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LAST UPDATED: May 30th, 2022

Headquartered in San Jose, California and founded in 2001, home security leader Qolsys specializes in manufacturing and distributing a quality home security system offering to residents and business. The name Qolsys stands for "Quality of Life Systems," which exemplifies the company's mission to provide people with tools and solutions to enhance their safety and well-being.

Known for its technology, the company offers a variety control panel and motion sensor options compatible with any smart device. Qolsys has also partnered with other leading manufactures to provide homeowners with an integrated smart home solution complete with professional monitoring and installation, or a DIY security option.

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The Good

  • Expansive Dealer Network
  • DIY Security Option
  • Comprehensive Technology Suite
  • Qolsys IQ Panel 2

Expansive Dealer Network

Qolsys boasts and impressive dealer network that spans not only the United States, but also Canada and parts of Western Europe. This means almost regardless of where a customer's home or business is located, he or she will have access to Qolsys systems.

DIY Security Option

Qolsys has also partnered with a handful of industry-leading installer companies to provide customers with a professionally supported DIY security option. For domestic installations, Qolsys has partnered with the following dealers:

  • Brinks Home Security — the Smart Security Complete package comes with a control panel, video doorbell, two motion sensor devices, two door sensors, and a Brinks Yard sign and stickers: $199 for the equipment and $45 per month for professional monitoring.
  • Link Interactive — the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Kit comes with a security panel, three IQ door/window mini sensors, an IQ motion sensor: $450 for the whole kit.
  • Surety — home security equipment from Qolsys and other leading brands are offered a la carte.
  • 24inControl — home security equipment from Qolsys and other leading brands are offered a la carte.

For international DIY installations, Qolsys has partnered with company ACT DIY, which offers two DIY packages from Qolsys:

  • Basic Security Package — one 7' HD touchscreen control panel, three door/window sensors, one motion sensor, and an ACT DIY yard sign: $349 for the equipment, $29.99 for professional monitoring.
  • Automation and Security Package — an IQ base station with touchscreen, one 1080p indoor/outdoor camera, three door/window sensors, two motion sensors, two smart lighting fixtures, one smart lock, one Skybell video doorbell camera, an ACT Security yard sign: $999 for the equipment, and requires a professional monitoring subscription.

Comprehensive Technology Suite

Qolsys offers one of the most comprehensive home security and home automation technology suites in the industry. The security company's products (all of which sync to the company's smart control panels, compatible with Telus, AT&T and Verizon LTE mobile networks) span four main areas:

  • Security — wireless sensors, motion detector devices, a system-integrated key fob, and other security hardware.
  • Life Safety — flood sensors, emergency fall pendants, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and temperature monitors.
  • Lifestyle — smart doorbell, energy-saving outlets and sockets compatible with any smart home device, and smart lighting (dimmers).
  • Surveillance — built-in control panel camera, image sensor, and live video surveillance security camera.

Qolsys IQ Panel 2

The Qolsys IQ Panel 2 is the company's latest control panel model, and easily connects homeowners to their home security system and any wifi-enabled smart home device. The IQ Panel 2 sports some useful features to make smart home security both reliable and user-friendly:

  • LTE connectivity for fast, future-proof communication
  • Bluetooth disarming that pairs to up to five smart phones
  • S-Line encrypted sensors that provides secure authentication for every area of the house
  • Built-in panel video camera that captures disarm photos and sends them to your smart phone in real time
  • Built-in glass break detector via dual microphones and a quad core processor
  • Geo-fencing capability that allows your security system to track your location and perform functions accordingly
  • Z Wave controller for the following Z Wave device modules: smart lock, smart lighting, garage door opener, smart thermostat, and more
  • Dual path connectivity between multiple wireless radios (wifi and LTE)

The Bad

  • Only Operates through Dealers

Only Operates through Dealers

Unlike some other home security installer companies, Qolsys does not actually provide its technology directly to customers; rather, homeowners and business owners will need to purchase the company's home security and automation solutions through an authorized dealer, which will often pair Qolsys equipment with components from other leading manufacturers.

As a result, wholesale pricing for Qolsys equipment is not disclosed on the site, as prices can vary from dealer to dealer. While this is not necessarily a negative for the company, customers should be aware of the fact, and refer to our verified Qolsys reviews to learn about the reliability and performance of the equipment itself.


The Bottom Line

There's no question that Qolsys is a strong company. If you are looking for a home alarm system or personal protection, the company has a wide range of products armed with the latest encryption security to help. To learn more about what Qolsys can do for you, contact an authorized dealer.

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Larry Permann Chino Valley, AZ

Our key pads have been acting up for over 1 week. As a end user I have discovered it has been impossible to find anyone to even come out and look at our keypads to see if it can be fixed. Even going to the Qolsys website there is no provision provided for the end user, or customer. Our system is 1 year, I have had 2 other home alarm systems and to date I have spent a lot of $$ on this Qolsys, almost as much as the 2 other alarm systems combined. At this point we do not see what is the plus side of this system. Seems almost like we are being robbed from a business who seems to have little concern for home alarm systems. Everything has been sub contracted and no contract has left us with any contact information, it is AMAZING. Been looking for 4 days now for a repair person. Calling emailing and now submitting this review. Still do not know who or how to contact the proper people.

3 years ago

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Norman Noah Winston-Salem, NC

I upgraded from their IQ 2 panel to the IQ2 Panel Power G. NOTHING in the documentation says anything about existing image motion sensors not working. You have to purchase DSC sensors and then they don't have instructions on installing them. Their Qolsys tech support is RIDICULOUS and not helpful. VERY SAD. They would have a good product if they only supported it and didn't dance around what it can do. To add insult I needed warranty support for a failed power supply with one of the remote panels I have, even though I've only had it less than a year, they told me it was manufactured 2 years ago and they would not warranty the power supply. PEOPLE Learn from my experience and avoid these systems!!

3 years ago

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Philip Sanders Fort Worth, TX

I purchased and installed Qolsys IQ2 my self ( DIY ). I ask for support of there product for programing but what I received was " we do not help DIY'ers, call your dealer. Now that I have spent all the time and money, I hope I can get enough info to get it working properly?

1 year ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Don Costa Ruskin, FL

Waisted 2 hours on hold to get escalated transferred and hung up on Zuzu on 2nd teir was rude unhelpful and couldn't provide help or return code giant waist of time worst returns ever

2 years ago