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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

AMCO was founded to provide professional security and monitoring solutions to residential homes, small business spaces, and corporate offices. The team at AMCO has over 25 years of combined home security experience and has worked to expand the service in a more global setting. 

AMCO has over 60 locations, covering various cities in Texas as well as multiple cities across Central and South America. AMCO is contracted with the following equipment manufacturers: Bosch, DMP, HikVision, OpenEye, and Avigilon. Additionally, the company offers 24/7 comprehensive monitoring of installed security systems.

While AMCO originated as a home security provider, the company has expanded to provide solar power and wind energy solutions to home and business owners across the state of Texas. This is a separate entity of the AMCO umbrella.

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The Good

  • Security Packages
  • Protections
  • Military Discount

Security Packages

AMCO Security Systems works to ensure that all clients receive the security package that best suits their property. For small businesses and corporate offices, AMCO Security Systems will create a customized security solution. For residential customers, there are three main security packages to choose from. These include:

AMCO Protect

This package includes the following:

  • 1 self-contained panel (includes battery and transformer)
  • 2 magnetic contacts
  • 1 motion sensor against pets
  • 14-key keychain
  • 35m UTP cable


This package includes the following:

  • 1 self-contained panel (includes battery and transformer)
  • 2 magnetic contacts
  • 1 motion sensor against pets
  • 14-key keychain
  • 1 bullet type IP camera
  • 35m UTP cable

AMCO Smart

This package includes the following:

  • 1 self-contained panel (includes battery and transformer)
  • 2 magnetic contacts
  • 1 motion sensor against pets
  • 14-key keychain
  • 1 dimmer Z wave
  • 1 Z wave lamp module
  • 35m UTP cable

Not every home security company offers a number of equipment packages to satisfy a wide variety of client needs. AMCO Security Systems has found that these three packages satisfy most homeowners' needs. 


With its top-tier equipment, AMCO Security Solutions has found ways to protect homes and office buildings in a complete and comprehensive way. With an AMCO Security System, clients can expect to be protected from the following threats by utilizing these equipment strategies:

Intrusion: for residential and small commercial properties

  • Smartphone control
  • Z-wave devices - light control/thermostat/garage door
  • Wireless contacts for doors and motion-detecting devices
  • Smoke detector, carbon monoxide, and flood sensor devices
  • Camera system integration
  • Competitive prices and under monthly monitoring

Video Surveillance

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • IP cameras
  • HD cameras
  • 4K MP resolution
  • Covert cameras

Access Control

  • Magnetic door locks
  • Electronic door knocks
  • Proximity cards and FOB key
  • Biometric readers - Fingerprint and facial recognition
  • Mobile Pass Reader: you only need the smartphone application to access any reader
  • Local access control systems


  • Installation: small commercial to industrial, hotel, educational, governmental and medical.
  • Service: troubleshooting and repair
  • Monitoreo: monitoreo de línea telefónica y módulo celular
  • Inspection: periodic inspections are required
  • Turnkey systems: Design - Installation of permits - Final inspection

Military Discount

AMCO Security Systems provides a military service specifically designated for military personnel and their families. First of all, many military families are required to move often and on short notice. The company offers services in these circumstances. Additionally, AMCO Security Systems offers a military discount allowing military families to save on monthly monitoring costs. Not all home security companies offer this type of discount, but AMCO Security Systems does. 


The Bad

  • Limited Service Area
  • Undisclosed Pricing Information
  • Undisclosed Contract Information

Limited Service Area

While AMCO Security is a “global” home security provider, it is relatively limited in who it can serve in the United States. AMCO Security Systems has 60 locations, but only services six locations within the state of Texas. Stateside, AMCO Security Systems services the following areas/cities:

  • Dallas
  • Central Texa
  • Houston
  • Austin
  • San Antonio
  • Rio Grande Valley

There are many home security companies that are restricted to one state or a select few cities, however, there are plenty of other providers within the industry that can service on a regional or national level. 

Undisclosed Pricing Information

Home security packages typically range in price, with the most basic form of equipment and monitoring being the least expensive option. Most home security companies will disclose pricing information for all home security packages, allowing prospective customers to determine what package best suits their needs. However, AMCO Security Systems has not many of its pricing information public which makes it difficult for customers considering the company to decide whether or not the service is worth pursuing.

Undisclosed Contract Information

Many home security companies require customers to agree to a contract. Since expensive equipment has to be installed and brought up to operational standards, companies want at least some sort of guarantee that the monitoring service will be paid for for a specific period of time. Many customer complaints surround contract disputes, whether it is difficulty canceling when the contract is up or not understanding the terms of the agreement. To help limit these conflicts, many home security companies will make contract information public. AMCO Security Systems has not made any information regarding potential contracts available to prospective clients. There is no way to know if there is a term limit, early termination penalties/costs, or moneyback guarantees. 


The Bottom Line

AMCO offers a wide range of security packages and equipment offerings to its clients. This equipment allows for multiple types of protections and complete protection. Military families can also enjoy a discount when applicable. 

There are some questions surrounding AMCO Security and what it has to offer. There is no public information on monitoring pricing or contract terms and specifics. Most security companies make this information public. 

While AMCO is a global company, it only services a select few cities within the state of Texas. For U.S. customers, AMCO home security might not even be a possibility. Overall, prospective home security customers may want to contact AMCO for further information before deciding to use the company for home security solutions. 

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