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LAST UPDATED: July 27th, 2022

The Alarm Store has provided New Mexico homeowners and businesses with various security systems for over 30 years. The Alarm Store employs a team of security professionals who work closely with consumers to find the perfect security solution. 

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The Good

  • À La Carte Solutions
  • Showroom

À La Carte Solutions

The Alarm Store doesn't force consumers to purchase expensive security products that they don't need. The company offers a variety of à la carte options for your doors, garages, windows, and more. 


Those living in New Mexico may want to visit The Alarm Store's showroom for more information. The company will live demo several of its security systems and products to help consumers find the right security solution for their home or business. 


The Bad

  • Limited Information

Limited Information

The lack of information on The Alarm Store's website is well…alarming. The site provides very vague and basic information, but nothing that will help you decide which security system is right for your home or business. The website does talk about the importance of security systems and how invaluable they are, but there is little to no information about warranty lengths, contracts, or pricing details. 

While the company encourages consumers to visit the showroom or contact the company directly, this is frustrating as most home security companies provide this information upfront.


The Bottom Line

The Alarm Store has provided New Mexico homeowners and businesses with security solutions for over 30 years. The company is well known for its à la carte solutions and for servicing a variety of home security brands (Honeywell, GE, DSC, etc.). 

However, its website is vague and doesn't give consumers a good idea of what they're getting into. So if you want to work with The Alarm Store, it's probably best to go to the showroom and speak with one of its security specialists.

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Jason Sandoval Baltimore, MD

***Hostile Customer Service*** Military Personal Beware of The Alarm Store I am writing this review on behalf of my parents to include myself. I am an Army Veteran of 22+ years and I am now taking care of my parents. My parents were experiencing issues with the system to include arming it. My mom who is in her mid-60’s called on a recorded line The Alarm Store to see what was going on. The agent Alex who was assisting my mom was helping her trouble shoot the system. Then Alex became aggravated because my mom would do what the agent would say, and he would then yell at her and told her she was doing is wrong. She said how am I doing it wrong if I’m doing what you said. The Alex asked her to trouble shot the internet. My mom did everything the Alex said. Then the Alex said you’re going to have to get another internet provider and it must be Verizon. My mom said why do I need to get another provider if it worked before. It doesn’t make sense. He then said do you want me to get you the number for Verizon. My mom sad no thank you. Alex started to belittle her and got her really upset. Then he said I would have to charge you a lot of money to send a service team out there. We don’t have local people and we will have to get a third party to do it and you will be responsible for these fees. My mom said your installed it and had no issues before. I been with you for over 7 years, and we are a good paying customer. Alex then said it don’t matter how long that you been with us. My mom said I would like to speak to a supervisor or manger, Alex said no and hung up on here. My mom called again Alex answered and told her there is nothing he could do and hung up on here again she called again but this time they just left her on hold for 20 min until she hung up. My father called on a recorded line to speak to The Alarm Store General Manger His name is Lynn R. Lynn got hostile with my father. He voiced his concern to Store General Manger Lynn R. He also tried to report the Alex on how he treads his wife. Lynn became aggravated and very defensive and defended Alex. Lynn is in denial on what happened. Lynn stated to my father if you want to continue service, you’re going to have to pay an additional expense of $400-$600 or more for a third party to get this resolved. If you don’t like it, you can take your business somewhere else. Then my father told him I want to cancel everything and please give me a refund. My father always pays for the service a year in advance. Lynn stated if you want it disconnected you will have to email my disconnection department gave him the info and told him not to call back again. Then I got involved and emailed them the information the need it. It as a professional email and I did include my attorney’s information just in case it would escalate. I have attached a screenshot of the email response from the manager. I sent the email 25 July 2022 My parents are right they are bad. Lynn told me in the email if I had other accounts with family members there that she suggested I find service some where else. Well, I found them better services right away and they got free install no contract and more hardware to include cameras at no additional cost. To top it off on this The Alarm Store system don’t use their own equipment they use whatever is there. My parents had ADT prior to them. They rewire it and add their info. Why does my parent have to pay for a third party for the Alarms Stores faults? Maybe if they would have used a new system then and offer a free upgrade now they would still be with them. See Attached email on mangers response. I do not recommend them at all. I hope the owners contact me. I will also put reviews on other sites as well to bring awareness to others about the bad services.

1 year ago