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LAST UPDATED: June 23rd, 2023

Slomin's Security is part of a family-owned and operated business founded more than 90 years ago. Since 1923, Slomin's has provided services like home heating oil delivery, heating equipment and installation, air conditioning, and more. In 1981, the company began offering home security services under the Slomin's Shield and now serves 14 states in the eastern part of the United States. Slomin's professionally-installed security options are available from $33.95.

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The Good

  • Home Automation Options
  • Professional Installation
  • Free Equipment and Installation
  • 24/7/365 Monitoring

Home Automation Options

Slomin's offers basic home automation features including the ability to remotely lock/unlock doors and adjust temperature, lighting, and appliances. Customers can also use Slomin's MyShield mobile app to view live video clips of their home.

Professional Installation

Slomin's is not a DIY-solution, but rather provides professional installation services with certified technicians. While some customers prefer DIY home security because of its attractive price tag, professional installation can be a great benefit. A trained technician will know where to place your sensors and alarms for the best coverage of your home and can take the hassle out of setting up a system. All technicians are licensed and have undergone a background check for added security.

Free Equipment and Installation

Slomin's provides its installation and equipment entirely free. Some companies charge hundreds of dollars to install their systems, so it's a benefit that Slomin's does this service without charge.

However, because equipment is free, you can expect to pay a higher price for your monthly service.

A basic system for $33.95 per month includes this equipment:

  • Control panel and keypad
  • Motion sensor
  • Up to 3 door contacts
  • Window decals
  • Lawn sign
  • Communication device
  • Battery backup

An upgraded plan is $46.95 and includes these additional features:

  • Indoor video camera
  • Mobile app control

24/7/365 Monitoring

The company also owns and operates its own local monitoring center, which is available 24 hours a day. 


The Bad

  • Services Limited by Region
  • Lengthy Five-Year Contract
  • Lengthy 4- to 6-Hour Installation
  • Moving Fees and Penalties
  • Basic Equipment Package

Services Limited by Region

Slomin's security services are limited to just 14 states in the eastern United States: New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, West Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida and D.C. 

Lengthy Five-Year Contract

Slomin's requires a 60-month customer agreement for its security services—far surpassing the industry standard of 36 months. And while you might think a longer contract equates to lower monthly fees, Slomin's $33.95 per month cost is about as average as it gets.

Lengthy 4- to 6-Hour Installation

Slomin's website estimates its professional installation takes 4–6 hours. Even though you're not paying for it, that is longer than many competitors. 

Moving Fees and Penalties

The company's moving policy offers a few options, but all of them come with a fee or monetary consequence.

Option 1: If you happen to move to another home in Slomin's service area, you can try to re-install the equipment yourself or Slomin's will install it for a fee. Option 2: Leave the system in your home for the new homeowner (assuming the new residents want to take over your contract), and Slomin's will install a brand new system in your new home for $395. Option 3: This is similar to Option 2, but waive the $395 fee by signing up for a new 60-month agreement.

If you're moving outside of Slomin's service area and none of these options apply to you, you'll likely be subject to the remainder of your contract's fees in order to cancel. Slomin's home security is not ideal if you frequently move.

Basic Equipment Package

Free equipment is great, and it's not something every security company offers. However, if you'd like to customize your package with more equipment, your monthly premium with Slomin's will rise. Conversely, many competitors will charge an upfront cost for a customizable equipment package, and your monthly fee will depend on the type of monitoring service you choose.

So, Slomin's free equipment perk for its basic package may look like a better deal than it is. See if you can compare Slomin's service with packages and products from other home security companies before settling on a plan.

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The Bottom Line

Slomin's has many pros that compete head-to-head with other companies in the home security industry. The cons, however, are worth noting: a 60-month contract, moving penalties if you cancel before 60 months, and limited regional services. If you're in the market for a new security provider, you might find the same pros with fewer cons from another security company.

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Nicole C Holbrook, NY

Have had Slomin's for 8 years, at my Long Island NY home and in West Palm beach FL, at my winter home, and they are a great company! Easy to get a hold of, great customer service and the security system is great. We also use them for our oil on Long Island and once had an issue. They came out on a Sunday at 8pm and fixed the problem. I would recommend Slomin's to anyone! Another reason is they are family owned and operated and look after their customers

4 years ago

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Jonathon Novotny Hicksville, NY

I had ADT for a couple of years and were terrible I found out they didn't even install my window alarms correctly and would have never worked if a break in happened. I have had Slomins for years now they have been great the techs know what their doing and the price is very reasonable. I highly recommend them. thank you JFN Long Island NY

5 years ago

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Barry Teaneck, NJ

Have had Slomin's for 2 years and they are a great company! Easy to get a hold of, great customer service and the security system is great. We also use them for our oil and had an issue. They came out on a Sunday at 8pm and fixed the problem. I would recommend Slomin's to anyone!

6 years ago

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Captainbrutus Kittanning, PA

I had 4 cameras installed on the outside of home and was told I would be paying $24.95 a month to access the app. The Slomin’s representative that my tech Jose spoke to confirmed it with him and relayed message to me or I would have told him not to install cameras !!! This place is crooked as hell !!!

5 months ago

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Idella Jenkins

I never got a chance to experience the company because the the 2 people that came door to door on my block and convinced me to leave Xfinity for Solomon shield lie to my son and I. We were told we would get everything we had with Xfinity but at a much lower cost, unfortunately we believed them and they totally lied to us. We asked for 1 outside camera and one inside and the door bell camera, we were told yes you can get all of that for just 51 dollars a month with a guarantee that the price would remain the same for five years. When they came to install it we were told is was only for one indoor camera and a doorbell camera and if we wanted a outside camera it would cost us an extra 450 dollars. Needless to say I canceled my installation and now I’m without any security thanks to 2 lying workers

9 months ago

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DisappointedinHicksville Ridgewood, NJ

I have had Slomin Shields alarm system for about 2 1/2 years in my home. I have paid all my bills on time and I have had a good experience with the company. However, due to the pandemic I have to leave my home and move in with my daughter. I called Slomin Shield to inform them that I will no longer need their services, and told them of the reasons why; i am a senior citizen, due to the pandemic no longer can work, and will have to sell my home at a loss. I was hoping to be met with compassion and kindness. Unfortunately, they are unwilling to assist a customer like me in these times. So now I have to add this cost to the losses I have faced in the last year. If you are considering a security system, please know that any life changes or emergencies will not allieve you of this contract. Perhaps, it is safest to not have a system .

2 years ago

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Phil M

Never had a problem and it’s been over 5 years always get a quick response when I need to call them The only thing I ever needed was a back up battery and they sent that to me at no charge within one week great company

4 years ago

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Frederick Squires Shirley, NY

I've have had a few security systems of all types... The new wireless are by far the best. I have their basic system. No cameras. There were some glitches when first installed, which were fixed promptly. Monitoring service is top notch.

6 years ago

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Bailey the Gacha wolf legend Nesconset, NY

This company is the worst. I had ADT and I switch to them had them for 3 years and cancelled my service found out in a year later they put a lien against my house. They said it was for the equipment they installed. They never installed any equipment it was mine I own it from ADT. DO NOT USE THEM. Still fighting to get the lien off my house.

6 months ago

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Kevin Peterson Orlando, FL

When I signed up the sales person said if I was unhappy he could get me out of the contract. Well 6 months after install none of the sensors were working right and if armed would go off for no reason, this happened on a vacation where we were out of phone service resulting in the cops being called to the house and we incurred a fine. I contacted Slomins and their response was my system needed to be upgraded after only 6 months and the cost was in the hundreds of dollars. I was also charged for service visits that never happened or requested on my behalf. I tried to cancel based on the information my sales person told me at time of signing me up and the cost to cancel was in the thousands and he was no longer with the company. Result Ive been paying for a system that I can't even arm for four years and have wasted thousands of dollars. Could not recommend against them anymore.

1 year ago

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Michael DeLuca Cranford, NJ

This company is the worst company I have ever had to deal with. From my experience, I don’t understand how they are a prominent alarm company because they are liars. The sales person is only concerned with finalizing a sale. I told him multiple times that I wanted the same system as my old house since we Used that system for multiple years and were comfortable with it. Multiple times he assured that was not a problem. He was just trying to make me sign a contract as soon as possible. I guess this is how they get you- they don’t tell you anything about the system that they sign you up for which is what ever they want basically. They came the following week to install my system the mechanic ,tech installed all of the sensors first and then when it came to the key pad, they put a basic keypad in. I told the tech that’s not the one I told my sales person that I wanted. His response? “Well it’s already in.” I explained that I understand this but that’s not the system I wanted so the guy called his supervisor to which the supervisor told the tech to not change it because this is the system they use now being that it is cheaper for them. The mechanic continued to inform me that they still put the old system that I used to have in. In fact he mentioned that he had “so many in his truck still”. I told him I wasn’t going to sign the paper because I wasn’t happy to which he then said “it’s okay I’ll put an x by the name.” As a unsatisfied customer I find that this behavior ridiculous . So I called customer service who said “well you signed the contract so you can’t do anything about it.” Again this customer service was incredibly rude and I couldn’t believe that. Why wouldn’t they tell a REPEAT costumer it’s a different system? One who had also caused them to gain a client from the new homeowners in our old home. To make matters worse, while the system was installed I asked him how to use it and he said, “not too sure. I’m new to this system my self.” Being that he couldn’t show me how to use it I ended up getting a system that I didn’t want installed and on top of that, he couldn’t show me how to use it and couldn’t show me how to use the app either. I’m paying $47 a month and I got nothing. Finally they sent another tech out the following week after I’ve persistently called to show me how to use it and yet another tech didn’t know how to fully use it. Now my system (for the 3rd time) has a trouble shooting message. So currently still paying $47 per month and it’s still not working. Icing on the cake? I’ve still been receiving a bill monthly from my old house simultaneously. This novel of a review is to inform everyone that this is a terrible company. I will spread the word to everyone that I know and make sure they know why they should NOT use this company. Now I have to wait for another tech to come out and probably not know how to use this piece of crap system. Im actually contemplating paying the required $2900 fee to cancel this company quoted by customer service. I guess they don’t appreciate repeat costumers. Customer name Michael

4 years ago

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Cheryl Bayville, NJ

We went from AT&T Digutal Life to Slomin’s about 3 months ago. Locked into 5 year contract and have had nothing but problems. 14 times they have been out to our home. They say oh, we need to replace that. Everytime something needs to be replaced...seriously?!?! And that still does not fix the issue. Customer service is no help, supervisors suck and insult us by reminding us we’re licked into a contract. Really, not one of them admit that 14 visits in 3 months is an issue?!?! What if it was their home. So basically I’m paying for a crap alarm I cannot trust. It’s constantly saying tampered and they don’t monitor/see and tampered alerts on their end. So someone can tamper with my device and kill us and they don’t see that. What am I paying for?? The rep that signed us, joe C is of absolutely no use. He claims gua customers of 39 years call him to this for what? There’s nothing he has done to help us at all. Honestly I’m starting to wonder if I’m even dealing with the real Slomin’s since the sane 3 technicians come here and it’s never fixed. Is this a scam?! DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. AT&T wasn’t the best but at least I was able to see every door that opened, every window, received alerts if there was a tamper. This company only shows you when the alarm goes off. Horrible absolutely horrible. We’ll be suing them to get out of this contract unless they want to pay my husband his hourly rate to stay home n monitor our system. Ridiculous and the fact that no one over there is the least bit sympathetic makes me sick.

4 years ago

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Sophia Brooklyn, NY

My fiancé (now husband) and I rented an apt together years ago. While I wanted ADT, he wanted to use Slomins so I agreed. We were only in the apt for a year before we decided to relocate? I called Slomins to let them know that we would be moving in 30 days and they told me too bad, I'm bound to a contract and have to pay them to get out of it. They wanted $1500 to exit the contract which we didn't have. I paid up through the entire lease and called again to tell them that I could not honor that exuberant amount for an alarm system. They told me that I should have read the contract thoroughly. Not only were they incredibly rude, but my co-worker had been in a similar situation and was able to negotiate an exit without penalties so they had options. Let's just say that years later, they actually put a lien on my husband in the amount of $1800 as a penalty for breaking the contract. So on top of paying the monthly service bill on time, this works out to be an additional $150 a month on top of the base price. Who pays $350-400 a month for a few monitors in an apartment?? Pure rip-off and compared to what I pay now, $90 every 3 months for an entire 4 bedroom house. There are too many cost effective options on the market to be tied in contract with this old school company. Nobody does that anymore. It's a sign of pure desperation so my advice, steer clear. I wish I had followed my instincts and known that an ALARM company, not a bank, creditor or government agency, but an ALARM company would use mob tactics to strong-arm us into paying $400 a month AND put a lien on us for additional fees due to the loss of business, I would have run. Consider this a favor of what could happen with these thieves.

4 years ago

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Keith Russell Livingston, NJ

The Slomins Shield System allows "Z-Wave Devices" to be added by the consumer but the devices then cannot be updated, modified or removed by the consumer unless Slomins sends out a technician for more than $80.00 an hour. That is completely wrong by allowing a person to install equipment when following the manufactures instructions for the device that was purchased, incurring no charge or fee and then charging to update, modify or remove the device. Slomins has set a proprietary password locking the consumer out of accessing the Z-Wave Hub for the keypad. all that is needed to update modify or delete the Z-Wave Device is the touch of one button. The Z-Wave Device Manufactures believe the consumer should have access to in order to modify the devices as it is stated in their installation instructions.

4 years ago

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WT Huntington Station, NY

No support provided for products Reposting my solicited request for review from Slomin's: Original review: No continued support of products unless customer pays for an ADDITIONAL service contract. Response: Reply from Slomin's Shield An hour ago WT, we apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused you. As per our records, this issue appears to have been resolved with our Customer Service department. Please re-rate us! Thank you! UPDATE: Although Slomins claims their records show the issue has been resolved, it has not. I initially called to have a technician fix my cameras. The technician who showed up two weeks later informed me he did not work on cameras, but instead had a work order to upgrade my alarm panel. Then I was charged $40 for the technician to upgrade my alarm radio because the previous model (which was installed little over a year ago) is obsolete. Slomins then tried to charge me an additional $80 for that service, which I did not even request. Now my cameras still do not work, and they will charge me AGAIN to send a technician unless I purchase an additional service plan. I was asked to amend my rating, but if I were able, the only change I would make is to give zero stars. Alas, this is not possible.

4 years ago

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C.M. Baltimore, MD

Slomin's customer service is horrible!!! A lot of them have bad attitudes and don't give accurate information. I called to inquire about cancelling my service on 10/23 and was told that someone from the cancellation department would call me because it was after their 8-4 business hours. I said ok and never got a call. I tried calling again a few days later during business hours and was told that they were busy and that someone would call me back. Ofcourse that didn't happen, so I called again a couple of days later and finally got somebody in the cancellation department who was a little short with me, and told me that after I received the cancellation form via email, I needed to fill it out , send it back and what ever day they get it back during their business hours, it would be canceled the same day. Well that didn't happen , and I was told by one of their customer service reps that cut me off about three times, that they just received it the day before, it's under review and it should be completed in 2-3 days. Through out the call he never even acknowledged the same day cancellation until after about 10 min later he finally acknowledged that he didn't know why I was told that there was a same day cancellation. What a waist of time. By the way, the things that got us to the point of cancellation is worse!!! I highly recommend staying away from Slomin's!!!👎👎👎

5 years ago

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We purchased this system approx 10 years ago for fire and every time I look at the system the red light is on. I call them and it takes forever to schedule so we pay for a service we are not getting. SInce it is only for fire I do not look at the computer pad all the time and when I call they state that they do not know how long the service was not working. I kept paying and paying hoping they would fix it and I spoke to a manager and the manager told me someone would be out here at 3 at 4:30 no one was here I called and they said they should be there by 5. I told them to cancel everything. I work for a school with hundreds of cameras and security and do not have any problems- of course it is not slomins.

6 years ago

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6 years ago

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Gio Centereach, NY

I can’t wait for this contract to be over. Their cameras are horrible. They weren’t placed in the right price to begin with so the views are terrible. The cameras are constantly filled with water when it rains, so you can’t see anything. You call for help and they are clueless. They charge to send someone out to fix a problem they caused. Will be getting ring as soon as I dump this company

4 years ago

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Gwendolyn English

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY I have been a SLOMIN'S customer for 19 yrs. my home was recently vandalized. I called to get a price to have cameras installed they quoted me a price of $400.00 for each camera which is very over priced. The priced droped down to $300.00 for each camera. To get out of my 5yr contract which I was told was 2yrs will cost me 1,700.00. One would think that since i have been a Customer since 1999 I would have gotten a better offer . I FEEL RIPPED OFF BY THEM . THE CUSTOMER SERVICE / MANAGMENT TEAM HAS POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE SKILLS.

5 years ago Edited September 14, 2021

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Patrick Elmont, NY

This is the worst alarm company. Disconnected my service without my knowledge while on auto payment. After two months I thought my house was protected then I received a letter from a collection agency with a court date less then 15 days. When I called to inquiry the early termination and collection, they didn't want to speak to me because it's a pending court case and referred me to their attorney . I ended up paying over $2,000 for early termination and late fees. Please stay away from Slomins

5 years ago Edited September 14, 2021

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Stephen Roesner Marcus Hook, PA

So far they have been good - however i just had one of my sensors go bad on one of my doors and at first tghey said 2 weeks to fix then when I laughed at that they went down to 1 week to fix - so im unsecure at that door - unacceptable

5 years ago

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John Mancini Highland, NY

They claim free installation, lock you into a 5 year contract and charge higher monthly monitoring charges, they don't care about customers, only the bottom line and will not lower monthly monitoring charge until 5yr. commitment is over then, all of a sudden their monthly charge is lower. I left them immediately after 5 yrs. and will never do business with Slomin's again. Horrible customer service!!

6 years ago


Review Source

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Crystal-lee Nunez Queens, NY

Slomins is a reliable company. The commercial made it look phony and too cartoonish. All actuality it is a great company and everytime I hit that alarm I feel safe.

1 year ago

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Luis Recio Basking Ridge, NJ

Stay away. Sell you then the execution is terrible. Had their system for 4 days, not at all happy. They said they will send me to collections for the cancellation fee. ADT is much better

9 months ago

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Kirsten Johansen Ridley Park, PA

Basic is basic. Had an altercation with a neighbor and no audio.. guess what? That's the part I needed.. so the camera is marked useless.. I'm so disappointed!!

11 months ago

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Mark Bensalem, PA

I never made contacted with this company. They made an unauthorized inquiry to my credit.

6 years ago