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For nearly 10 years, Fast Track Debt Relief has offered debt settlement services to help consumers find relief from crippling debt. The company lacks many important industry accreditations to prove its legitimacy. However, many customers have reported great experiences with the level of service that the company provides.

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The Good

  • Free Consultation
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Customer Service

Free Consultation

Fast Track Debt Relief offers free consultations to potential customers who are interested in its services.

Money-Back Guarantee

Customers do not pay anything until some of their debts are settles. There is also a 100 percent money back guarantee.

Customer Service

Fast Track Debt Relief will set clients up initially with a professional negotiator to handle their case. People who have contacted FTDR say their representatives are very helpful and able to walk them through the settlement process. Customers recieve a personal enrollment agent through the entire settlement process. One new FTDR client said they appreciated that they were given a quote right away.

The Bad

  • No Accreditations
  • Company Information
  • Limited Availability
  • High Minimum Debt 

No Accreditations

Ten years in the debt settlement industry is about average. However, for this amount of experience, we would expect to see some accreditations from major industry organizations. Accreditations are very important to consumers because it shows that the company has good business practices and is committed to the industry. We could not find accreditations with the FTC, AFCC, or IAPDA, which might lead some to question FTDR's business practices.

Company Information

We were unable to find a LinkedIn page for Fast Track Debt Relief. Likewise, the company had no information on their CEO, President, or any executives. This level of difficulty in finding information is unusual and could indicate employees not wanting to be associated with the company. We like to see it when companies are proud of who they are and display this information to the public because it adds to the level of transparency.

Limited Availability

Finally, it is unclear which states Fast Track Debt Relief operates in. This is difficult for those who find that Fast Track Debt Relief is a great option because they will first need to call to find out if their state is serviced by the company. We would prefer that the company display this information publicly so that consumers can have all the facts up-front.

High Minimum Debt 

They do not accept anyone with under $10k in debt. This is higher than many competitors. 

The Bottom Line

Some customers report that the company is quick and responsive in its communication. However, we have no idea what states it is available in and we have no idea who is running the company. Because of these factors, we do not recommend using Fast Track Debt Relief at this time.

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