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Since 1999, New Era Debt Solutions has resolved over $200 million in debt. The company has fully completed hundreds of client cases with an average completion time of only 27.73 months-a shorter average than most debt companies. According to the company's website, New Era settles the debt for approximately 43.73 percent of the enrolled balance and the average consumer will save 56.27 percent.

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The Good

  • Customer Service Offerings
  • Additional Services Offered
  • Positive Reviews 
  • No Minimum Debt Requirement

Customer Service Offerings

New Era Debt Solutions offers great customer service options:

  • Free consultation
  • Work with a certified credit counselor
  • Offers debt counseling in Spanish

Additional Services Offered

If debt settlement isn't right for you, New Era Debt Solutions has several other available debt relief options, including bankruptcy filings, debt consolidation, and debt reduction.

Positive Reviews

Reviews explain how New Era's representatives go above and beyond for clients. Customers love the company's approachable and helpful representatives. Many also like how New Era's representatives help customers deal with creditor phone calls.

No Minimum Debt Requirement

New Era Debt Solutions does not have a set minimum debt requirement. Many competitors have a requirement of $5k to $10k in unsecured debt. 

The Bad

  • Lacking AFCC Accreditation
  • Limited Availability

Lacking AFCC Accreditation

The website makes no mention of being accredited with AFCC. While the site displays an IAPDA accreditation, this is just one of several important accreditations.

Limited Availability

New Era practices in 17 states but works with the Consumer First Legal Network in many other states. However, its services are not available nationwide. A list of available locations can be found on the company's website. 

The Bottom Line

New Era Debt Solutions offers a free consultation and debt counseling in Spanish. In addition to debt settlement, it offers other debt relief services. The company is accredited with the IAPDA but not the AFCC. Though the company does not have a minimum debt requirement, its services are not available in every state. Interested consumers can use a free consultation to determine if New Era Debt Solutions is right for them. 

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