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LAST UPDATED: October 18th, 2023

Founded in 1978, IdentityForce provides comprehensive identity theft protection services to individuals, businesses, and government agencies. 

The company strives to provide an intuitive user experience, easy enrollment, and a U.S.-based call center staffed by caring and responsive agents who speak multiple languages.

IdentityForce's protection services include 24/7 financial and credit monitoring services, bank and credit card activity alerts, privacy tools for credit reports and credit scores regarding all three major credit bureaus, identity restoration, and identity theft insurance.

Those interested in trying the company's services can obtain a 14-day free trial. 

Overall, IdentityForce strives to protect its customers from identity thieves by providing "first-class customer services from live, trained experts" along with keeping customer privacy and information as secure as possible.

Keep reading our full review to learn more about the company's identity protection services and to see verified IdentityForce reviews from customers. 

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The Good

  • Identity Protection
  • Recovery Services
  • Insurance
  • Plans and Transparent Pricing
  • Online Educational Resources
  • Mobile App

Identity Protection

As far as identity theft protection goes, IdentityForce does a good job of offering several monitoring services to better protect customers' identities from theft.

The company provides a 14-day free trial, triple-bureau credit monitoring, financial account monitoring, social security number monitoring, payday loan monitoring, and more. Identity theft cases and data breaches have proven that having identity protection can be worthwhile.

IdentityForce promises to send customers real-time alerts if any suspicious activity is detected. The type of real-time alerts sent to customers includes bank and credit card activity alerts, smart social security number alerts, junk mail opt-out, identity threat alerts, and identity fraud alerts.

IdentityForce also provides customers with a two-factor authentication which gives members a second form of authentication (a verification code) that is often delivered by phone, email, or text.

Recovery Services

IdentityForce offers a number of full-service restoration services, including financial, medical, and criminal identity recovery to members who become identity theft victims. Additionally, the identity theft protection service will help customers cancel cards and replace documents in the event of a stolen or lost wallet.

IdentityForce also provides toll-free customer service to help with identity restoration. These identity theft recovery services are only offered to customers who have fallen victim to identity theft while using IdentityForce services.

IdentityForce has Certified Protection Experts who are available around-the-clock and are set to handle all paperwork and phone calls that accompany identity theft restoration.


IdentityForce customers can rest assured that they will be covered if they become a victim of identity theft; the company offers up to $1 million in insurance that reimburses customers for expenses related to the theft.

According to the IdentityForce website, this customer insurance policy assists in recovering "out-of-pocket expenses and lost wages when your identity is stolen".

Plans and Transparent Pricing 

The company offers a few different identity protection plans that range from $17.95 to $23.95 per month. These IdentityForce plans include the UltraSecure plan and the UltraSecure+Credit plan. 

According to the IdentityForce website, the UltraSecure plan includes a variety of identity monitoring services including advanced fraud monitoring, court records monitoring, and more. 

In addition to monitoring services, the IdentityForce UltraSecure plan also provides bank account and fraud alerts, control tools and protection (including lost wallet protection, two-factor authentication, medical fraud protection, and PC protection tools), as well as all recovery options.

The UltraSEcure+Credit plan includes all of the same features as the UltraSecure plan along with three-bureau credit monitoring, credit reports and credit report updates, credit scores, credit score tracker, and credit score simulator. All pricing is transparent and can be easily found on the IdentityForce website.

Additionally, IdentityForce offers a ChildWatch service that includes identity monitoring, a smart social security number tracker, social media identity monitoring, identity restoration, and up to $1 million in identity theft insurance. 

IdentityForce also provides protection services to businesses and organizations. 

Online Educational Resources

The identity theft protection company offers helpful educational resources on its website like videos, brochures, product comparisons, white papers, quizzes, ebooks, a blog, and much more.

These resources cover topics like digital identity protection, data breach technology and information, credit protection, how to spot fraudulent activity, identity fraud, and identity theft, etc.

Mobile App

IdentityForce has a mobile app that account members can use while on-the-go to keep a peace of mind. 

This mobile app can help customers stay updated on suspicious activity while they are traveling within or outside of the United States. According to the company's website, "members played a pivotal role in the design and development of IdentityForce Mobile."

Those who have the IdentityForce mobile app can view alerts and social media monitoring service updates and can get immediate access to their credit score along with tips.

Additionally, the company website states that customers can use facial recognition, two-factor authentication, and touch ID to access the IdentityForce mobile app. 


The Bad

  • No Assistance with Pre-Existing Conditions
  • No Anti-Virus Software Included 

No Assistance with Pre-Existing Conditions

Unfortunately, IdentityForce does not offer recovery assistance to consumers with pre-existing identity theft conditions while some other companies in the identity theft protection industry do offer this service.

Those with pre-existing identity theft conditions may want to consider other identity protection service options in regards to recovery and restoration. The lack of assistance with pre-existing conditions may drive customers away from using the company's services.

No Anti-Virus Software Included 

IdentityForce does not provide any anti-virus software or anti-phishing software that many other identity protection companies offer. IdentityForce customers must seek outside software and purchase it on their own. 

The lack of anti-virus and anti-phishing software leaves customers with some vulnerability to identity thieves when it comes to their personal computers. 


The Bottom Line

IdentityForce offers several advanced identity protection services and restoration services in addition to up to $1 million in identity theft insurance. 

The company also provides customers with a 14-day free trial, two-factor authentication, transparent pricing and plans, fraud alert notifications, and an extensive list of monitoring services. Additionally, customers are offered access to the IdentityForce app which they can use to stay in the loop when they travel. 

With the UltraSecure+Credit plan that IdentityForce offers, customers are able to significantly enhance their credit protection and personal information security which is something they wouldn't be able to do with some other identity protection companies and services.

Unfortunately, the identity theft protection company does not seem to provide assistance with pre-existing identity theft conditions and does not appear to offer anti-virus software to customers.

IdentityForce does have some aspects you should consider and we recommend that you read IdentityForce reviews before signing up with its identity protection services, however, this company is a good option to choose if you want to protect your identity and personal information.

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Glenn Oakdale, CA

The service sounds like a good idea, but many of the reports are useless. When you find issues in some of the reports, customer service will tell you there is nothing they can do. The family plan, which is listed without any information, actually has a fairly steep price to add one other adult. You can only add one adult, so if you want to add children who are over 18, forget it. I paid for the credit monitoring service, but now it appears that is something I was already doing for free, but it does make it easier. I tried to find out more about the lost wallet feature. I'm unclear if they will actually make the calls if I'm out of the country and lose my wallet or if I will still need to make the calls myself.

6 years ago

star star star star_border star_border

Isabel New Braunfels, TX

so far okay

9 years ago