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Posted: Alayna Pehrson|December 14th, 2017

Identity Theft

Keeping Your Social Media Safe


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Written by Alayna Pehrson
Alayna Pehrson is a Content Management Specialist for Best Company. With a communications degree and a journalism background, she strives to provide helpful online content that is focused on credit repair, identity theft, and merchant account services.

Millions of people use a variety of social media accounts and networks on a daily basis. The increasing use of technology is also increasing the risk of cyber crime and identity theft. Being cautious and developing safe social media habits is more important than ever. Not only are adults and teens being targeted on social media, but so are children. Many children today either have access to social media accounts or their photographs are being posted on some form of social media. Photographs, especially those of children, can be easily stolen through social networks for various inappropriate functions. A photograph is just one form of identification that can fall into the wrong hands through social media. Identity theft is a serious crime and ruins hundreds of lives each year. You may want to consider hiring professional identity theft protection services. Best Company provides a ranked and reviewed list of the best identity theft companies for consumers who are looking for high quality identity theft protection.


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