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LAST UPDATED: October 31st, 2022

Attention: GEHA insurance is only available to federal employees and retirees.

GEHA health insurance coverage a great option if you're a current or retired federal employee. If you're not, you'll need to consider another health insurance company.

GEHA provides excellent medical plans for federal employees and retirees. It offers three plan options that come with great discounts and perks. GEHA also offers Medicare supplemental insurance. GEHA health insurance plans include medical coverage abroad.

GEHA is a not-for-profit health insurance provider with many years of experience in providing affordable and quality health insurance. It has built a network with millions of in-network provider locations and thousands of hospitals.

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The Good

  • Plan Options
  • Rate Transparency
  • Plan Perks Available

Plan Options

GEHA offers three main health insurance plans and Medicare supplement insurance.

Its High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) is combined with a Health Savings Account (HSA) or Health Reimbursement Account (HRA). People who choose this plan option can set aside money to use to pay medical bills and other medical services approved by the IRS.

The HDHP Plan

  • out-of-pocket max: $5,000 or $10,000
  • deductible: $1,500 or $3,000
  • GEHA HSA/HRA contribution: $900 or $1,800

GEHA’s Standard Option Plan

  • higher premiums and lower copays than the HDHP
  • out-of-pocket max: $6500 or $13,000
  • deductible: $350 or $700

The High Option

  • best coverage for brand name prescription drugs
  • out-of-pocket max: $5000 or $10,000
  • deductible: $350 or $700

GEHA also provides Medigap insurance that helps cover expenses not covered by Original Medicare.

Premium Rate Transparency

Monthly premium rates for each GEHA health plan are available on its website on each plan's respective page. These rates can be adjusted by location, job-type, and number of people on the plan.

This transparency makes it easy to understand how much you'd be paying for each health plan wherever you live and whether you want an individual or family plan. Make sure the monthly premium fits into your budget because paying premiums consistently is how you keep your plan in force.

GEHA Plan Perks Available

Each of GEHA’s health plans come with the following discount opportunities:

  • Eyewear discounts
  • 30 percent to 60 percent hearing-aid discount through TruHearing
  • 20 percent off of home teeth whitening
  • Up to $250 in incentives for completing health screenings for qualified out-of-pocket expenses or health-related items at WellDeserved
  • $25 per month (plus taxes) for fitness center membership
  • Discounts on Life Alert medical alert services
  • Out-patient lab work is 100 percent covered
  • Discounted ultrasonic cariPRO electric toothbrush for $27.99 (plus shipping and handling)

With GEHA’s maternity program, expecting mothers can find educational resources about pregnancy and health and receive one of the specified Homelink breast pumps and two supplemental supply kits for free.

GEHA also offers weight loss support through an online Virtual Lifestyle Management (VLM) program. This program was created by medical professionals. Through this program, GEHA members are coached on nutrition and exercise. Only GEHA members with chronic conditions are eligible for participation.

GEHA offers another program Better Choices, Better Health (BCBH) to eligible members that provides support for managing chronic conditions.

Many insurers offer similar programs and benefits with their health plans, so GEHA is competitive for the industry with these perks.


The Bad

  • Insufficient Customer Reviews
  • Limited Availability

Insufficient Customer Reviews

Best Company has not received many GEHA reviews, so conclusions about the customer experience are unavailable. Without more reviews, it's difficult to know what GEHA members like and what they dislike.

Limited Availability

GEHA health insurance plans are only available to current and retired federal employees and their spouses and dependents. Other people will need to find another health insurance provider.


The Bottom Line

GEHA is a great choice for current and retired federal employees. The insurance carrier's focus on affordability and quality make its health insurance plans competitive. It offers three health plan options and Medicare supplement insurance.

GEHA is very forthcoming about rates and coverage on its website. This transparency makes it easy to compare monthly premium payments and out-of-pocket medical expenses across GEHA's insurance policies.

Rates are also personalizable by job-type, location, and number of people on the plan from its website. The ease for receiving customized pricing makes GEHA's website a great tool for people shopping for an individual or family plan.

GEHA’s insurance policies also have excellent perks, like discounts on hearing aids, electric toothbrushes, gym membership, and more.

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Addie Eykelbosh Reno, NV

I had a really good experience speaking with GEHA worker, Jerri. She was fantastic at helping me get to the bottom of my bill that went to collections. Which was never supposed to be there in the first place because GEHA took care of most of the bill. She was incredibly reassuring that I was not going to have to pay the amount the collections was trying to get me to pay. I was so relieved by her actually doing conference calls with the billing and collections agencies. She was honestly a rock star.

4 months ago

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GA Molden Birmingham, AL


1 month ago

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Kim Leydig Hagerstown, MD

I have had GEHA insurance for numerous years and a few hiccups but never any big issues. If you read what you are covered for and what you are expected out of pocket there are no surprises. I also pay close attention to the EOBs and the Doctor bills….you would be surprised how many errors I have caught and how often the billing departments “corrected” the bill. I have always had wonderful experiences with their customer service and they have assisted me several times.

8 months ago

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Katie Helf Bauch Tulsa, OK

The problem isn't with GEHA, it's with the new carrier United Healthcare. I had them in in network with Aetna for 7 years and everything about them was excellent! Customer service and coverage. Now I get hung up on and coverage isn't as good.

1 month ago

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N. McCasland San Antonio, TX

My dental office originally submitted an incorrect code for the crown portion of both of my two 3-part (implant, abutment, crown) implants, using the code for "Implant Supported Crown" instead of "Abutment Supported Crown." GEHA's Explanation of Benefits for both said " documentation ... does not verify necessity" for the abutments and allowed no coverage. Realizing the error, my dentist's office attempted to correct the erroneous code for the crown to Abutment Supported, but GEHA refused to acknowledge the corrections, but instead treated the submission as if they were replacement crowns, and simply reiterated their previous refusal to cover the abutments. I explained all this in detail in an appeal to an "independent third-party review" by P&R Dental Strategies, LLC, as required by GEHA. In their letter with the results of this review, GEHA did not reveal what the reviewers found, except to say "we have determined that we must uphold our benefit determination," referring once again to the originally miscoded implant-supported crowns as the reason the abutments were not covered. Through all of this, the EOB and letter correspondence have consisted of nothing but boilerplate statements seemingly pieced together by a computer, never addressing or even acknowledging what should have been the easily recognizable and fixable error. This customer service is the worst I have ever experienced, not to mention being stiffed by this company for over $700 because of a simple coding error. This is the kind of thing that gives the insurance industry a (deserved) black eye.

3 months ago

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Elaine Stephens Seabrook, TX

They have lousy customer service. The abdicated medication decisions to CVS who profits from pushing you off things that work to one's they get more money for. Constantly require reauthorization of all medications including providing the exact same information repeatedly. Always come up with new hoops to jump through to get the care you need. Do not follow your doctors medical opinion, they a an insurance company who cannot treat you know what is best for you. Try this medication you can't afford, now this one, n how about this one that you already had an allergic reaction to. Deny your claims repeatedly,demanding more information. Lie about benefits.

4 months ago

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Kesiena & William White Hagerstown, MD

Geha will pay your first trip to a doctor but if they notice you see the doctor multiple times in 3 months or so they will start denying claims or find reasons to not pay your benefits for the visits or make you obligated to pay the doctor more than the copay listed in the Geha plans. For example, after a counseling visit at a health care facility Geha left me with a $150 bill to pay for the visit even though my Geha plan says I only pay a $25 copay. I appealed it but Geha denied my appeal. And they continue to find ways to not fully pay benefits for my other counseling visits that I much need. For example, today they claim I now should pay a $40 copay for visits to a psychiatrist instead of a $25 copay that they approved me on in the first visit. I feel traumatized and worried I can’t get the care I need because Geha wont make it easy or straightforward for me to pay a simple copay like they promised in their plan. Please do not sign up for them. They do not act in good faith and they care more about avoiding paying your medical bills than about your health.

5 months ago

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Bryon Paul Veal Sterling, VA

The GEHA High dental insurance in my case has refused to pay for crown build ups and crowns on three teeth I had emergency root canals that had already had large cavities. Appealed decision explaining I had a very complicated medical history effecting the health of my teeth and they simply could not care less. They advertised coverage they won't provide. POINTLESS PLAN. Escalating to HR in govt. Pay for what say and quit delaying my dental health care.

4 months ago

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Sheila Carrero St. Petersburg, FL

I am beyond upset with this insurance, just a day before my surgery they decide not to authorize it, after been more than a year with my condition going through all types of treatments and I finally get scheduled to get my health situation fix and they want to run me over by denying it and saying I need more treatment!! This medical situation has cost me money, time, and much more that they can care less!! All about receiving money but not paying out for services!! I will be changing insurance company on open enrollment!!! Please do not enroll!!

4 months ago

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Nathan Harris San Tan Valley, AZ

Don't go to Geha if you have any kind of injury or preexisting pain managment. I made the kistake of switching January it is now May and have not been able to get a single pain managment aproved for my lumbar pain. First they denied it saying there was no imaging(mri 10-12-21, CT 11-20-21, xray 11-20-21) so I appealed it. Second denial said they do t pay for "EXPERIMENTAL" Treatments. Treatment has been proven used since the 1940s. Anything to get out of paying. Wife and daughter went to regular checkups and they send me letters stating "another insurance may be liable for some or all of this visit" we havnt had a secondary insurance since 2010. Worst insurance company I have EVER had, I am literally 1 denial away from canceling my insurance and just paying cash for treatments until next open season. Oh ya speaking of cash CASH COST FOR MRI $300, cost WITH Geha insurance $350. What a scam.

6 months ago

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margie kinney Waco, TX

I have had GEHA for many years. Everything was good. Customer service was informed and friendly. Not anymore. They say they didn't increase premiums but they sure jacked around with benefits. Also now everytime a provider submits a bill they end up having to call me because it is not recognized by system. Never use to happen. Be cautious. Now when you ask if a provider is in network--be sure you verify they are in network for United Health Care and GEHA. Then verify with GEHA. What a hassle. After many years I will be changing next open season even if it cost a little more.

8 months ago

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Patrick K. St Louis, MO

I've had GEHA for years and up until 2021, the customer service was GREAT! Unfortunately (maybe due to staffing issues caused by the pandemic), the service this year has markedly deteriorated. It takes them many days to respond to a question sent via their website's "contact us" form. A phone call results in a long hold followed by talking to a customer service rep. who sounds half asleep! This requires repeating my inquiry several times to get the rep to understand my question. In fairness, I think their premium is very reasonable and (surprise! surprise!) they don't plan to raise it in 2022, which is a first! Primarily for that reason, I'm sticking with them and just hope I don't have to deal with their customer service.

1 year ago

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Steve Norburg Phoenix, AZ

Used to be a good insurance, not any more. Seems they are more concerned with having their name on a football stadium than pruviding what they say they will to their "customers". Also thought you had to be current or retired federal employee to get this insurance, would sure like to know when the Kansas City Cheifs became federal employees. Will be changing at next open enrolement!!!! Just found out today they hadent paid my 100% covered annual physical bills since 2018, has been sent to collections.

7 months ago

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Judy Wadsworth, IL

I would give GEHA a negative 5 rating if possible. This is the worst insurance I have ever used by far. Almost everything has been denied by a nurse or doctor who has never seen me. I will be leaving them as soon as open season comes back around. Until then I guess I will live in pain and hope I don't die in my sleep. Do not use GEHA you will be so sorry.

7 months ago

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M Williams Elyria, OH

Geha health sucks big time. 0 customer response and ability to file complaints that go anywhere. Even when I quickly switched out of them they left one message wanting to know why I left . I repeatedly called to inform this paper pusher that I already made my complaints known but no one was available to hear them again. Among my many complaints was their using Quest diagnostics for bloodwork. Quest will take your blood but never sent results even when your doctor calls them to send results again. Look online in the Cleveland area and you will see many people have similar experience and are irate about it and still GEHA DOES NOTHING. I've lived in multiple states and GEHA is the worst ever experienced.

9 months ago

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Jean Wolf Silver Spring, MD

My biggest problem with GEHA is finding in Netwerk providers. They used to have a book but now they have information online. You can also call and try to get local doctors . However, the information is always incorrect. You can end up calling a dozen doctors who no longer participate, or no longer accept new patients, You're going to have to go out of network.

9 months ago

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Lee Hereford Roanoke, VA

Federal employee after 30 years of private surgical practice. Before I have never really used my health insurance due to lack of health issues. Chose GEHA based on their advertised plan fitting my needs with advertised great coverage. I even checked with my providers, including hospitals, and they all said the United PPO plan was accepted and participated with. However after recent emergency surgery with post op care, I find the insurance is either very poorly accepted or not accepted at all leaving me stranded in the middle of post op treatment requiring me to cover bills with no active insurance coverage. My healthcare providers inform me there is a small subcategory PPO I have that is the problem. Cant change companies until open enrollment in 11 months. I highly recommend DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.

10 months ago

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Shila Newman Seattle, WA

If I could give a negative review I would I pay $77 a paycheck just to have GEHA and they still have not paid for my exam 6 months later. Absolutely a complete sham don’t get screwed like I did go with blue cross

4 months ago

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Jed Fiske Fall River, MA

Dear fellow Federal employees, I'd highly recommend you don't select GEHA as your dental insurance. I had their regular insurance, switched to the High option hoping it'd be better. I was wrong. They don't cover much. They tell you you should have read their pamphlet more carefully. Do Not Do It!

8 months ago

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Ed M Bethesda, MD

2021 i had bc/bs good coverage but some meds where exspensive so i switched to geha because it showed on the drug price on there website that my meds would be cheaper, well when i got a refill from my doctor for my same medication i took last year geha denied the medication saying there where cheaper alternatives!!!! I wish i could switch back to bc/bs, i would never use geha again worst decision i ever made!!!

10 months ago

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David Graham Columbus, OH

I would give this company a lesser rating but 1 star was the least I could give. I work in the orthodontic/dental industry and this company says they will give a large amount for orthodontics but is a lie. They will not give the full amount so don't think you will get that full benefit. Second they might say they cover adults but that is another lie. They look at our measurement and if it is not surgically needed they say its cosmetic. We can not give false measurement otherwise that would be insurance fraud. I would never sign up for this plan and I would never give the people that defend and protect our country this crappy insurance they deserve better.

1 year ago

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MNO O Lawrenceville, GA

We just signed up for GEHA dental/orthodontics. Their plan seemed too good to be true and now I know why. The options for in network orthodontic providers is very disappointing. Our only options are an office of inexperienced orthodontists with a high turnover rate, student orthodontists at a college, or two orthodontists that had no office or reviews listed online. Very, very disappointing. I’m considering changing to another insurance provider.

1 year ago

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Colleen Egan Cleveland, OH

GEHA changed the provider they used without informing us. We had the same GEHA number (which apparently means nothing), but a different provider. We weren't even sent a new card or contacted in any way about the change. And the new provider no longer covered the doctor that we had chosen. No one informed us of this until after we started receiving out-of-network bills for thousands of dollars.

1 year ago

star star star star_border star_border

Gary Barr

They use CVS/Caremark for pres drugs. This company does a poor job supporting subscribers through their overuse of 'prior authorization' from the very doctors who prescribed the drugs in the first place.

4 years ago