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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

Safety Eyeglasses (also called SEG) is a full-service optical retailer that sells 100 percent UV products.  

Unlike most optical retailers, Safety Eyeglasses operates entirely online, ensuring consumers have access to its products and services 24/7, 365 days a year. 

The company has a decent-sized inventory with various styles and brands. Additionally, every frame SEG sells comes with free shipping and a 1-year warranty. 

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The Good

  • Product Variety
  • Safety Brands
  • Manufacturing Time
  • Accepts Insurance

Product Variety

Safety Eyeglasses provides consumers with a variety of protective eyewear. The company has hundreds of unique frames designed with safety in mind. These glasses are especially beneficial to those who work in construction, laboratory, or even just for someone exposed to UV rays for long periods. 

SEG even has frames made from different materials to ensure you’re getting the best product for your lifestyle. For example, the company sells frames made from polycarbonate. This material is lightweight, impact-resistant, and highly durable. 

Alongside its safety glasses, SEG sells safety goggles and prescription sunglasses. 

Safety Brands

Safety Eyeglasses works with some of the top-rated safety brands in the industry. The company collaborates with brands such as ArmourX, Artcraft, Hilco, Guardian, and more. These companies are known for manufacturing high-quality products with more protective features, such as durable frames and shatter-resistant lenses. 

Manufacturing Time

Safety Eyeglasses states that its total manufacturing time is about 10 to 13 days. This is a few days longer than the average manufacturing time (generally about 5 to 7 days), but not by much.

Accepts Insurance

If you have vision insurance, Safety Eyeglasses provides consumers with a form to give to their insurance provider. Consumers may also use their HSA or FSA to purchase products. 


The Bad

  • Restocking Fee
  • Warranty Information

Restocking Fee

SEG does offer free returns. However, if you ordered a bifocal or progressive lens, your return will have an attached $25 restocking fee. This isn’t unusual for the industry (especially for something customized), but something to be aware of. Double-check your prescription before submitting your order to avoid this fee. 

Warranty Information

Safety Eyeglasses states that every frame comes with a 1-year warranty. This is the standard warranty length for eyewear. However, the issue is that there is not a lot of information about the warranty on the website. The company doesn’t disclose what the warranty covers or the terms and conditions — leaving consumers with more questions than answers. 

We recommend contacting the company directly for more detailed information. 


The Bottom Line

Safety Eyeglasses are a good option for consumers who need extra durable and reliable eyewear. Whether you work in construction with debris flying around or play sports where you need your glasses to stay put, Safety Eyeglasses can help. The company has a pretty decent selection of styles, brands, and fits (all for an affordable price). Consumers can use their insurance or HSA/FSA to purchase glasses from the site. Just be sure to follow the Safety Eyeglasses’ instructions. 

Safety Eyeglasses offers a 1-year warranty on all its frames. But there is not a lot of information regarding this topic. We don’t know what is covered or the terms and conditions. This should be disclosed upfront, not something that consumers should have to contact the company directly for. 

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