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Thinking about choosing Byte for your invisible braces provider? Thousands of reviewers on agree that Byte is a top choice. Customers choose Byte for a number of reasons including affordable pricing, responsive customer service, quality aligners, effective treatment process, reduced discomfort, and fast turnaround. 

In this article, we’ll unpack what it means to straighten your teeth with Byte.  The video above outlines the equipment provided in the Byte impression kit and the Byte at Night™ box. You can read a more in-depth analysis of each component along with verified customer reviews below.  

Preparing for treatment

We recommend visiting a dentist for an exam if you haven’t been within the last six months. A dentist will be able to assess issues outside of your teeth alignments such as gum health, enamel integrity, and any other aspects of your oral health that may impact your treatment and aren’t typically covered with invisible braces. 

What’s inside the impression kit

The first step to straightening your teeth with Byte is ordering an impression kit. The impression kit is priced at $95, but Byte often runs promotions to reduce the cost. You will receive four different types of items in your impression kit. 

  • Gloves
  • Smile stretcher
  • Molding putty
  • Molding trays 

Before you get started with the impression kit, you will want to brush and floss your teeth to provide a clean impression. Open and put on the included gloves to keep your hands clean while taking the impressions. You will find that the box includes four molding putty combos and four molding trays. Check to make sure your trays fit by putting them in your mouth to see if they cover your back molars. 

Create your molds by mixing the light and dark putty together into a four inch round cylinder. You will need to act quickly because this molding putty is fast setting. Once the putty is mixed, lay it into the tray. Align the tray in the middle of your teeth and push til you teeth hit the tray. Using your thumbs, press the tray up into your gums. 

Avoid biting down on the tray because this can cause uneven pressure and botch the impression. You’ll need to wait three and a half minutes until you pull out the impression. Repeat this process three more times until you have two impressions of the top and two of the bottom. You can watch a detailed how-to video on the Byte impression kit if you want a visual guide. 

Next, you’ll need to use the smile stretcher to take a picture of the front, left, and right side of your teeth. Then take a quick picture of the top and bottom of your teeth. You can send back your impressions in the prepaid box included in the impression kit. 

Choosing the right treatment option

Byte All-Day Aligners 

Byte All-Day Aligners are the most affordable and comfortable treatment option offered by Byte. People who purchase this aligner kit should plan on wearing their aligners for at least 22 hours per day. The average treatment time is about three months. This is one of the shortest treatment lengths in the industry. Byte recommends using the HyperByte for about five minutes each day to stay on track with your treatment schedule. 

Some customers worry that wearing aligners throughout the day will disrupt their daily activities. However, many reviews report a quick adjustment that doesn’t affect their speech or appearance. The clear technology also helps these braces blend stay inconspicuous. 

Review Icon

Customer Review: DJ Beans from Los Angeles, CA

"The aligners can't be seen at all (I'm doing the all day treatment) and I had absolutely no issues with my speech from the very beginning! An added bonus is that the treatment includes retainers and a perfect smile for life!"

Byte At Night 

Byte at Night is great for those who want to wear aligners exclusively at night. This option allows people to straighten their teeth without disrupting their daily routine. You don’t need to worry about taking your aligners out for meals and brushing your teeth multiple times throughout the day. 

However, the night aligner treatment plan takes longer and costs more than the day aligners. You can expect the Byte at Night treatment plan to take about five to six months. You will also pay a few hundred dollars more for this option. Customers need approval by Byte’s dental and orthodontic team before selecting the Byte at Night because this option is better for treating more minor alignment issues. 

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Customer Review: Kay from Los Angeles, CA

“Loving the process so far. I am currently on week 4 of the night time aligners, as of now it’s been a easy going experience to just pop the aligners in at night. Haven’t had any issues and can’t wait to start seeing some major changes! Customer service has been very helpful As well :)”

What’s inside the aligner kit

  • Clear aligners
  • HyperByte
  • Bright Byte
  • Carrying case

Clear aligners

In your aligner kit, you’ll receive a full set of BPA-free, custom-made, labeled, and stacked aligners. These aligners are custom made to fit your teeth and gradually shift them over time. Each aligner has a numbered sticker to indicate the treatment step. Start with the alinger pouch labeled number one. You will progress to the next alinger step about once a week unless you encounter an issue with the fit. Always hold on to any past aligners in case you need to return to a previous step. 

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Kenzie from Akron, OH

“Such a great experience so far! My aligners are so comfortable and easy to wear and take them out when I need to eat.”


The HyperByte is an exclusive Byte tool that uses high-frequency vibration therapy to cut treatment time in half, reduce discomfort, and produce more accurate teeth alignment. The vibrations slightly move the aligners so they fit more comfortably on your teeth. Each kit comes with a HyperByte that should be used 5 to 10 minutes each day depending on your treatment choice. The tool comes with a self-timer that shuts off after five minutes of use. 

No need to worry about replacing batteries either. The HyperByte comes with a USB charging cord that can power the device. 

Review Icon

Dorian Stern from Jersey City, NJ

“I’m just amazed by Byte’s technology. I think what gives them a step above the rest is the hyperbyte, a device that accelerates the aligning process simply by vibrating your teeth for 5 minutes a day. Having to wear braces/aligners for a long time was my biggest turn off, so when I found out about hyperbyte, I was all in because you get results quicker.”


Each aligner kit comes with a bottle of BrightByte, a three-in-one cleaner, whitener, and breath freshener. Wearing aligners throughout the day is sure to result in some bacterial build up. But this product helps you keep your mouth and aligners feeling fresh. You can easily apply the BrightByte by pumping some solution into your aligners and putting them back into your mouth. You may also notice your teeth start to whiten after repeated use.  

Review Icon

Customer Review: Haleight Salvage

The BrightByte foam is awesome- you pump it into your aligners daily to clean the trays/ whiten your teeth- I already see an improvement in my teeth color.

Carrying case 

Keep your aligners safe with the Byte carrying case. The clear nature of the aligners makes these products easy to lose. You can store your aligners in their case when you eat, drink, or brush your teeth to keep them safe. The case also comes with a filing tool and an extraction tool. If you notice any bothersome or sharp pieces on a set of aligners, you can smooth out these edges with the filing tool. You can remove your aligners with the extraction tool or with your hands.

Review Icon

Customer Review: Ruby Chen from Los Angeles, CA

“I love the aligner case that came with it, it's super cute! I have 2 weeks left and already seeing a difference!”

Byte guarantees

Byte offers three different guarantees for its customers: the impression kit, aligner, and Byte for Life guarantees. 

Impression kit guarantee

An impression kit is used to ensure that you are an eligible candidate for invisible braces and create your treatment plan. However, some people may not qualify for byte if they have major alignment issues or other major orthodontist issues. If you complete an impression kit and find out that you don’t qualify, Byte will refund you for the cost of the kit. 

Aligner guarantee

Byte strives for total satisfaction with each of its treatment plans. That’s why the company offers an aligner guarantee for customers who follow their treatment plan as outlined but don’t see the results promised. Customers must wear aligners as directed, use the HyperByte daily, upload photos periodically during check-in times, and keep all aligner steps. 

The team will listen to your concerns and evaluate your results. You may qualify for additional aligners included in your treatment cost. 

Byte for Life guarantee 

The Byte for Life Guarantee™ extends past its impression kit and treatment plan. You can contact Byte years down the road if you notice your teeth start to shift while following the recommended retainer routine. Like the aligner guarantee, this guarantee comes with its own set of requirements including a history of annual retainer purchases and confirmation that you are wearing the retainers as recommended. You cannot wear permanent retainers. If you meet these criteria, you may be eligible for more clear aligners free of charge. 

Start your smile journey 

Byte’s proven history of customer satisfaction makes it a great choice for individuals interested in invisible braces. The simplified process and money-back guarantee make it easy to take the first step towards a straighter smile. You can get started with Byte by ordering an impression kit today! 

Byte Impression Kit

Take the next step towards a straighter smile. Order a Byte Impression Kit today for $14.95 (originally $95). 

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