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Global Client Solutions LLC (GCS) started in 2003 and is headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The company claims to be a leading provider of account management services in the debt settlement industry. It should be noted that Global Client Solutions is not a debt settlement company. Instead, it is a third-party payment processor for people enrolled in debt settlement programs. Global Client Solutions provides FDIC-insured accounts to millions of consumers.

The company specializes in providing disbursement accounts where customers can accumulate the funds to pay down their debts when they enroll in a settlement program. Global Client Solutions boasts being recommended by over 500 debt settlement companies. The company is not American Fair Credit Council (AFCC) or International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators (IAPDA) accredited. The website does not provide any pricing, state eligibility, or fee information.

Since GCS is not a debt relief company, we encourage customers to take a look at the top debt relief companies to find one that suits your needs — whether you want to settle, consolidate, or make a payment plan — at a fair price.

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The Good

  • Unique Solution
  • Global Client's Method
  • 24/7 Online Access
  • Consumers Control the Account

Unique Solution

Global Client Solutions offers a unique solution to the debt settlement industry. Each Global customer's account separates consumers' funds from settlement companies, so the customer has control over all of their own finances. Debt settlement clients can make monthly deposits into these accounts instead of making monthly payments on their debts to save up to pay settlements.

Having a separate special-purpose account allows consumers, particularly with credit card debt, to avoid spending this money and set it aside specifically for debt resolution purposes. If you're enrolled in a settlement program, the funds in this account will pay settlements with creditors after debt negotiation.

These accounts are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), which protects consumers if the company fails. The company offers both debt settlement and consumer services.

Global Client's Method

Global Client Solutions is a third-party payment processor for debt settlement customers. The company itself is not actually legally affiliated with any debt settlement companies neither does it offer negotiation services.

With Global Client Solutions, customers can expect help with administering payments and disbursements out of their Dedicated Account. The account helps consumers save up to pay off their debts.

The company claims that with a Dedicated Account, the process is more transparent for debt resolution companies because they only have account viewing access. This is to make sure that sufficient funds are in the account before entering into a settlement. Clients can also maintain control over their finances.

24/7 Online Access

Customers can use GCS's web-based information system 24/7 to access account management and reporting opportunities. The system is fully customizable, and updates throughout the day so consumers can manage their accounts more easily. Customers can choose to access their Dedicated Account information and make payments online.

Additionally, balance information can also be viewed online to help both clients and settlement companies track the lump sum accrual progress.

Consumers Control the Account

Consumers fully own and control the Dedicated Account. Consumers can withdraw funds from the Dedicated Account at any time. This special purpose account is not owned or operated by a debt settlement company.

This may help consumers feel more secure, knowing they are always in control of their money.


The Bad

  • Not a Direct Provider
  • Complaints
  • Lawsuits
  • Website Lacks Transparency
  • Not Accredited

Not a Direct Provider

Unfortunately, Global Client Solutions is not an actual provider of debt settlement programs. Instead, it is an independent third-party working with payment processing.

The company does not have an actual program; it just provides customers who are in a debt settlement program a payment processing services. As a result, GCS does not provide any negotiation services.

Consumers interested in settling their debts will need to contact a debt settlement company.


This company has received multiple complaints from across the board. Some customers also claimed that the company sent them fraudulent checks. According to customers, the company gets one's account information when the fraudulent checks are deposited. The company has also received mixed customer service reviews from past clients.


Global was involved in a lawsuit filed by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). The lawsuit claimed that Global was processing illegal debt settlement fees.

The company made it possible for many companies nationwide to charge illegal upfront fees. Apparently, around tens of millions of dollars were processed in fees by Global Client Solutions.

Website Lacks Transparency

The website is not transparent and lacks the most important information. Programs are not clearly outlined, and the website provides no information on prices, fees, minimum debt amount, or a money-back guarantee.

It is assumed that Global Client Solutions does not work with any kind of satisfaction guarantee. Interested consumers will need to make direct contact with the company to find out more information.

Not Accredited

Global Client Solutions lacks accreditations. The company is not American Fair Credit Council (AFCC), or International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators (IAPDA), accredited.

These organizations regulate the debt relief industry by auditing companies to ensure they are implementing best practices for the industry. They also provide training for debt relief counselors.

It is unclear whether or not the company is FTC compliant. Most top debt relief companies hold some type of accreditation.


The Bottom Line

Global Client Solutions is not a debt settlement company so it does not charge consumers a percentage of the debt. Global Client Solutions is the bank that holds consumer funds on deposit until the debt settlement company reaches an agreeable settlement for less than the full balance owed with the consumer's creditor. Then Global disburses funds to the creditor in compliance with regulatory laws.

Before choosing debt settlement, you should be aware that the settlement process negatively affects your credit score and settled debts are marked as "settled" on your credit report. The amount of debt forgiven is also taxable. Depending on your situation and how you want to approach your debt, debt consolidation or debt management may be a better fit.

Global Client Solutions offers a unique way to help customers make payments for their debt settlement program. While the company is not an actual provider itself, it does add an additional approach to the process, with its Dedicated Account.

This bank account separates consumer funds from debt settlement companies. Even with this feature though, the cons outweigh the pros. The website deeply lacks transparency, and Global lacks accreditations.

Multiple people claim Global to be a scam, and the company has been involved in legal issues. Finally, GCS does not provide any actual debt relief services for individuals with credit card debt.

We recommend choosing a more reputable and transparent company for debt settlement assistance.

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Carla S South River, NJ

I contact them and explain my situation right away they give me a really good opportunity so I signed up right away. Everything was explained to me up front and no hidden fees. Got all my emails and my paperwork in the mail as well. Communication was good. My sales rep was great. They do help you and make sure is in your budget.

2 years ago

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Lawrence Cohen The Bronx, NY

I am quite satisfied with Global Client Solutions. I found their personal and staff to be quite professional, knowledgable, courteous and friendly. They helped relieve me of troubles over my finances that were actually affecting my life and health. Their assistance was so invaluable that I was able to increase the amount of my monthly payment by $50.00. As a matter of fact I recommended Global to my ex-wife, who is very happy that she took this step. Great company to do business with.

3 years ago

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JDS Lehigh Acres, FL

GCS is only a way to pay your monthly payments. I’m in contract with DMD Financial. They answer my questions and call me weekly to make sure everything is good on my end. So far no complaints. I think some of the complaints are misunderstanding the protocol of how it works.

1 year ago

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Heather S. Tysons Corner, VA

DO NOT HIRE THIS COMPANY. I hired StonePoint Legal Group in 2017. I have paid them over $4,200. They did not go to litigation or court hearings on my behalf as promised in the contract I signed. My local lawyer "doesn't work for the company anymore". I have spent hours on the phone with customer service representatives. I received papers from the sheriff's office stating they were going to start garnishing my wages. The escalations manager, Megan called me and apologized profusely and said my case did not get moved to litigation as promised. Then, she proceeded to not call me back and ignored my emails for days. I am now getting my wages garnished. When she called me back, I asked for my contract to be cancelled, as I now have a lawyer. Today, another manager called offering me a refund, including the extra $2,000 I've paid that did not get used to settle my accounts. I was supposed to get an email with my paperwork in 10-15 minutes and never received one. Please save your money and don't trust them as I did. This is very disappointing, and is now affecting my everyday life.

1 year ago

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Elie Spring, TX

I’ve been paying Global Client Solutions, my fist payment (down payment) was made the last week in March a week later I started paying on my monthly payment, since then they’ve been withdrawing my money every month and so far I still receiving letters from my bank stating my loans accounts are in collections, i’ve Been trying to contact my “agent” leaving messages but he never calls me back, at the beginning he was very nice but after taking my money I haven’t been able to speak to anyone are GCS I cannot log in into my account their site is trashy .... shame on me I didn’t do any search on this company’s reviews before doing any kind of business with them !!

2 years ago

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luckz Wake Forest, NC

Read the other reviews out there and do not do what we did. We did not read any reviews and went with Global Client Solutions and have regretted this decision ever since. First, their website is terrible and not user friendly. Secondly, trying to contact customer support takes a few days. Lastly, we paid off our account, have an email from Global confirming that they are withdrawing the money from my account, and here we are a month later and they have not paid off my debts yet. The money has been withdrawn from my account but they are sitting on the money. I have reviewed my credit report on past debts they were to pay off, and the reports indicate they never paid off those accounts and they just pocketed the money. When we reached out to the client they were suppose to pay, they also confirmed Global Client Solutions never paid them. This is a straight-up worthless company to try to use.

2 years ago

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Robert Bunyard Encinitas, CA

Very poor customer service. You call the number and all you get is a computer no real person. Stoped payment with them , but they just used a different check number to get money out of my account. So I had to shut down my checking account that I've had for years because they just find away to get money out. They don't understand when you cancel them. They never contacted my creditors so they kepted on calling me. When I told them I was with this company, they said that they have never been contacted by that company, so I just made payment plans with my creditors. If you are even thinking about using this company DONT THEY HAVE VERY BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE AND YOU CAN'T EVER GET THROUGH TO TALK TO A REAL PERSON. I WOULD GIVE THEM AN F GOR DOING BUSINESS!!!!!!! BEWARE!!!!!!!!!! Robert

2 years ago

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Gina Nichols Buffalo, WY

So far, so good; we were ineligible for better programs due to our credit history. They hooked us up with a lawyer who has negotiated lower debt settlements and we are making monthly payments into an escrow account.

2 years ago

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David Jones Rio Rancho, NM

Worst customer service of any company I have ever dealt with. The claimed to have sent me a refund check over a month ago and I have yet to receive it. When I contacted the customer service group they said that it would cost me $20 for them to send me a new check or I could wait 90 days to receive a new check. At best it is very poor customer service , but I think its just another way to scam the customer out of money. When I asked who has the authority to waive the $20 charge since the customer service manager does not have the authority, I was given the CEO name but told he does not talk to customers. I would not either if I treated my customer like this. I WOULD NEVER AGAIN DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!!

4 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Jaime Penaranda ,

I'LL NEVER AGAIN GET TRICKED BY A COMPANY LIKE THIS!!. Look at other options before you consider a company like. There are many companies that offer true debt relief or help with your credit. I had GOOD credit before using them. At the end of the day they didn't save me ANY money and RUINED by good credit score. Look for other options

9 months ago

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Kimi Bun Rochester, NY

Scammed my sick father , took 690.00 for the past 3 months and have paid NOTHING towards his debt . I called and the woman said she needed some number to give him any info, he’s confused and in the hospital . When he said he couldn’t remember she said well I can’t talk to you then, or give you any Information. Now there are letters from lawyers saying they will sue him , he owes thousands of Dollars in fees!! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY !!!

1 year ago

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Scott Woodbridge, VA

I just signed up and I’m worried I’m putting myself in a bigger whole . It’s hard to get a straight answer and after only one payment . I feel like I’m paying another bill and not paying any of my creditors who are not goi g along with the program .

2 years ago

star star star star_border star_border

Erin Sandersville, GA

I got a phone call after my initial review and she explained everything to me. So, overall im satisfied

2 years ago

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