four weeks for upkeep. Customers shouldn’t experience any sensitivity while using the gel, but UpSmiles includes a Desensitizing Syringe with each whitening kit in the event that there is some discomfort.

One Set of Retainers Included

After using invisible braces to straighten teeth, it’s important to use retainers to keep that smile in place. The retainers only need to be worn at night and keep teeth from moving out of place again. Many invisible braces companies charge their customers for retainers after their treatment, but UpSmiles includes one set free with any treatment plan. 

Optional AcceleDent Technology

UpSmiles’ AcceleDent Optima device uses soft pulse technology to provide calibrated vibrations to the roots and surrounding bone of a patient's teeth. This technology is FDA approved to speed up treatment. These vibration pulses increase cellular activity and make teeth move to their new positions faster, reducing treatment time significantly. 

Another invisible braces company, byte, offers a similar treatment device that uses high frequency vibration technology to speed up teeth movement. UpSmiles’ AcceleDent Optima differs from other similar technologies in that it uses extremely soft pulses, up to eight times less force than a power toothbrush, to very gently vibrate teeth. It is the only teeth vibration device that is FDA approved to reduce teeth discomfort during treatment by up to 71 percent.


The Bad

  • AcceleDent Not Included in Price

AcceleDent Not Included in Price

The AcceleDent device that UpSmiles offers is a great way for customers to reduce treatment time and reduce any discomfort they may feel while their teeth are moving, but this device isn’t included in the overall price. Byte, the other invisible braces company with a similar technology device, includes its device in the overall cost of each treatment plan, which makes its plans very competitive. UpSmile’s prices are very low in comparison to other companies in the industry, but providing the AcceleDent device into all treatment plans at no extra cost to the consumer could be a great benefit.


The Bottom Line

UpSmiles offers a tiered pricing system that is unheard of elsewhere in the industry. This allows customers who don’t need major teeth misalignment issues to get a straight smile at a lower cost. The plans don’t include the AcceleDent device, however, which can dramatically accelerate treatment and reduce discomfort. Using the device, patients who don’t need major corrections can finish their treatment in as little as two months.

UpSmiles does, however, provide a whitening gel that allows customers to whiten their new smile after their clear aligner treatment. The company also includes one set of free retainers, a great value, to keep teeth straight after treatment.

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