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LAST UPDATED: December 30th, 2021

Founded in 2005, under parent company SmartLabs, Insteon is a home automation systems company based out of Irvine, California. Its products include integrated light switches and keypads, plugs and electrical outlets, several different types of sensors, like motion sensors, remotes, thermostats, and dozens of other integrated products, including HD wi-fi cameras, which we will be focusing on. 

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The Good

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Insteon has only one camera in its current line: the Insteon Wireless HD 720p IP Camera with Pan, Tilt & Night Vision, which retails for about $100 and comes in either black or white. This indoor-only, HD camera comes equipped with the following features: 

  • ¼" Color CMOS Sensor 
  • 1280 x 720 Resolution 
  • 70° Field of View 
  • 300° Pan 
  • 120° Tilt 
  • Built-in Microphone & Speaker 
  • 11 IR LEDs for Night Vision up to 26' 
  • 90 Day Manufacturer Warranty 

What's great about Insteon cameras is that you don't necessarily need cloud service to use the recording technology. An external hard drive is more than adequate for storing media from your camera and monitoring, meaning a one-time initial investment. Additionally, the camera is compatible with the Insteon for Hub mobile apps available for your smartphone or tablet for remote access.


Insteon has a variety of products in addition to its security camera. These include plug-in devices (lamps and small appliances), wall outlets (built-in remote control), wall keypads (controls multiple devices), motion sensors (open/close motion sensor, hidden door sensor, leak sensors, etc.), thermostats, remotes, range extenders, computer interfaces, wall plates, international devices, etc. Although it's inconvenient that Insteon only provides one security camera, it's useful that the company has other offerings. 


Setup is fairly easy, and you can do it on an iOS or Android device via the app. They even offer walkthrough videos on the website to walk you through the setup for the wireless IP camera, with help to use the in-app pan and tilt functions. The Hub app is something that users of other Insteon products will be familiar with. You can use same Insteon app to control all of your devices. You don't have to switch-out and open a camera-specific app. All of your smart devices will be accessible in one place. Its like a mini remote for your home.


The Bad

  • Dependence 
  • Compatibility 
  • Limited Insteon Reviews


Insteon cameras require an additional product called the Insteon Hub. For the newest model cameras, you need model 2242-222 or 2245-222. The Hub works together with your router and your mobile app, acting like a central controller that lets you control all of your Insteon devices via the internet or the mobile app. This drives up the price of purchasing security cameras from this company because you need this additional device, for about $80 to complete setup.

The current Hub model, 2245, has a range of 250 feet and remote access is automatically configured, so you don't need to worry about any port forwarding. You can complete the setup in about five minutes. There is no subscription or monthly fees for this—it is a one-time purchase. 


The Wireless IP Camera feed is not supported on Windows or Chrome. You can only access through the Hub app on your tablet or smartphone. So, if you want to view what is happening via the live feed, you can use the pan-tilt options, but you have to do it on a mobile device.

Limited Insteon Reviews

Insteon reviews are limited, making it difficult to know how customers feel about the security provider and its products. We suggest researching other security companies with more reviews to ensure the company you select is a trusted business in the industry with excellent service and quality security cameras. 


The Bottom Line

If you are looking for a system, the Insteon Home Automation line has dozens of integrated smart products that use its special technology. Its home security cameras easily enhance other proprietary systems like the Insteon lights products with light bulbs and dimmers, motion detectors, thermostats, and all kinds of sensors to add to your home's security and comfort.

If you do opt for an Insteon camera, keep in mind that you will need to also spend about $80 dollars for the Insteon Hub, and you will be mainly operating it and viewing the feed through a mobile device, rather than a computer; however, there are no monthly subscription fees and Insteon's mobile app makes automation simple with all of your smart devices accessible in one convenient place. The app is available on all smart mobile devices, including iOS and Android.

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Steve K Teaneck, NJ

Insteon has a very reliable product. I did have a problem with the hub, but was resolved. All switches & devices work flawlessly. Never have trouble connecting remotely. Thermostat responds as expected. Wish Insteon had a better presence in stores like they had in the past. Water sensor should incorporate a remote sensor (probes) that doesn't let the whole device sit on the floor. Scenes can't be backed up, so if the hub dies, you need to recreate them. Otherwise, works great!

5 years ago

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Diana Cooper Chandler, IN

Well I have purchased 2 outside cameras have 4 inside cameras and none work let alone the motion detectors light bulbs plug ins , have wasted almost 1500.00 on Insteon products and they keep promising updates ! I use third party for motion detection and now it’s not working as of sept 2019 ! Don’t waste money like I have !

4 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Rockingchair Crest Hill, IL

Bought a package deal. Motion detector doesn't work anymore. The hub quit after 4 years but was replaced for no cost. The interior camera quit shortly after the hub quit. Questionable quality.

4 years ago

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Captain MD Southgate, MI

Complete Insteon system non functional....purchased complete system....apps are useless...All my devices are paperweights now. Waste of money!!!

6 years ago


Review Source

star star star star star

Mike Perrins Spring Hill, FL

Awesome people to set my account up with

2 years ago