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LAST UPDATED: February 8th, 2021

The TrustedPlace’s Home Systems Protection Plan is an affordable home service contract that fills the gaps in homeowners insurance by covering the breakdowns of home systems, appliances, electronics, and other home equipment.

The plan is offered by HSB Secure Services, Inc. and is financially backed by The Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company. 

The TrustedPlace offers three home warranty bundles: Appliances and Electronics, Home Systems, and the Combo Protection Bundle.

The Appliances and Electronics plan covers non-built-in appliances and electronics such as your refrigerator, range, dishwasher, microwave, TV, washing machine, treadmills, and more. 

The Home Systems plan offers coverage for built-in home systems such as a central air conditioning system, furnace/boiler, water heater, pool heater/pump, and more. 

The Combo Protection Bundle combines the coverage from the previously mentioned plans making it the best choice if you want maximum protection. 

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The Good

  • Choose Your Own Contractor
  • Rewarded for Going Green
  • Sample Contract
  • Financial Strength

Choose Your Own Contractor

While most home warranty companies will pick and choose who comes to your house to do a repair, TrustedPlace leaves this decision up to you. 

Since most other home warranty companies choose the contractor, you are often subjected to the approved contractor and their schedule. 

TrustedPlace grants you more control. You are allowed to choose a contractor you’ve worked with before and therefore trust. You can select a contractor that can fix the appliance on the same day. Or you can work with a contractor that offers a flexible schedule, so you don’t have to worry about taking time off work or rearranging your schedule. 

Rewarded for Going Green

TrustedPlace encourages its customers to go green. If you send in an equipment replacement request and it’s approved, the company states it will “pay up to 150% of the cost of a basic efficiency system allowing you to get more energy-efficient equipment of the same size and capacity without the extra cost.”

Sample Contract

TrustedPlace includes a sample contract on its website. 

Throughout our research, we’ve found that most 1-star reviews for the home warranty industry involve claim denials that are typically outlined in the contract, such as damage beyond the scope of everyday wear, etc. 

We appreciate the fact that TrustedPlace provides a sample contract directly on its website. This allows anyone to quickly and easily view the terms and conditions of their coverage. Suppose you’re interested in working with TrustedPlace. In that case, we recommend taking a look at the sample contract and getting a good idea of what kind of coverage is offered, any exclusions or limitations, and your responsibilities as a client. 

Financial Strength

TrustedPlace is financially backed by The Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company (HSB). 

According to our research, HSB has an A++ (superior) rating from AM Best. A++ is the highest rating AM Best has, so you can rest assured that HSB is capable of meeting its ongoing insurance policy and contract obligations. 


The Bad

  • No Build-You-Own Plan
  • Breakdown Limit
  • Monthly Pricing Information
  • Unclear State Coverage

No Build-Your-Own Plan

Building-your-own coverage plan is becoming increasingly popular in the home warranty industry as many homeowners like being able to pick and choose what is covered and only pay for the covered items. 

Unfortunately, TrustedPlace doesn’t offer a build-your-own plan, so you’ll have to accept whatever coverage they currently provide. 

Breakdown Limit

The Home Systems Protection Plan has a $25,000 per home system breakdown limit for covered breakdowns that are less than 15 years old (according to the manufacture date). 

While TrustedPlace’s $25,000 isn’t the lowest limit we’ve seen, several other home warranty companies provide up to $50,000 in coverage (some companies even provide up to $100,000). 

Additionally, many other companies will offer the same coverage for an appliance, no matter its age. TrustedPlace’s breakdown limit drops to $1,500 for home system breakdowns if they are over 15 years old. 

Monthly Pricing Information

TrustedPlace does not provide any information about monthly pricing on its website. Those interested are encouraged to obtain a quote from the company for more details on pricing.

Unclear State Coverage

TrustedPlace’s website isn’t the most forthcoming when it comes to state coverage. We saw that some customers have said that they received a message stating that their home does not qualify for coverage. The company FAQ page states that this is because its program is not yet offered in the state where their home/property is located or that your home does not meet the eligibility requirements. 

We decided to find out exactly which states you can’t get the Home Warranty coverage in, so we brought up TrustedPlace’s chat feature. We asked a company representative about the state coverage, and they answered that TrustedPlace covers just about every state. While that is good to hear, it didn’t really answer the question. 

We then asked which specific states were excluded from the program, and after waiting a moment, we got an answer. None.  

Turns out that TrustedPlace offers coverage to homeowners across the United States. This is good news for homeowners looking into the home warranty provider; we just wish TrustedPlace was a bit more forthcoming with this information. 


The Bottom Line

There are a lot of reasons to consider working with TrustedPlace for your home warranty. The company’s home service contact promises to provide homeowners with hassle-free protection for covered home appliance and system breakdowns. TrustedPlace boasts that its coverage offers broader coverage with fewer restrictions, including pricing based on your address, the ability to choose your own contractor, and a low $149 deductible*.

However, TrustedPlace isn’t the best option for homeowners who want more control over their coverage. The provider doesn’t offer a build-your-own plan, so we recommend thoroughly going over your contract (or taking a glance at the sample contract) and ensuring everything you want/need is covered. 

** Deductible applies to all contracts effective on or after 02/20/2020. Deductibles vary in the state of CA; see Sample CA Contract for more details.

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