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Arlo is Netgear's latest model of home security cameras. It is compact, lightweight, and simple to install without any expertise or special tools. The camera can record HD footage for up to 60 days straight to cloud storage. It's one of the lighter and easily-mountable camera bodies on the market.

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The Good

  • Free Trial
  • Setup Process
  • Features

Free Trial

Arlo offers a free 7-day trial for cloud storage. This gives users a chance to see how great the 720p recordings look and how easy they are to access before committing to more storage. Even then, Arlo's prices are competitive; you can get up to 60 days of cloud storage for only $14.99 a month.

Setup Process

The Arlo is also a great option for those worried about the hassle most security cameras take to install. It is completely wireless and requires a simple setup process, with plenty of tutorials and forums online to help with any problems you might face. It's also small enough to keep from becoming an eyesore in your home or yard.


As small as it is, the camera is also capable of some impressive features and movements. You can easily pan and zoom within a 130-degree range, as well as enable night vision for increased visibility. All of these enhancements in such a lightweight camera can be difficult to find elsewhere.


The Bad

  • Picture Quality
  • Relatively Expensive

Picture Quality

Netgear's Arlo does sacrifice some picture quality for its small and lightweight body. Though technically "HD," the camera cannot shoot full high-definition video. This can result in a less-than-crisp image, especially when under the night vision. It's a major downside when you consider how important it is to be able to identify precise elements using these kinds of pictures.

Relatively Expensive

Though its price lands the Arlo somewhere in the middle, it could be considered expensive for such a lightweight model. Prices range from $200-$500 for camera setups, not including the monthly fee for cloud storage. You also have to consider that Netgear has only been in the security industry for about six years, most of which dealt with commercial customers. You will pay a more "professional" price for something that is simply more consumer-friendly. Depending on what you look for in a home security camera, this may not be ideal.


The Bottom Line

The Arlo security camera is ideal for those who want accessible home security without a complicated programming process, a tangle of wires to deal with, or an expensive installation fee. It's easy to set up and mount anywhere you'd like in your home within a matter of minutes. The price for storage is pretty good when compared to other competitors, but the overall price for the camera may be steep for those who are looking for more fancy features and camera specs. The Arlo does have the Netgear brand behind it, which may sway those who feel hesitant about a product that's so new to the market. One major downside for previous Netgear customers is that the Arlo is incompatible with their former VueZone video monitoring system. If you're okay with starting fresh, however, then this is a simple security option with a decent picture and a hassle-free setup.

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Erik Kyren

I like this system. I am scraping my wired lorex camera system and switching to arlo because of its ease of use. There are limitations to a wireless system, but I find the software is so easy to use and trouble free that it is my preferred camera company. Keep in mind with most security cameras, the main issue is going to be the software you use to connect to the system. Software issues are more common than hardware issues. While you can always replace a faulty camera, you cannot replace the crap software you are forced to use to access your system. Arlo's software is top-notch, easy and reliable. That's why I like this company.

2 years ago

star star star star star_border

Diane W New York, NY

I have 6 arlo cameras around my property and am overall happy with them. The main concern in when I can’t load the page when someone is at the front door and is very frustrating. Not really meant for quickly checking who’s by the door but for a security system to check things back up in case of emergency. So far thankfully I haven’t needed that. But gives you peace of mind to know you have it.

10 months ago

star star star star star_border

Ed Pensacola, FL

A very good do it yourself home monitoring system. Fees/cost are one time cost for camera(s) and wifi interface device. No monthly fees unless more cloud storage is required. Cameras are very versatile and easy to install and move. Works on motion detection, videos are stored on cloud and accessible through pc and table devices. Sends email or text notification when motion is detected and includes link to video.

3 years ago

star star star star star

Cassidy Gundersen Orem, UT

My husband bought one for us to use as a kind of baby monitor/camera. We started using it when our baby was around 4 months old and was sleeping in his own room. It has been really nice to have when he takes naps and during the night. It would send us alerts whenever there was motion or sound detected.

3 years ago

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linda mead Savanna, IL

I've had Arlo 3 yrs. wireless. able to move cameras around, with ease. Over 65 yrs old, female, installed 5 cameras myself. one time purchase. $0 for weekly monitoring or small fee by the month. They are great

3 years ago

star star star star star

Kristie Pierocich Long Beach, MS

The ease of accessibility to my Arlo cameras makes it so desirable. Click the app and I can clearly see what’s going on and even talk to whomever I see.

1 year ago

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We purchased the Arlo system from Costco and added another camera we purchased from Netgear. We have them installed outside. The set-up is fairly simple but troubleshooting is a challenge. Virtually impossible to get a human for help. The cameras are inconsistent. This past week I got more recordings of moths and garbage trucks than of people walking into and out of my home. The cameras are aimed correctly and the batteries are fresh, but they simply do not record everything. I have one camera aimed at our driveway since we've had our cars broken into. Yesterday I was unloading groceries, must have made 5 or 6 trips to the car, and the camera did not record me at all. Will be returning these and looking for a new system.

4 years ago

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Judi Atlanta, GA

I received system in Dec, It would not connect door bell to camera. I have been on phone for hours on end and I mean hours to no avail. system is useless to me and I can not get and response from Arlo regarding refund or repair I'm out 300 buckks DO NOT USE OR BUY ATLO

2 years ago

star star star star star_border

Robert F

I've been quite happy with Arlo. Installation and setup were very easy. I'm happy with performance and picture quality.

4 years ago

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