Posted: Alayna Pehrson|November 29th, 2017

Identity Theft

Who Is the Most at Risk of Identity Theft?


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Everyone is subject to identity theft crime. However, certain groups of people are targeted more often than others. Children are targeted from birth. At birth, children are given a social security number. This number, if the proper precautions aren't taken, can be easily stolen and used by identity theft criminals. College students can be targets because of the extensive personal information kept as university records; if the university is hacked, their information can be stolen. College students are also more vulnerable because they regularly access the internet and are often unaware of the security measures they should be taking.

The elderly group is targeted as they are more likely to not know how to institute proper security actions. More often than not, the elderly are considered to be less tech savvy than the rest of the population. This age group lived most of their lives without the type of technology that is used today. Therefore, they are seen as easy targets for hackers. Lastly, those serving in the military are at risk of identity theft because their service identification numbers are regularly used. Other private information, like medical records and birth certificate information, is also stored by the military. If a breach occurs, their information can be easily taken and used for criminal activity.

Although these select groups of people are more at-risk, no one is completely safe from identity theft. Therefore, hiring a professional identity theft company that will monitor your information 24/7, notify you immediately of fraudulent activity, and will help you develop a recovery plan is the best option to ensure that you keep your identity all to yourself.

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