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LAST UPDATED: March 28th, 2022

Solid Ground Financial is a relatively new company working to help consumers be debt free. Since 2007, Solid Ground Financial has connected consumers with resources to help them with debt consolidation and credit repair. Consumers can also work with an experienced counselor to help them improve their financial situation. The debt consolidation company is known for treating customers well and also has a money-back guarantee. Consumers can get a better idea of what Solid Ground Financial has to offer by taking advantage of the company's free consultation with a certified counselor.

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The Good

  • Available in 49 States
  • Financial Tools and Resources
  • Assistance With a Range of Debt
  • Interest Rate after Reduction

Available in 49 States

Unlike many other companies, Solid Ground Financial serves 49 out of the 50 states. Most other companies either don't advertise this information or don't service nearly as many states.

Financial Tools and Resources

As a debt consolidation company, Solid Ground Financial helps consumers by providing access to financial tools and resources. For example, consumers who use Solid Ground Financial to help them with payday loan relief are promised that they'll be able to pay off debt quickly, end late fees, and lower interest rates, all with no hidden costs. Consumers will receive the Solid Ground Financial newsletter, debt guide, and other deliverables from Solid Ground Financial by signing up with the debt consolidation company.

Assistance With a Range of Debt

Solid Ground Financial promises to help anyone with less than $5,000 of debt to more than $20,000 of debt. This is helpful for consumers who are fighting to manage and eliminate debt regardless of the amount.

Interest Rate after Reduction

Customers who use Solid Ground Financial could see their current interest rates being lowered to anywhere from 6 to 9 percent. Added up over time, this could mean a savings of thousands depending on the amount of debt you have and your previous interest rates.


The Bad

  • Unknown Interest Rates
  • Short Time in Business
  • Lack of Accreditations
  • Lack of Transparency
  • No Accountability

Unknown Interest Rates

Solid Ground Financial does not disclose what kind of interest rates it can secure from creditors for its clients.

Short Time in Business

Compared to competitors, Solid Ground Financial is new to the scene. Many other debt consolidation companies have anywhere from 20 to 50 years of experience helping consumers with their finances. Solid Ground Financial does not have the depth of experience to offer as other organizations offer to consumers.

Lack of Accreditations

Another drawback about Solid Ground Financial is that it does not hold any major accreditations for the industry. While Solid Ground is accredited with the CC, the two main accreditations we look for are with the NFCC and the FCAA. This shows to consumers that the company follows best standards and practices for the industry.

Lack of Transparency

Solid Ground Financial does not have much information available on its website. Consumers are constantly urged to call or apply online to receive more information. It's not clear how much Solid Ground Financial charges for setup and activation or monthly fees.

No Accountability

In the service agreement, consumers agree to not hold anyone associated with Solid Ground Financial accountable for any loss, liability, or similar unfortunate events. If anything goes wrong, consumers agree not to pursue Solid Ground Financial in court by signing the service agreement. This can be discouraging for a consumer who experiences any type of loss as a result of actions by Solid Ground Financial.


The Bottom Line

Solid Ground Financial is available in 49 states and offers assistance with a wide range of debt. However, this company lacks transparency and does not display interest rates. They also lack major industry accreditations. We recommend researching other debt consolidation companies. 

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Dave McMinnville, OR

If I could leave no stars, I would. I got ripped off a couple thousand dollars and am still going to have to pay debts directly to creditors. Solid Gold took my money then passed me to ERG who passed my account to Crown Legal Atlantic. I can’t find out any info about my status as no one from Crown Legal Atlantic will respond to my inquiries. DO NOT USE SOLID GOLD FINANCIAL!!!

3 years ago

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I started with Solid Ground almost a year ago. I was sold out to another company called Viking Management. Which I find out later that Viking is a HUGE scam! Nothing has been taken care of and I am out of all this money now. Who knows if I will ever get my money back. And I am right back at square one minus quite a bit of money. I would not Ever advise anyone to use one of the companies. Deal directly with the people you owe. DO NOT LET THESE PEOPLE SELL YOU OUT AND KEEP YOUR MONEY!!

4 years ago

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We initially started with solid ground financial and our account was sold to Viking without our knowledge until after the fact. Between Solid Ground and Viking nothing has been resolved. Not only are we currently out of over $2500, but the loans are now reported on our credit reports and I cannot get any info on rather we will even be able to get our money back! Worse decision ever as we should have just worked directionally with the companoes we had the loans with.

5 years ago

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Niccki North Las Vegas, NV

Absolutely a scam. They sell you out to other companies shortly after your initial sign up then they have nothing to do with you. All my money now is tied up in court from the company I was sold out to as they are under a potential class action in the meanwhile none of my bills being paid like promised and puts me back to square 1. Beware and proceed with caution in my opinion

5 years ago

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Regina Providence, RI

Please stay away if you can. They are as predatory as the payday loans. Yes they negotiate with your payday loan companies for a lower settlement, but then charge you 20% of the actual balance so that you sometimes end up paying more than what you owed in the first place. They also mail you a box with credit counseling information once you become enrolled and charge almost $700 for this. Every time I ask them about the fees and how high they are they just keep saying "don't worry about the fees they are included in your payments".

5 years ago

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anna dillion

I was pleased overall with the company settling my debt and was shocked when another company Viking Management Services contacted me basically saying they were going to be handling my account and Solid Ground/Negotiation Credit Services gave them my account!1)Not happy about it because I now have to make the settlement payments because the new company does not pay any money to the debts!2)I feel I was entitled to be notified before they gave any of my information out!

5 years ago

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Keli Portland, OR

What a joke this company is. Their partner company says we will call you back. I have yet to get a call. I have emailed daily to get an answer. Sometimes more than once. I get told looking into it. I feel ripped off and lied to. Do not deal with this company

2 years ago

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Alfred Clark

Solid Ground Financial and Viking Management took my money and did nothing about paying back my lenders. I call and leave messages but I receive no return calls.

5 years ago