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LAST UPDATED: March 28th, 2023

Money Management International is a national nonprofit credit counseling agency that has been operating since 1958 with the goal of helping consumers set up a debt management plan and get out of debt. Money Management International provides a spread of services including bankruptcy counseling, credit counseling, and debt management assistance.

Consumers can receive the financial knowledge they need through in-person sessions, phone, and internet at their own convenience. As part of its credentials, the non-profit organization maintains an active membership in the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC).

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The Good

  • Money Management International Fees
  • Specialized Financial Services
  • Great Customer Service
  • Memberships With Established Organizations
  • Variety of Resources

Money Management International Fees

Money Management International offers some of the lowest upfront fees in the industry. Most companies charge an upfront fee to set up the account and the consolidation program upwards of $49.

So, how much does Money Management International cost to use? Money Management International charges a one-time $50 setup fee and has an average monthly fee of $25. This is slightly lower than most companies in the industry. In addition, MMI offers a free debt counseling session.

Specialized Financial Services

Because MMI is not a debt settlement or debt consolidation company, its services do not negatively impact your credit score. Debt management plans are created based on the clients financial situation. A management plan or repayment plan helps clients find alternative ways to pay debt, without affecting your credit report or credit history.

Debt management assistance from MMI includes financial education services, the creation of a spending plan, bankruptcy counseling, and other vital services needed to establish healthy financial goals. Whether customers need help recovering from credit card debt or simply need financial guidance, the consumer credit counseling services at MMI cover all the bases.

The Money Management International website lists the specialized services that the company provides:

  • Avoiding Home Foreclosure (Housing Counseling)
  • Repayment of Credit Card Debt
  • Balancing Income and Expenses
  • Buying a Home
  • Filing for Bankruptcy (Bankruptcy Counseling)
  • Understanding Your Credit Report
  • Understanding Reverse Mortgages
  • Managing Student Loan Debt
  • Disaster Recovery Counseling

Using a certified credit counselor to make payments to creditors and reduce debt is often seen as a more responsible way to achieve financial freedom than debt settlement or debt consolidation. However, credit counseling is more suited to those that are not in extremely dire financial trouble.

Great Customer Service

The customer service at Money Management International is extensive. Customers have access to a credit counselor at any time during the day, 7 days per week.

MMI states that many of its financial counseling services are absolutely free. A few of its more in-depth services are low cost and customers will find that its debt management program is extremely affordable.

However, customers should question a debt counselor for the possibility of waived or reduced fees; the company has been known to be able to reduce fees for eligible customers.

Memberships With Established Organizations

Consumers can have increased confidence in Money Management International thanks to its memberships with the NFCC and the CC. These memberships with established organizations mean that Money Management International holds itself to industry-recognized standards focused on helping consumers improve their financial health.

Variety of Resources

Money Management International provides services for United States consumers. The services are designed to help consumers get out of debt and financially free.

Some of the services provided by Money Management International include setting up a debt management plan, education services, budgeting education, and housing counseling assistance. Money Management International also offers financial educational resources such as tools, ebooks, and articles. We appreciate when companies offer ways to help clients educate themselves to avoid future financial troubles after becoming debt free. 

Some companies offer calculators, budget worksheets and webinars to help their clients become more financially literate.

Consumers can also receive a credit report review, student loan counseling and learn how to prevent foreclosure.

To get started, consumers can receive a free counseling session to learn what they need to do to start working towards financial freedom. Consumers can receive help over the phone, in-person or on the Internet.


The Bad

  • Lawsuit
  • Limited In-Person Counseling


Money Management International has been involved in a class action lawsuit, though it should be noted that this lawsuit is over a decade old. Some of the allegations leading to this lawsuit stated that the company was operating as a for-profit organization.

Money Management International failed to follow the requirements for certain accreditations and improperly collected debts. It's also noted that MMI also failed to be completely candid with its customers.

Limited In-Person Counseling

While Money Management International is accessible online or over the phone to all 50 states, in-person counseling is only available in 36 locations across 25 states (however, all physical locations remain closed due to the pandemic).


The Bottom Line

Money Management International is a nonprofit company with a long history of helping consumers achieve financial freedom while increasing the financial education of consumers. Many of its services are free and its more in-depth services have a low cost.

The company provides education on building your credit score along with other education needed to establish long-term financial goals. 

For customers who need consumer credit counseling, help creating a debt repayment plan, or other financial advice, we suggest you schedule a consultation with Money Management International to learn more.

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