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LAST UPDATED: March 30th, 2023

Stanley Security Solutions, a division of STANLEY Black and Decker, provides security services and professional monitoring to commercial and governmental clients across a variety of industries including, "telecom, retail, education, healthcare, government, finance, transport, and logistics." Operating in more than 60 countries, Stanley Security is the second largest commercial electronic security company.

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The Good

  • Comprehensive Security Solutions
  • Fully Integrated System
  • Professional Installation

Comprehensive Security Solutions

Stanley Security has four UL-, ULC-, and FM-approved ProtectionNet™ Customer Service Centers located across the U.S. and Canada, meaning the company offers a reliable and responsive home security solution. Stanely Security systems come with 24/7 professional monitoring that detects and acts on home intrusion, fire, carbon monoxide, and more.

Fully Integrated System

Stanley Security Solutions provides a fully integrated home security system that provides real-time notifications every time the system is activated or deactivated. Systems are simple to arm or disarm, and only require the push of single button. The company's partnership with industry leaders like Honeywell, Sonitrol, and others, reduces the number of false alarms and offer wireless remote control, and web-based video surveillance, if you already have a security camera in place.

Professional Installation

Every Stanley Security solution is designed, installed, and monitored by a team of professionals. Installing a home security system from Stanley can also reduce the homeowner's home insurance by up to 20 percent!


The Bad

  • Undisclosed Monitoring Options
  • Undisclosed Pricing
  • Undisclosed Equipment
  • Lengthy Contract

Undisclosed Monitoring Options

While Stanley Security provides plenty of information on its commercial offering, the company is less forthcoming about its residential security solution. For example, customers will need to inquire as to how the system components are integrated, e.g. by landline, cellular network, and/or wireless monitoring.

Undisclosed Pricing

As every Stanley Security system is built custom to the homeowner's specific needs and budget, the company does not disclose pricing upfront. That said, many leading home security companies will at least disclose monthly monitoring, installation, and cancellation fees.

Undisclosed Equipment

While Stanley Security mentions Honeywell and Sonitrol by name, the company does not go into detail as to what specific equipment it uses for its systems, e.g. control panels, motion detectors, glass-break sensors, emergency alarm system, security camera systems, or a mobile app.

Lengthy Contract

A Stanley home security alarm system requires a 36-month minimum contract. Although this is on-pace with some leading home security companies, a many quality security providers offer much shorter, even month-to-month contracts. A look at verified Stanley Security reviews will determine whether the service is worth the contract length.


The Bottom Line

While Stanley Security Solutions is one of the largest electronic security companies in the world, its strength and focus appears to lie primarily in its commercial offering. If the home security system it provides is anything like its business security suite, customers are in good hands; however, much more information is required before one can determine whether Stanley Security can be a true competitor in the residential security space.

Key Takeaways from Home Security Reviews

We analyzed all the home security reviews on to understand the motivations of customers who leave a given star rating. Through careful analysis, we identified some common factors that lead to particularly positive and negative experiences. Read our report to learn the key takeaways from other customers’ experiences.

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t S Pierrefonds, QC

After 25 years of paying for security monitoring, I canceled my contract they have an annoying automated phone contact that reaches out to all your security phone contacts advising them that you need to run a connection test. Tried explaining to them why are you contacting my security contacts on a maintance issue. But to no avail, so I canceled hope the marketing genius read this.

2 days ago

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LuckyJB# 27 Baltimore, MD

I only give their service one star because the price was good. Outside of that, it was nothing but problems. I contracted a 9 camera system with DVR. In about the first month one camera went bad. They came and took it out and said they would be back to replace it, but never came back with a new camera. I also couldn't retrieve footage. A tech came once to show us how, but even he could extract the footage. It took forever to get a service call. These 2 issues were never resolved. I was not happy after many attempts to resolve the issues, so I expressed this to customer service. They sent me a form to cancel the service. I followed all the steps and did so. I continued to get invoiced and a year later started receiving emails about paying past invoices. I tried fighting them on this but was told according to my contract I was allowed to cancel service with 60 days notice, but still had to pay the contract in full. To add injury to insult a tech showed up to collect the equipment, unscheduled, and they charged me for that as well. I would never recommend this company. Even if the price is decent, what good is it if you can't get service and the equipment doesn't work.

1 week ago

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Manon Tessier Ottawa, ON

If I could give this company a zero. Absolutely the worst client services. Good luck trying to get a problem resolved. My issues has been outstanding since December now in February and still not resolved. Stay clear from this company.

2 months ago

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s ponte London, ON

If I could give less I would. We signed with a supplier of theirs in Ontario. I had no trouble canceling with them, but only to discover that I was also being charged by Stanley. I tried to cancel but supposedly I’m locked for another 36 months and have to pay the difference which is almost $1000. I wanted to cancel because I can’t afford it!!!! I found all this out after waiting for over an hour and a half for someone to talk to.

3 months ago

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Have spent the last 2 weeks trying to resolve issues with Stanley with little to no effort from Stanley to respond back to phone messages and e-mails. The loyalty department offered me a great deal to stay but when I asked what was included in the great deal they e-mailed me a completely reduced content system no where near what I currently had. Like they say, a deal too good to be true. I let Stanley know they're competition was offering the equivalent to what I had or better and that is what the loyalty department offered me to stay. I CANCELLED my subscription and moved over to another provider.

4 months ago

star star star star star

Andrew O Wilton, CT

The security consultant that Stanley sent out helped me get my business into the 21st century. I now have card access on all my doors, video surveillance, and security monitoring. The video camera in my parking lot paid for itself in the first 2 months by catching a license plate of a car that damaged my front gate. Stanley is a fantastic company and I would not trust the bad reviews from few negative people when they have thousands of clients worldwide.

3 years ago

star star star star star


Awesome company to deal with. I left Telus because they kept not showing up, and moved to Stanley. Price was a bit better and I have much more control over it as well with more cameras. Great salesman and friendly service. 4 months in, and having a great experience. I would recommend this company 100%

3 years ago

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Raymond Martin Gatineau, QC

Very difficult to resolve any issues, I closed my store that had their system only to find out I was stuck in a 5 years contract with them, I now deal with Abav Security pay 1/4 of the price with a month to month deal, no contract fee and

4 months ago

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RaRu Beachwood, OH

Terrible in home security. rarely if anytime i needed service. I have been calling them to come and fix my dead system, they are not able to schedule a technician visit at home. Given all kind of excuses, and tossing me around from one section to another, false promises that manger.supervisor will call back. Nobody calls back. I am seriously thinking of breaking contract with them and go to some other better service. Terrible, Terrible Terrible Run away from this company for residential customers I can say they are running this scam called security service

7 months ago

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Sarah Wilkes Leduc, AB

Stanley security has been very difficult to deal with. Our security system was transferred from intelife and was told they were taking over all accounts. I later found out Telus security took over all intelife accounts. I was also told by the sales person that I had 6 months to cancel my account because they were providing 6 months free due to money owed from intelife for hardware. At the 6 months mark I called to cancel my account and was told I actually only had 10 days and I am now stuck in a 6 year contract. I do not recommend Stanley security because of their lack of transparency and rude customer service.

1 year ago

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Ripped Off Customer Salt Lake City, UT

If you want to hire the most dishonest of crooks, go for Stanley Security Solutions. The ONLY thing they do well is rip you off! I hired them to put a security system in my home, and used them for a number of years. Rather than go through the monthly billing, I MISTAKENLY opted to pay once, for the year. My phone company changed my phone system, so I called Stanley Security to have them make the changes to my system necessary so my security system would continue to operate. Stanley sent the repairman out, who spent most of the afternoon, and eventually decided he could NOT make my system work with the new phone system. I asked how they could sell a system that wouldn’t work with Google’s phone system. He just shrugged his shoulders, and said there was nothing he could do. I called Stanley and told them I wanted to cancel my contract with them. They couldn’t care less about loosing my business. There was still a half year prepaid credit in my account, which I expected to be reimbursed, but these criminals refused to pay back!!! My advise is FORGET this crooked company, and find someone else, who takes pride in their business.

1 year ago

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Jeanette Abbott Saskatoon, SK

Absolutely the worst experience I have had, and I have had my home security provided by several different companies over the years. I put in a support ticket on September 29, 2021 and was not contacted. I sent in two additional requests, and...crickets!!! I called on October 19th and was told that a technician would be sent out and would contact me within 48 to 72 hours...nothing. I called again November 3rd and the call quality was terrible. I could hardly understand her because the sound quality was muffled. She told me she would call me back 3 p.m. today my time. Nothing! At 4:10, I received a call from a male tech who was going to talk me through resetting my doorbell camera and my outdoor camera. He spoke so quickly and his accent was so thick, I could hardly understand him. If I tried to ask a question, he spoke right over me. He kept giving me instructions that didn't make sense and I finally lost my temper and yelled at him to stop talking over me and listen to me. Things settled down and it took 30 minutes to get my doorbell camera reset and then we had to tackle the backyard camera. The same, exact thing happened and I finally lost my cool because I was so extremely frustrated. He said he couldn't talk to me because I kept yelling. His disrespect for me as the paying customer was atrocious and I told him I wanted to deal with someone else. He kept talking to me and I insisted that I was not speaking with him anymore and that I wanted to be contacted by another agent. I asked him for his name and he said it was "Stanley". I told him to stop lying to me and tell me his name. He finally said "Robbie" but I am sure that was a lie as well. I asked him if he had an agent ID and he said he didn't. It is bad enough we have to put up with such ridiculously bad service but he obviously didn't want me to complain about him, not that I expect them to take my complaint seriously. I absolutely would never recommend this company to anyone. I am disgusted with myself that I got sucked into their great deal...which has turned out not to be so great. Definitely buyer beware!!!

1 year ago

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Janet Koberna Norwalk, OH

I wish I could give Stanley Security a 0! I used to have TSI security and the next thing I know I had Stanley. I am guessing they were bought out. Regardless, My alarm went off and they never called, or responded. Billing was a hassle. In November of 2020 I cancelled my service with them and sent in all required forms. I had their system removed from my house and a reputable company installed their system. Months later I received a bill. I called, was on the phone for about an hour which then had to be followed up with numerous emails to prove to them I sent what was requested. Luckily I kept all of my emails from this company anticipating issues. Supposedly they had resolved the issue. Then again in March 2021 once again a bill, a long phone call and emails. Once again, I received an email stating it was resolved with their case number. Let's jump forward to October 2021. They literally withdrew money out of my account for services they were not even providing. I called my bank, fraud department, and Stanley. Once again, I get a case number. I would not recommend or trust this company with my dwelling to monitor or provide them with any information for them to have access to your money in any shape or form. I have the paper trail of communication. Inexcusable!

1 year ago

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Julian Los Angeles, CA

Stanley Security Sales reps came to our residence with grand plans to assess 4K cameras service and monitoring, took with them a large, and expensive blueprint of our home for them to draw the plan on it. They assured us they would return it. Stanley gave us a total cost for equipment and monitoring services but at the time of signing the contract, the numbers had sneakily changed significantly but sales rep Nancy B came up with reasons for it. Our blueprint was never returned. Neither sales rep Nancy B, nor Manager Glenn B, or Chief Sales Manager Cathy R have responded to our written certified mail demands to return the stolen blueprint. Or any of the five copies they said on the phone the had made. Stanley Security is not trustworthy, at all. Not the “Security” company you want to even consider for the security of your facilities. It would be foolish not to skip Stanley Security.

1 year ago

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S Kelly Toronto, ON

Stanley security (Stanley) is a fraud company. It has been lying and bullying customers, from contract signing to problem solving. After contacting the company in English, I got a home visit from Stanley and offered a French contract to sign. I don’t speak or read French. I was told there was no English contract to sign. Moreover, a couple of key concepts were not explained to me in English in the French contract. 1. I was not given a choice to decline the discount. The condition to terminate the 5-year contract before the mature date changed tremendously whether or not I accepted the discount - I mean, thousands of dollars of differences. 2. I was not explained the charges outside of the monthly fee, such as police visit charge. If I knew about the hidden fees, I would not sign the contract. I was not given a choice to avoid hidden fees, either, such as not having the duress code. Believing that there was no English contract and I was told everything that I needed to know, I signed the 5-year contract. I didn’t realize that there was English contracts available and I wasn’t given options to choose the contract/services that met my needs. I was a victim of the sales pitch when signing a legal contact. I moved one time in April 2021. I was mailed a new contract to sign in order to move the service. The contract was in English, but no one explained to me about the differences between the English and the French contract. I had no choice but to sign in order to move the service/equipment. On July 20, 2021, I received a police charge for a visit on July 14. That was because I accidentally entered the duress code while tying to practice bypassing rooms to arm. I called Stanley and was blamed for the whole thing. They lied that the duress went to the police directly and it was my fault. I verified with the police department that Stanley called the police on my behalf. Stanley called without verifying if it was a false alarm (easily detected by my panel activities or a phone call, as their responsibilities), but Stanley did not do any of the work. Instead, the customer services yelled at me, talked over me, and blamed everything on me. I made the payment on July 20 and sent the explanations to Stanley on the same day for a reimbursement. I sent three emails after that to inquire an update on the reimbursement, or at least a timeline on when I would hear back. I got no response. When I called on August 12, I was told Stanley doesn’t provide an update or a timeline, or a contact for me to inquire further. I was told to wait if anyone would call me about the reimbursement, but no expectations because everything was my fault. This is a very bad practice. Without having a decision from Stanley, I can’t move to the next step. But I fear a decision will never come, when Stanley refuses to give a timeline or a contact. By deliberately delaying, Stanley just wishes the customers to give up or forget the whole thing. So far, Stanley has done everything a company can do to scam money by forcing customers into a contract. I just want to have the police charge reimbursed, get out of this contract, and let Stanley take back the security equipment. However, apparently Stanley is forcing me to get into official reporting of its unfair business practices and/or legal actions.

1 year ago

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tile counter tile countertopk Las Vegas, NV

This Company is a joke!!!! They are worth no stars.!,,,, For the last year ever since they took over TSI It has been a nightmare for me. They got all the TSI accounts, including mine, which they’re going to lose one by one because of their poor service. I am not receiving calls when my alarm goes off, they are not asking for a passcode when they call and the alarm goes off. I was a TSI customer for almost 20 years and never had a problem even if I accidentally tripped the alarm I would get a phone call can you make sure the premises were safe. This was comforting and I didn’t mind paying for it. But now that Stanley took over there telling me they’re not gonna call on a false alarm, well how do they know it’s a false alarm? they don’t! And then they give you all this crap that it’s an automated system and the computer didn’t register it yada yada yada... Spoke to Ron H, And he just gives you the runaround well we’re going to fix it. He’s been trying to fix it for over a year now and it’s still not working properly. Needless to say they try to raise their rates last month it’s over $95 which is ridiculous. I’m done with this company and trying to get the service that I’m paying for. You won’t get the service. Go try another monitoring company. And they won’t Compensate you for not providing the service that they’re supposed to. So sorry TSI left the area.and he just gives you the runaround well we’re going to fix it. He’s been trying to fix it for over a year now and it’s still not working properly. Needless to say they tried to raise their rates last month to over $95 which is ridiculous. I’m done with this company and trying to get the service that I’m paying for. You won’t get the service. Go try another monitoring company. So sorry TSI left the area

3 years ago

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Kari Salem, OR

This is a horribly managed company; it's so incredible hard to do anything with them. Been a customer for over 20 years as we were grandfathered in from a different company. I just recently canceled my account with them. First of all, they are extremely overpriced when compared to the alternatives. Secondly, their customer service is atrocious. Our system started beeping regularly during business hours (it's by the front door so customers could clearly hear it). We called to have someone out to look at it. They wanted to originally schedule a tech two days out. That obviously doesn't work because we're a running business and it's literally beeping very loudly in our show room. Told them we need them out before noon (this was first thing in the morning around 8:00). They said okay and sent a guy out. Turns out when I switched phone companies the line for the security system didn't get switched over. We told the tech guy we'd have Comcast back out to fix it as it was they're job that they messed up; Tech guy said no he could take care of it quickly and that he'd just fix. I was then charged $607.00 for this service call!!! The problem is we've had tech calls EXACTLY like this within the last 3 years for the same issue (alarm was constantly beeping) and were never charged. Apparently the call was escalated to an "emergency" call which is not covered on our plan when we insisted someone be out same day. But it was done so without informing us that it was being escalated or that it would cost additional to have a guy out so soon. This all happened in October. I received the bill in November which is the first time I realized they charged me. I called to dispute it and opened a case. In the meantime they charged my credit card to pay that invoice as well as another 4 month premium for Dec-March AFTER I had removed my credit card from the autopay system and turned auto-pay off. So they unlawfully charged my card and they charged it for an invoice that was in dispute. After that I was extremely upset and wanted to cancel my account. Normally you have to give 60 days notice but because of the longevity of my account that requirement was waived, however, their online cancellation form would only let me put a date 60 days out. I went ahead and submited the form and then imeediately called customer service to have them manually adjust it for my subscription to end Nov 30th so that I wouldn't have anything more to pay and they would now owe me a refund for the full premium they unlawfully charged to my credit card for the period Dec-March. So now they owe me around $1100 (the 4 month premium as well as the service call charge that was not disclosed). I submitted the cancellation request first week in Nov. I called first week in Dec to make sure the account got cancelled and was informed that the form was not updated and it still had the original cancellation date in Jan. The rep said he fixed it and back dated the cancellation to Nov 30th. By January 1st I had still not heard ANYTHING from them regarding the refunds/dispute cases even after leaving multiple voicemails and emails to the supposed representatives who are in charge of handling my cases about every two weeks. Jan 3; I just called again to make sure my account was cancelled and check on the status of things and see if I can get a hold of someone. Turns out my account was cancelled but it was cancelled on the day that I called in Dec which was the 9th. With that they did apply a credit to my account for the service range of the Dec 10-March however they are charging me for service the 1s-9th as my subscription wasn't cancelled until the 9th. I finally got a hold of the person who is supposed to be in charge of issuing me a refund and he said he will try to get the whole premium (Dec-March) refunded to me and that he still has to send the case for the service call dispute to someone else to approve or deny. I am simply blown away by the absolute disregard for customer service, accountability and orverall lack of management in this company. I honestly don't understand how they are even still in business with how dysfunctional they are. Still don't have my $1100 back!

3 years ago

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Jim Spokane, WA

Terrible Business Alert: Stanley Security Systems! Please! Please! Please, keep your family and your business safe from this company if you want to avoid the hardship they have put us through! We are a 2016 & 2017 business of the year here in Spokane Washington, in the gymnastics industry, and have nothing but terrible feedback and I cannot beg you enough to STEER CLEAR! Their product frequently did not work for us, we could not quickly get issues responded to, anybody who might be able to help us just never respond to any attempt to contact them, WORST OF ALL THEY CHARGED US A CANCELATION FEE OF ALMOST $1000 BECAUSE WE COULD NO LONGER TAKE THE ABUSE AND COULD NO LONGER RISK A FAULTY SECURITY SYSTEM, BUT THEY HAVE NO PROBLEM CHARGING US FOR DITCHING THEIR TERRIBLE BUSINESS. We've been hurt so badly that I wont even purchase Stanley TOOLS any more. Dead. Serious

5 years ago

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R J Wilkins Austin, TX

Double billing on more than one occasion not resolved. Unreliable service would not connect at times, blamed on phone line which was functional in every other way- charged for repair service that was covered by exorbitant monthly fee. Long contract with "automatic renewal" which is tricky to cancel. You will be sorry if you sign up with them.

9 months ago

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Laurent Verge - Depre Dollard-des-Ormeaux, QC

This cpny doesn't deserve a star, do not deal with them. You'd rather pay more and have better service. I am so disappointed, it is ridiculous. I pay monthly for no servive, I did ask for assistance, they acknowledged it, but still no feedback. It is not the first time.

9 months ago

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E Holcomb Tulsa, OK

Our experience with Stanley Security was always negative. Our business in Tulsa, Oklahoma - the system provided false reads on numerous occasions often resulting in middle of the night wake up calls. Alarm maintenance always was difficult and time consuming. Stanley tried to force system upgrades routinely and increased rates yearly. After several years of tolerance, when we moved locations - fine print cancellation provisions cost approximately $900

4 years ago

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Micheline Lalonde Montreal, QC

This is a terrible company Very disappointed They left me with no running water for over 24 hours unable to solve the problem

5 months ago

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Petra Morris Peoria, IL

Customer service never answers. I spend 40 minutes on the phone trying to reach someone and after waiting 10 minutes they pick up and hang up. Today it just rang through and then it would stop and I would hear nothing. I even stayed on the line for 5 minutes to see what would happen, and nothing happens. Not good service.

1 year ago

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Marie-Christine Ouimet

My alarm has not been functioning since Sept 3. I was promised a technician would contact me. But this has not happened even though I’ve been promised someone would several times. Three phone calls today and no return call from them. Do not waste your money. Worse decision I ever made.

3 years ago

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watch for thier contracts read the small print where they take over your existing system for £1 . Also the call out charges are huge something like £270 for 1st hour , even if things are supposed to be under the maintenance service that you pay for but the engineer will create any reason to charge you to get his cut.

5 years ago

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Tech Stuff Bradenton, FL

Integration of systems is not possible here, perhaps we where asking too much. (Doors with key cards to turn off alarm system when entering building)

1 year ago


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star star star star star_border

anupam sumessur Lorton, VA

Responsive company but needs to be more structured. Overall good experience

10 months ago

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Adel Dimitri Pierrefonds, QC

The worst ever. Bad services, high costs, worst equipments Installed.

1 year ago Edited January 3, 2022