2022 Great Quality Invisible Braces Recipients

Kaitlyn Short

Last Updated: June 2nd, 2022

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June 2022 — Best Company recently announced the three invisible braces companies that earned the Great Quality Award in 2022.

About this award

The Great Quality Award from Best Company is given to companies that have a 4+ average quality sentiment with a minimum of 50 user reviews on the review site.

Companies did not have to apply for this award. Companies were selected for this award based on their ability to meet the designated qualifications. The quality sentiment is measured each time a customer submits a review. Customers can rate the company’s quality on a scale of one star to five stars. 

Award recipients 

The companies listed below are the recipients of the 2022 Great Quality Award. These companies are not listed in any particular order.

Byte is a clear aligner company that provides at-home treatment options for those with minor to moderate misalignment issues. All treatment plans include a patented HyperByte™ device that may decrease overall discomfort. 

Candid connects patients with a nationwide network of CandidPro providers to ensure successful treatment results. After treatment approval, Candid sends a full set of aligners, CandidMonitoring™ materials, and premium whitening foam to the customers' doorsteps.

NewSmile is an affordable and reliable invisible braces company offering day and night treatment options. NewSmile offers a money-back guarantee for customers who aren’t a good fit for treatment. 

Quality note

Customers can distinguish between high-quality and low-quality products and services by reviewing overall star ratings and sentiment scores. Invisible braces providers with high customer review scores have a demonstrated history of customer satisfaction.

These clear aligner companies understand that trusting someone with your smile isn’t easy. That’s why Byte, Candid, and NewSmile continue to innovate to provide top-quality service and products to their customers. 

For those searching for an invisible braces treatment, we recommend these three invisible braces companies for leading the way in customer satisfaction and quality. 

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The Top Invisible Braces Companies

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