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LAST UPDATED: February 5th, 2021

Briscoe Protective Systems, Inc. started in 1978, and is known for using a team of experienced professionals to install security and monitoring systems. Customers can come to the company for Central Station monitoring, access control, remote access, CCTV surveillance, remote communication, intrusion panels, panic/duress alarms, and temperature/water detection. The New York-based company partners with Edwards Systems, and is an authorized dealer of DMP. The company offers free updates, in-service training, seminar classes, and special benefit programs. While Briscoe doesn't include pricing, cost, or fee information on the website, the company claims to offer leasing plans with no money down for qualified customers. Customers can expect professional installation for security systems. For fire systems, the company can install the device for those unable to install it alone.

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The Good

  • Security and Monitoring
  • Online Chat Feature
  • CSAA Certified
Briscoe offers a comprehensive solution for every customer. With BriscoeVision, owners can control their system from their desktop, tablet, or smartphone. The company offers cameras, DVR's, and NVR's like digital and analog cameras, infrared low-light and thermal cameras, license plate cameras, wireless cameras, video management software, and remote viewing capabilities. Security systems also give customers access control features that track entry/exit times, restrict access to sensitive areas, and prevent unauthorized visitor access. Panic/duress alarms quickly and silently notify authorities when there is an emergency. Briscoe offers fire alarm, security, and carbon monoxide products and services. It is free to get a quote online. Customers can enjoy a convenient online live chat feature. Since the company does lack in providing a few key points of information, this live chat feature is convenient in answering questions. Though not instantaneous, the chat feature lets customers leave a message, and states the company will reply as soon as possible. Customers can use the chat feature as an alternative to calling or emailing in. It is important to note that Briscoe's Central Monitoring Station is CSAA Certified. The company monitors with a CSAA Five Diamond Certified, UL listed monitoring center with real-time notification. Customers can expect monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year

The Bad

  • No Contract Length Information
  • Unknown Cancellation Policy
  • No Pricing Information
  • No Home Automation Systems

Briscoe does not provide a lot of essential information on its available security packages. Contract agreement lengths are not disclosed, and the company does not explain its cancellation policy. Warranty and moving policy information are also not included on Briscoe's website. It is helpful when companies provide pricing, cost, and fee information up front. Briscoe's website does not mention anything on pricing, or what each piece of equipment costs. It is unclear how much customers can expect to pay to add on more advanced features to their security system. The company does not list how much it costs to install/activate each system. Additionally Briscoe does not provide many details on security installation. With the lack of website information, it does not appear that the company offers specific packages for home automation. While smart device access and apps are mentioned, no additional information is provided or specified.

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The Bottom Line

Briscoe Protective Systems, Inc. is a New York-based security company that specializes in security, fire, and carbon monoxide alarm systems. The company offers 24/7 professional monitoring from a UL listed CSAA Five Diamond Certified Central Station. With the pros, comes the cons. Briscoe does not disclose pricing information, a moving policy, a cancellation policy, or warranty information. For those that live in New York and one of the servicing areas, Briscoe may be worth looking into; however, we recommend exploring other, more transparent security companies.

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Sue Standown Sag Harbor, NY

Worst customer service. With no authorization or notice, they changed my service plan and increased the cost by almost 50%. When asked how this could happen, their response is that they are "allowed" to raise their prices as much as they want at any time. I am sure these people would not respond the same way if their cable company or cell phone provider did that.

3 years ago