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LAST UPDATED: May 25th, 2022

Alarm Relay provides monitoring services throughout the US and parts of Puerto Rico. Monitoring services start at $8.95 per month with a $35 administration fee and additional costs if customers want to purchase entirely new home alarm systems.

These home alarm systems must be operated from a mobile app and come in different packages with varying fees. However, Alarm Relay focuses mostly on providing monitoring services to consumers with a previously installed alarm system. Alarm Relay prides itself most on providing consumers reliable monitoring at an affordable price.

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The Good

  • Low Upfront Monitoring Costs
  • 24/7 Professional Alarm Monitoring
  • Can Add Services to Monitoring Agreement
  • Provides Services Nationwide
  • Works With Preexisting Security Systems

Low Upfront Costs

Alarm Relay offers monitoring services at an incredibly low cost compared to many of its competitors. Monthly monitoring starts at $8.95 per month with a one-time administration fee of $35.

Payments are made on an annual basis. The first year's payment totals $142.40. Some services, such as cellular monitoring, may cause the price to increase slightly but monitoring will most likely still be provided at a lower cost than most other security companies provide.

24/7 Professional Monitoring

Consumers who sign up for the Alarm Relay service receive 24/7 professional monitoring from Alarm Relay's monitoring centers. Its monitoring services are Underwriters Laboratories listed ensuring consumers receive monitoring from centers appropriately equipped to handle emergencies. Its monitoring professionals pride themselves on providing quality customer service and a quick response time.

Can Add Services to Monitoring Agreement

In addition to monthly monitoring, Alarm Relay offers several other services consumers can add to their home security monitoring agreement. Home automation, remote access, medical alert, remote video camera monitoring, and more can be included in the monitoring service package.

Provides Services Nationwide

Alarm Relay is able to provide its monitoring service and professional installation throughout the United States, unlike a typical security company. Its monitoring centers are compatible with most major security equipment providers making its services possible for most homeowners with an existing security system.

Alarm Relay also offers a cellular backup option that will stay online in the event that your landline or internet connection is interrupted. A cellular security system will continue communicating with the base station in spite of power failure, so you'll always be connected to Alarm Relay's technical support technicians.

Works with Preexisting Security Systems

Alarm Relay provides alarm monitoring to preexisting security systems if you have a module already installed at your home. This means that if you have a security system installed by a previous alarm company, monitoring through Alarm Relay is less than $10 per month and alarm signals will still be relayed to a professional central station. That's what one of the lowest monitoring costs we've seen at Best Company.


The Bad

  • Limited Information on Additional Services
  • Expensive Security Systems
  • Specific Mobile App Operation

Limited Information on Additional Services

Alarm Relays website provides some insight into various services that can be added to the monitoring agreement but does not provide specific details on associated costs or compatible equipment associated with those services. This means that sensors such as smoke alarms, motion detectors, carbon monoxide sensors, and other tools are unclear concerning the operation.

Consumers will need to contact Alarm Relay directly for specific questions regarding its related services.

Expensive Security Systems

You can buy new home security systems through Alarm Relay, but it'll cost you. The most basic package costs just shy of $200 and only includes one door sensor and key fob. This is expensive, but not overly so compared to competing home security companies.

In contrast, the most expensive home security system ($599) is robust with eight door sensors or window sensors, two key fobs, a smoke detector/fire alarm, motion sensor, and mobile app compatibility. The control panel appears to be a router that must be controlled by a smartphone app.

Specific Mobile App Operation

Six of the eight home security systems from Alarm Relay must be operated by a mobile app. What happens then if you lose your phone or it's stolen? Two of the system control panels have touchscreen capabilities, but having a security system rely solely on a mobile phone connection might be dangerous.

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The Bottom Line

Alarm Relay offers affordable monitoring for most consumers. It provides monitoring at one of the lowest prices in the industry through its own UL listed monitoring centers. Many consumers can benefit from the addition of related customer services offered by Alarm Relay.

While it does lack some transparency regarding related services on its website, many consumers will be pleased with the low upfront costs and quality service received. Check Alarm Relay reviews below before making your final decision.

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Linda B Roseburg, OR

We switched to Alarm Relay to save on monthly costs probably about 12 years ago. We have an old 'quality' alarm system purchased in 1995. Alarm Relay never made a sales pitch to replace it with a newer system. They did just recently tell us if we wanted to be able to arm and disarm our system remotely, we needed a newer system but no pushy sales pitch. We have had break in twice since we started using Alarm Relay and we were contacted and when requested, the sheriff was contacted immediately. If the alarm system goes off line, we are notified. With the change from a land line to Internet connection, the service man walked me through the process easily, though I admit to being mechanically inclined. All in all, I have had no reason to complain about this company and have recommended them to others.

5 years ago

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Helen McGlinchey Carson City, NV

I have had Alarm Relay for the last 3 years. I previously had ADT and their system. ADT prices kept going up, and up and up. So I did research on Alarms. I didn't need a alarm system, just monitoring. I think I paid around $134 for a year. They were so much better then ADT in monitoring. My husband seems to set the alarm off when he cooks. They would be right on it calling us. They have never failed to call us, when we trip the alarm. For the price you can not beat it. And customer service is awesome.

4 years ago

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James King St Louis, MO

Excellent! They call and send a text within 30 seconds of alarm They answer right away when I call them. You do have to connect the dialer yourself, but they advise you over the phone. I use cellular monitoring, which they provided, so I only had to connect the cellular dialer to the panel. Cellular cost is $7.00 a month over the basic aprox. $10.00.

5 years ago

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John Louder

I have been an Alarm Relay/Watchlight Customer for over 10 years. I had an existing alarm system and have used AR for only monitoring. I can say their reliability and response has been excellent. Although I have not had a real break in so far, every time, without exception, when the alarm was tripped, the central station called me back to confirm. Recently I dropped my home phone line and purchased an internet connected interface from AR. They sent me the equipment and I received phone support for configuration and testing. There were a few bumps in the road with this installation, but we were able to get it working. Pros: Low monthly cost. Very reliable. Cons: One needs to be a bit knowledgeable if adding or modifying their equipment. They do have a paid service which could have assisted my install, but as it turns out, I had a bad WiFi interface, which they quickly replaced. I was then able to connect and test after that with no issues. Bottom Line: I would recommend Alarm Relay for those who have an existing alarm and are a little handy with alarm systems.

6 years ago

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Steve Pasadena, CA

I have used them for over 15 years. I switched when our old company, who was charging twice as much, flaked out and became non-responsive to my phone calls. We have had several real alarms and several false alarms in the last 15 years, and Alarm Relay was always handled everything 100% perfectly.

4 years ago

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I first found this company over 10 years ago. the service has always been reliable. The cost for monitoring was a 1/4 of Brinks. They are always improving. I recommend this company to all me friends. Will Davis Jr. , Chicago

4 years ago

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Mike Stevenson Ranch, CA

Have used them for over 10 years. Great customer service. They dispatchers are easy to understand, polite, and accurate. I have never once had an issue with them. Great company!

4 years ago

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Ken Dawson Richmond, VA

I've been with alarm relay for over 12 years which covers two homes. You just cannot beat the quality of service for the price.. I've only had a couple false alarms, but, the response has been immediate.

5 years ago

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Shirley Smith

I have used their services for a year now, and have been pleased with their response time and their willingness to assist me when I have equipment concerns,

6 years ago

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John Griger Aubrey, TX

Use Alarm Relay for my vacation home, they provide excellent monitoring service for a fair and reasonable price.

6 years ago