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LAST UPDATED: May 26th, 2022

Since 1999, United Surveillance and Alarm has worked to provide Colorado residents with protection and peace of mind. The company, headquartered in Arvada, provides security installation and monitoring to Denver residents and in select areas throughout the state of Colorado. 

United Surveillance and Alarm provides both residential and commercial security solutions. The company has partnered with some of the highest quality security equipment manufacturers in the industry, allowing for a customized approach to security. 

Prospective customers have the ability to visit the United Surveillance and Alarm showroom and test out security equipment prior to a full-blown home security system being designed and installed. 

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The Good

  • Equipment Partnerships
  • Monitoring
  • Free Security Evaluation
  • Commercial Security Options

Equipment Partnerships

With over 20 years in the home security space, United Surveillance and Alarm has worked to develop and maintain high quality equipment partnerships with security manufacturers. This means that United Surveillance and Alarm customers will get to choose what brand of security equipment they want installed on their property. Brands that work with United Surveillance and Alarm include the following:

  • Honeywell
  • 2Gig
  • DSC
  • GE
  • Helix

Typically, home security companies will be an authorized dealer of one brand of equipment. That means that customers are tied down to whatever equipment that home security company works with. United Surveillance and Alarm customers have many options when it comes to security equipment.


Most home security clients want a professionally monitored home security system. If you are going to have a home security system installed, it makes sense to have it consistently and professionally monitored.

However, there are customers that prefer to self-monitor the activity on their property. Most security companies will offer either professional or self-monitoring solutions to customers. That being said, United Surveillance and Alarm understands the importance of offering both.

United Surveillance and Alarm clients will pay for monthly professional monitoring but will also have the option to access control and check in on home activity with a smart phone or device. Monitoring features include the following:

Alarm Systems

Automatically alert authorities and reach out before disaster strikes.

Security Cameras

Identifies threats and deter property crime.

Access Control

Access and control your security system from your smart phone.

Covert Video Devices

In the event of foul play, criminals will be caught in the act with hidden cameras.

GPS Tracking

Know where loved ones are with GPS tracking devices that can be placed in cars, backpacks, and clothing.

Live Security Monitoring

Rest easy knowing your loved ones and property are protected with professional live monitoring.

Free Security Evaluation

Prospective home security clients will be able to take advantage of a free security evaluation conducted by the professionals at United Surveillance and Alarm. A technician or team members will come to the property, identify where equipment should be placed for maximum protection, and make security recommendations based on what they see.

This service is free to customers, whether or not they decide to use United Surveillance and Alarm. Most home security companies will charge an upfront cost for technicians to come out and do an assessment prior to system installation. United Surveillance and Alarm offers this as a complimentary service.

Commercial Security Options

United Surveillance and Alarm also offers a wide range of security solutions to commercial businesses and properties. Commercial customers can receive total protection through alarm systems, security cameras, access control, covert video devices, GPS tracking equipment, security film glass reinforcement, construction alarm systems, TowerCam systems, thief bait, and live security monitoring.

While many home security companies will offer commercial options, it is rare to see a complete commercial solution like the one United Surveillance and Alarm offers.



The Bad

  • Undisclosed Contract Terms
  • Service Area

Undisclosed Contract Terms

Contracts are relatively standard in the home security industry. Since the equipment oftentimes needs to be installed professionally and is monitored constantly, home security companies generally require some sort of contract length from customers. This information is usually made public as it plays a role in what company a home security customer decides to go with.

That being said, United Surveillance and Alarm provides no public information on contract terms, lengths, or penalties. That means if a customer were to cancel the contract before it was up, it is unknown whether or not the customer would be charged for termination. There is also no information about money back or satisfaction guarantees. This is also usually public information for prospective home security customers. That is simply not the case with United Surveillance and Alarm. 

Service Area

As a locally owned and operated entity, United Surveillance and Alarm currently works to service Denver and other Colorado residents and businesses. With this local mentality, United Surveillance and Alarm customers receive individualized attention and customer service.

However, this service is limited in how many people it can service. Many home security companies in the industry operate on a national level and are able to provide security solutions to anyone in the United States. United Surveillance and Alarm is not one of those home security providers. 


The Bottom Line

United Surveillance and Alarm provides robust home security solutions to those looking for professionally hard-wired systems and constant monitoring. However, with a limited service area and unknowns surrounding the contract terms and other associated costs of the United Surveillance and Alarm service, the company cannot be recommended at this time.

Prospective home security customers would be wise to conduct further research prior to using United Surveillance and Alarm or look into top rated home security providers. 

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