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LAST UPDATED: May 26th, 2022

Stewart Security is a family owned and operated enterprise headquartered in Lyman, South Carolina. Since 1976, Stewart Security has worked to provide custom residential and commercial properties with efficient burglar, fire, and surveillance systems. 

As one of the oldest licensed home security companies in the state, Stewart Security has made it its company mission to protect families and their belongings by providing the best equipment and monitoring possible. 

Since its founding, Stewart Security has expanded its offerings from simply offering security systems. The company today also offers solutions for the following: fire systems, video surveillance systems, access control systems, and home theater systems.

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The Good

  • Equipment
  • User Code Feature
  • Home Automation Services
  • Mobile App


The residential home security package with Stewart Security comes with a great deal of equipment to completely protect and monitor the home and property. The Residential Solution includes the following equipment items:

  • Smart alarm panel
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Instant smart phone notifications
  • 4G LTE cell radio
  • No phone line required
  • Remote arm/disarm
  • All exterior door sensors
  • 1 motion detector
  • 2 key fobs
  • 1 indoor camera
  • Home automation connectivity

This particular system is installed by a Stewart Security professional. There is also a DIY home security option, but it is through a partnership and not done directly through Stewart Security. While many home security companies will offer pieces of these equipment features to homeowners, it is rare that all of this equipment is in the standard residential package like it is with Stewart Security. 

User Code Feature

The user code feature available with Stewart Security residential systems is ideal for rental property owners, homeowners, or families with kids constantly going in and out of the home. User codes provide the most secure and convenient way to provide access to a home.

Homeowners can provide each user with a unique code that can be used to gain access to the home. The homeowner can then see who, using their unique user code, has armed/disarmed the system, opened doors, and even restrict access on certain days or times.

One of the biggest complaints from home security clients is the number of false alarms that occur. These can be costly. With the Stewart Security user codes, no one has to set off the security system accidentally ever again. 

Home Automation Services

Through Stewart Security, residential properties can also equip the home with home automation. The Stewart Security home automation system connects all devices, helps homeowners save energy, creates schedules to control lights/thermostats, and automatically secures the home through the system. 

Integrated Solutions

With the Stewart Electronics home automation system, clients can integrate all services into one single connected solution. This will allow users to customize triggers that ultimately connect the security system with the locks, lights, and thermostats in the home.

Customized Triggers

Customized triggers ensure that the system is working for the homeowner. By utilizing the connected sensors and devices to automatically trigger activity, specific actions can take place. As an example, when the user disarms the system, the hall light will automatically turn on and the thermostats will automatically adjust to the preferred temperature. 


The geo-services allow for user to automatically adjust the thermostat or lights based on the location of your smartphone to save energy while you are not at home. Users can also set up notifications, so the system will send an alert if the garage doesn’t shut, the door remains unlocked, or the system is not armed. 

The Stewart Security home automation service sets itself apart from the industry, as the home automation is designed to work in unison with the security system, ensuring complete protection.

Mobile App

The Stewart Security mobile app allows clients to remain connected to their home or business even when they aren’t there. Users can control all connected devices and equipment from one single app, monitor homes and offices from anywhere, and easily navigate the system with a user-friendly interface.

Users can receive real-time alerts to their mobile device and control any connected devices from the palm of their hand. While many home security companies are providing mobile apps to customers, not many are as user-friendly as the Stewart Security mobile app. 


The Bad

  • Limited Package Options
  • Undisclosed Contract Information

Limited Package Options

Many home security providers work to provide services that best suit the needs of the client. Since every home, family, and property is different, it only makes sense that security needs would vary by customer.

To combat this issue, many of the top home security companies offer multiple residential home security plans. These plans offer different equipment, charge varying monthly monitoring cost, and may include home automation if desired.

Unfortunately as a local provider, Stewart Security does not have the bandwidth to provide a variety of home security packages to customers. There is one set residential service package that is professionally installed and then another one that is a self-install system. There is only one pricing model and equipment offered through Stewart Security specifically. 

Undisclosed Contract Information

Despite making equipment and installation information regarding residential home security public, there is no information surrounding contract terms, early termination fees, or money back guarantees. Typically, home security companies make this type of information available to prospective clients, but for whatever reason, Stewart Security does not.

There is no information about the available contract lengths, how much is charged if a customer cancels the contract early, or if there is a money-back guarantee for unsatisfied customers.


The Bottom Line

Stewart Security has provided South Carolina residents and business owners with peace of mind for over four decades. By providing professional security and automation services, Stewart Security clients have been able to enjoy comprehensive protection and automation services.

With unique user codes, a mobile app, and automation integration services, Stewart Security provides services on par with national home security providers. That being said, there are some questions surrounding contract specifics and limited home security packages.

Despite some of its drawbacks, prospective home security clients would likely be pleased with the services Stewart Security has to offer. 

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