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LAST UPDATED: May 27th, 2022

Though headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Think Protection is a home security company that has a strong presence in many parts of Canada and the United States. Though the company is fairly new, its key leaders have vast experience in the security industry. In fact, its two founders previously led competing home security companies.

There is, however, little information regarding the company's quality of service because of the lack of testimonials with such a new company. You can read a handful of Think Protection reviews below to see noted pros and cons thus far.

Think Protection's monitoring starts at $12.99 a month, but note that the monthly monitoring fee does not include upfront equipment costs, which can range from $99.99 to $649.97 depending on the security option you choose. 

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The Good

  • Think Protection Cost
  • Simple Installation and Easy-to-Use Equipment
  • 3-Year Warranty
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • No Long-Term Contract
  • Crash and Smash Protection
  • Various Security Plans
  • System Upgrades for Any Security Package

Think Protection Cost

Think Protection offers monthly monitoring starting at $12.99. Upgraded plans will only add as little as $4.99 to your monthly bill. However, Think Protection charges upfront costs to cover security equipment, which can range from $99.99 to $649.97 depending on the security package you choose. 

Simple Installation and Easy-to-Use Equipment

The installation process is fast and easy. You'll be given all the step-by-step information you need to set up your system. Operating your system is as simple as working your phone or another mobile device. You can arm or disarm your system from the convenience of your phone, even if you're on the go.

3-Year Warranty

If something goes awry with your system, Think Protection offers a three-year warranty that will have you covered and get your system replaced at no cost to you.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you're not happy with Think Protection's home security products or services, for any reason, you can return the equipment within 30 days and get your money back.

No Long-Term Contract

Most home security companies require long-term contracts, most often ranging from 12 to 36 months. Think Protection, however, does not require a long-term contract of any length, which ensures you can have peace of mind knowing you aren't locked into its services if you ever decide you want to terminate your home security coverage. 

Crash and Smash Protection

A common tactic intruders use to avoid detection is smashing the base unit of the home security system. Think Protection has something called Crash and Smash Protection which ensures that if the connection between your alarm system and your base unit is disconnected before being properly disarmed, the alarm will sound. This can give peace of mind to homeowners that you're protected even if your base unit is destroyed in a burglary. 

Various Security Plans

Think Protection has multiple home security packages you can pick from, depending on your budget and your needs. Plan information and equipment included in each package is as follows:

Standard Package — $99.99

Think Protection's standard home security package that includes 12 pieces of equipment. Think Protection explains on its website that this package is ideal for people with smaller houses, apartments, or condos. 

  • 24/7 professional monitoring & police response
  • 100% wireless sensors - no drilling required
  • Free mobile app
  • ThinkPro base unit
  • Pinpad
  • Installation guide
  • One door sensor
  • One lawn sign
  • Mounting hardware
  • One motion sensor
  • Four window decals
  • Insurance Certificate

Plus Package — $169.99

Think Protection's most popular plan, the Plus Package is a 14-piece security system that is ideal for mid-sized homes, small businesses, or anyone wanting additional security assistance.

  • Everything included in the Standard Package
  • One keypad
  • Three door sensors

Premium Package — $499.99

Think Protection's largest security package with 21 pieces and is ideal for large homes with hazard threats. 

  • Everything included in the Plus Package
  • Home disaster kit (fire, carbon monoxide, flood, & freeze detection)
  • Six window decals
  • Additional siren
  • Two motion sensors
  • Carbon Monoxide detector

System Upgrades for Any Security Package

Think Protection offers system upgrades for all of its offered security packages. 

  • ThinkLink Cellular Backup ($99.99 Upfront and $3.99 per month): A built-in cellular GSM chip added to your alarm system. This is most useful for anyone wanting additional security protection in a home without internet. 
  • Home Automation Module ($49.99 Upfront and $1.99 per month): A home automation upgrade. It is a Z-Wave upgrade chip that controls your thermostat, lights, outlets, door locks, and more home appliances and devices through the use of your smartphone. 
  • Private Guards ($4.99 per month): Private guards that respond to alarm triggers instead of the law enforcement. Think Protection offers this because of the potentially high cost of false alarm fees that the police may charge. 
  • Outdoor Camera ($129.99) and ThinkCam Indoor Camera ($139.99): Battery-powered wireless security cameras for video surveillance with built-in advanced night vision. When the cameras detect motion, they will record the event. When the cameras are not picking up any activity around the area, they will go into standby mode to save battery. Any activity is reported with an instant email and push notification on the mobile app. Battery power can last up to 180 days. There is two-way audio in the cameras, and they are weatherproof. You can access the cameras' live stream through the mobile app at any time and record the events on an SD card for no cloud fees.

A drawback to a couple of these security upgrades is you have to pay a hefty upfront cost as well as a monthly fee. 

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The Bad

  • Additional Up-Front Cost
  • New Company
  • Lack of Testimonials

Additional Up-Front Cost

Think Protection does indeed offer a low monthly cost. This will be enticing to prospective customers; however, their up-front fees are quite high to get started, ranging from $99.99-$649.97. 

New Company

Another drawback to using Think Protection is that the company has only been around for a couple of years. Yes, the company leaders do have good experience in the industry, but the company itself is still in its infancy. Naturally, as a new company, Think Protection is bound to have some bugs and some shortcomings that more established home security companies will have long worked out and gotten past.

Without a plentiful sample of reviews, it's difficult to know if Think Protection has quality customer service, alarm monitoring, and other home security offerings.

Lack of Testimonials

Because Think Protection is a new company, it's difficult to find positive testimonials from customers. The company's website does have a few of these positive reviews but not enough to make a fair evaluation of whether you should use the company's products. Read existing Think Protection reviews below to see what customers have to say about the home security provider thus far. 

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The Bottom Line

Think Protection is a relatively new home security company and unfortunately, that means reviews and testimonials about the company are limited. However, we do have a handful of Think Protection home security reviews below, so you can read those and find out more about the company's pros and cons if you're interested in what customers have to say about the security provider so far.

Some important perks to note is you don't have to sign a contract, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee, all equipment includes a 3-year warranty, and Think Protection has completely wireless home alarm systems; however, with a high amount of up-front costs, owning the system will be expensive.

The home security products seem reliable and effective, and you'll be able to control your system with the touch of a button from your mobile device. However, with high costs and limited testimonials regarding the company's quality of service, we recommend looking into other top-rated home security companies before making a purchase decision. 

Key Takeaways from Home Security Reviews

We analyzed all the home security reviews on to understand the motivations of customers who leave a given star rating. Through careful analysis, we identified some common factors that lead to particularly positive and negative experiences. Read our report to learn the key takeaways from other customers’ experiences.

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Grant Seifred London, ON

Great product. Great Service. Amazingly low monthly charge. Very easy to install....and I have trouble changing a light bulb! Great customer support! I have been a customer for 5 years and been very happy. The low monthly fee is the best part of the deal. I added a garage door tilt sensor last year and an extra alarm buzzer for the garage. I use to have an indoor Think Protection camera, but the support and camera was discontinued several years ago. I am just in the process.. I am glad the cameras are back. I am in the process of ordering both the indoor and outdoor one as part of their Boxing Day 50% off sale.

2 years ago

star star star star star


A year ago I was looking to change my alarm company. I found some good ones which were expensive and some expensive ones which were not to my liking. Think Protection solved my problem as their cost is very affordable and the service is excellent. Customer service is important to me and Think Protection has passed this test as well, with fine colours! I've found them to be patient in explaining any questions I might need answered. I would recommend them to friends and family.

4 years ago

star star star star star

Richard Howarth

I am very surprised at the bad reviews. I have been a customer for more than 18 months. The system has now paid for itself and I am saving money each month over that from a previous alarm company. The installation was easy and the sensors have never fallen off any doors or walls. I had a keypad/alarm issue today which could have been handled better by Think Protection but I am not prepared to let one minor issue detract from the satisfaction and security the system gives me. The phone app works well and is informative.

5 years ago

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STurner Toronto, ON

Have had the system installed for about 3 years. It has been mostly trouble-free but on a few occasions, we have had issues that were addressed by the company quickly and professionally. I have recommended the system to others.

2 years ago

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Petertak Laval, QC

I’ve been with Think for 4 years now, no problem at all and the amazing part of it is that everything is wireless and you can install it in few minutes, the Z-wave part of it works well too, the app is good and the monitoring system is efficient and fast. Buying a new house and i will definitely go with them again.

3 years ago

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Jennifer Gordon

I installed our system 18 months ago and it works well. Super easy to set up, monitored from my phone. I live 20 min from closest overnight RCMP service, so I pay $5 a month for a local company to respond. Gives me peace of mind and I’m not paying $60 a month like my friends. Even in 18 months I’ve saved a huge amount while still being safe.

4 years ago

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I took the Think Protection recently and i am very satisfied with the services. The response to alarm triggers are simply superb. Great customer service that i have never seen. Cost per month also very Economic and i am paying $19 per month.

4 years ago

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Anmolmeet Singh

It has been three days since I started using the security system. The installation over the phone is very easy and the service I have got is amazing. The app is convenient to use too. For the monthly price we pay I highly recommend Think Protection security system.

4 years ago

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Robert K.

The installation was super easy. I am not very technical so I was a bit worried but they have a great customer service. Everyone was very patient with me and they answered all my questions. I love the great monthly monitoring fee. It makes a big difference in my budget so I am very happy!

5 years ago

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Pat - Russ Kirby Calgary, AB

We have been Think Protection subscribers for four years & are thrilled with the convenience of being to use our IPhones to connect/disconnect wherever in the world we are. The price can’t be beat!

3 years ago

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Have been with ThinkProtection since 2016. Great price point, easy process for self-installation of equipment, customer service and tech support has always been very good. Excellent value for money.

3 years ago

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Great price of the equiptment and all accessories. They are also easy to install. The costumer service are very freindly and polite. I am very happy to have this alarm in my house. Affordable price for your home security.

4 years ago

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HORRIBLE customer service & the product is completely unreliable. The cameras disconnect from wireless continuously. They use batteries every week - which isn’t cheap! This means the outdoor camera is useless & more is time is spent trying to get it to run than actually working. The app is fairly reliable, but can glitch out frequently. Service staff are useless & rude...& unable to remedy issues or escalate to management. It also hard to understand them, as many have various accents & they speak quickly. Frustrating & hard to get any help! You get what you pay for - as the equipment is cheap & the service deplorable. I would estimate I have spent 20+ hours on the phone & still the problems remain. I would advise avoiding this company.

4 years ago

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Awful. They called me at 12:35 am to tell me by front door alarm had been set off. But they couldn’t dispatch police because they didn’t have my registration number on file. I paid the 25$ for such and was sent an email stating I had been registered with local police—but no dispatch registration number was provided in the email so I couldn’t even give it to her over the phone. I called police on my own & they immediately dispatched to my house. The officer on the phone stated that they had spoked to Think Protection & told them to call the polices 1-900 number, if they didn’t have my registration number, but Think Protection wouldn’t do so because they operate out East. Such a brutal experience. At 12:35am to have no support or help for a service that misleadingly states they provide and you pay for! Such a waste. I contacted my local security system that I should’ve gone with in the first place!

4 years ago

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Misleading and feel tricked. I paid over $500 the hardware upfront so I could take advantage of their lower monthly fees. Less than half a year in my monthly fees have been jacked up by now 15%. This company would have known that this price increase was right around the corner at the time I signed up and nothing was said to me very misleading. Not only that they say they're on the customer side yet this is false. Once you pay the upfront cost of their hardware you have no choice but to pay the monthly service fees that they dictate. If you cancel your account the equipment is garbage they won't even take it back so hello landfill. It's a pay up or cancel your account conversation when I called customer service very disappointing. Others be warned go with another alarm company or end up paying the price and getting stuck.

4 years ago

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Yogesh Kumar

I Brought their product at home and called 2 times for setup its busy all the time.... i am giving up and will return the equipment and get money back......... horrible service dont reccomned at all . Will try some other service.. i went to their markham location to pickup hardware its really over pricey i still bought thinking their sevice will be better but horrible horrible service....... Next Day again editing review 3rd time i called still busy and you can not get Tech to help you to setup... wow i sent email today to Think protection they are asking me to call them (lol) even for cancellation ...... i dont know how i will get them on phone but i will keep trying..... Will update Consumers soon

4 years ago

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Jelle Visser

Unauthorized monitoring charges of $88.08 by THINK PROTECTION!! I classify this as “THEFT” because explicit verbal agreement were made numberous times during discussions pre-purchase discussions with different PT sales people. I bought $500 worth of equipment and they immediately started charging "Monitoring fees", Even when I had specifically told them that I would not be installing equipment till after the new house was built and I had time to install and TEST the gear:-( Repeated calls to stop and refund the fees fell on deaf ears... I finally CANCELLED everything and am now stuck with unusable gear that they will NOT take back....

5 years ago

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Elise Marcotte

The product is unreliable. There are hints of quality that give you optimism it may work, but it continually disappoints. The cameras disconnect from wireless continuously. This makes using an outdoor camera essentially useless as running a hardline to reprogram regularly isn't feasible. The app is fairly reliable, though the user needs an app that's 100% reliable. As I write this, the app incorrectly displays the current alarm status and won't let me update. Service staff are friendly but unable to remedy issues or escalate to management. You get what you pay for - it's a competitive price, but it's unreliable. I'd estimate 10+ hrs spent on the phone.

6 years ago

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Miss CEO Nail Salon Vancouver, BC

I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND Think Protection! Terrible experience since day one! The Sales Rep sold me a package and didn't inform the camera was a doorbell camera. He knew the alarm system was for a commercial space (why would I need a doorbell?). Then, I had about 2-3 months back & forth regarding the camera installation, which was simply not working. Yes, they did shipped a new camera for me, which finally worked, but they requested me to send the old one back and pay the shipping fees! After about 8 months with Think Protection, I needed to play back the

2 years ago

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I bought a think protection system almost a year ago, at the time they didn’t have cameras available. I got cameras elsewhere which work great. I missed the 30 day return time so they would not take it back. I just realized I have been paying a monthly monitoring fee for something that is not being monitored. Called and was given an excuse that doesn’t make sense, they won’t give me my money back. Will probably contact the media to warn others.

4 years ago

star star star star star


Low cost yet guaranteed best protection! Great support team from sales to installation. Easy installation of equipment and app is easy to use.

4 years ago

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tony santario

The alarm has $0 Value and will not work without the services of monitoring - very unclear with new customers, overpriced hardware that will not work whatsoever. Customer service is horrible - Stick with any other reputable company... worth the extra monthly fee

5 years ago

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math Fairfield, CT

Equipment itself doesn't worth the money they charged, sensors fell from doors not even once. Motion detector fell the system still shows it is work!!! Not recommended unless they upgrade their equipment. good thing is monthly fee is low.

6 years ago

star star star star star_border

Apurva Pithwa

It was great experience with Think Protection team right fro purchase till install and then after care support.

4 years ago