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Oak View Law Group was founded in 2007 and helps clients with a variety of legal services, including debt relief. Its debt solutions include consolidation, management, settlement, bankruptcy, budget and bill payments. This review focuses on its debt settlement services. The company is a law firm rather than a company that specializes in debt settlement. It provides an online dashboard and has high customer satisfaction ratings. However, Oak View Law Group is missing major industry accreditations.

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The Good

  • Client Satisfaction
  • Transparent Website and Online Tools
  • Law Firm
  • Low Minimum Debt Requirement
  • Set, Low Fee

Client Satisfaction

Oak View Law Group (OVLG) has helped customers since 2007. According to its website, it has an 84 percent client satisfaction rating. 

Transparent Website and Online Tools

Oak View Law Group's website is extremely transparent. The company is upfront about fees and the debt settlement process. It outlines both the pros and cons of debt settlement and explains potential tax consequences.

OVLG also offers online dashboards to help clients see all of their information. With Oak View Law Group's dashboard, users can view signed creditor paperwork, edit personal information, view their credit analysis, submit support requests, add notes to the account, and more. Additionally, the company's website has online resources and tools such as debt calculators, infographics, blogs, etc.

Law Firm

Unlike many competitors, OVLG is actually a law firm, not a company that specializes in debt settlement. As a result, it guarantees that its panel of attorneys will help clients out of debt without breaking any laws. Being a law firm also means that it will provide clients legal counsel on their debts. 

Low Minimum Debt Requirement

Oak View Law Group requires a minimum debt of $1k. This is much lower than many competitors who require $7.5 to $10k.

Set, Low Fee

Oak View Law Group offers a set, low fee. It charges 15 percent of the total debt enrolled. Many competitors charge a range, typically starting at 15 percent with fees up to 25 percent. Additionally, the company offers a no results refund guarantee. 

The Bad

  • Lacking Accreditations
  • Not Available in All States

Lacking Accreditations

Oak View Law Group lacks common debt settlement industry accreditations. It is not accredited with the IAPDA or AFCC. These organizations regulate the industry to ensure that debt specialists are using best practices. 

Not Available in All States

Its services are available in 44 states. It does not service Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Colorado, Vermont, Minnesota, or Connecticut. Consumers in these states will need to research other companies. 

The Bottom Line

Oak View Law Group offers a variety of debt relief services. Unlike many competitors, it is a law firm. The company charges a set 15 percent fee and is transparent about the debt settlement process. However, its services are not available in every state and it is not accredited with the AFCC or IAPDA. Consumers who live in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Colorado, Vermont, Minnesota, and Connecticut will need to use other debt settlement companies. Compare OVLG to other top companies.

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