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LAST UPDATED: March 28th, 2022

Donaldson Williams is a small, family owned debt settlement company located in Southeast Michigan.

They have been in business since July 1, 2006. According to their website, the company was founded with the financially struggling consumer in mind.

One of Donaldson Williams' main selling points is their customer service. They claim to answer all forms of communication "immediately." However, when we called multiple times during business hours for additional information, Donaldson Williams never answered.

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The Good

  • No Monthly Fees
  • Positive Reviews

No Monthly Fees

The debt settlement company complies with FTC fee rules, and does not charge monthly maintenance fees. Donaldson Williams doesn't make customers pay until after the debt settlement is reached with their creditors.

Positive Reviews

Several clients of Donaldson Williams reported that their debt was settled with the company. People also say Donaldson Williams employees are a pleasure to work with and would recommend them to anyone.


The Bad

  • Credit Card Debt Only
  • Undisclosed Information
  • No Specific State Information
  • Not Accredited
  • Donaldson Williams Complaints

Credit Card Debt Only

One of Donaldson Williams' main cons is that they only handle credit card debt. The company does not provide unsecured or secured debt settlement help.

Undisclosed Information

Donaldson Williams has not disclosed information on pricing or debt minimums.

No Specific State Information

While the website does list that Donaldson Williams serves clients in 42 states, there is no additional information on which states are serviced.

Not Accredited

The debt settlement company is not IAPDA accredited, and does not provide any information on whether or not they are FTC compliant.

Donaldson Williams Complaints

Most of the reviews we have on Donaldson Williams are positive. However, some people indicate that the company does not communicate well with clients. 


The Bottom Line

Donaldson Williams could be a potential option to look into. They have positive customer reviews, and service clients in 42 states. Is this the best option for debt settlement? Not likely. They are not IAPDA accredited, and it is questionable on whether or not the company is 100 percent FTC compliant. We recommend exploring other options when looking into settling your debt.

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km Orlando, FL

If you are looking to resolve a credit card debt that seems all consuming and endless Donaldson Williams Inc. is the company to put your faith in. I had accumulated what I consider a significant debt of around 58K and had had enough of paying and paying and getting nowhere. After I researched a bit, I realized all the comments sections kept recommending consistently Donaldson Williams Inc. Eventually, I reached out to Marie, and boy am I glad I did. In just 16 months I am debt free and no longer concerned about minimum payments and overwhelming debt. To drive home one final point, in the planning stage I was told to expect to be responsible for 50-60 % on the dollar. My total costs ended up being in the neighborhood of $28,413.57. To Erin and all the staff I say a job well done! Retired Police Officer in Florida

6 years ago

star star star star star

Sue Plymouth, NY

Everyone at Donaldson Williams were very polite and keep us informed as to settlements being offered. I found them by chance after the firm we were working with went under along with our upfront fees. Linda and Erin never pushed if we had other obligations to pay in any given month. They only asked to be informed as to how much we had for a settlement. Not one creditor contacted us after they took us as a client which was a great relief. I also found they settled our debts better than the other firm and charged only after the account was settled. I am so glad we found them I only wish I had know about them when we first found it necessary to try to settle our credit card debts. I am very sorry they can't help with my mortgage company. Best Wishes to everyone at Donaldson Williams Thank you very much

7 years ago

star star star star star

TM Rochester, NY

I was so nervous going into the program because so many debt resolution companies are so disreputable, but the people I worked with at DW (Linda and Erin) were truly wonderful! And, now, we are finally debt free! Throughout the process, I kept a spreadsheet where I tracked how much I owed on each card, how much we settled each debt for, how much we saved, and how much our DW fees were. Had we not entered the program, we would still be paying minimum payments on all those cards. In the end, we saved well over 30k. I wish all services were as responsive and nice to work with as DW is! I wholeheartedly recommend them!

7 years ago

star star star star star

Dmitry Duluth, GA

My name is Dmitry. I simply can't say enough good things about Donaldson and Williams. I was in a tremendously tough financial situation and was researching different companies who specialize in debt settlement. None of them appealed to me. Luckily I ran into some someone's good feedback about Donaldson and Williams. I called them up and from the get-go got great vibe about them. They were very diplomatic, professional and understanding. I had over 80K in credit card debt, and it was totally suffocating me and my family. This COMPANY was able to save my family from the total financial disaster and I am truly thankful to them for everything !!!!!!!!! I'll be more than happy to share my experience with anyone who wants to hear it !!!!!

8 years ago

star star star star star

Cary Parker Emeryville, CA

It was dumb luck on my part that led me to Donaldson Williams, i read a review and called them. Best call I ever made. I amassed a large amount of debt using credit cards to run my business, remember the recession? Working with Erin and Linda was terrific , both were patient and professional .They always answered my calls and Emails promptly and made a not so pleasant experience very tolerable Frankly , I think they are the best there is.

7 years ago

star star star star star

Glen Duluth, GA

The people at Donaldson Williams are awesome! Linda and Erin make this process as easy as possible. They communicate very well and keep you informed every step of the way. There were no hidden fees and nothing to pay until a settlement is reached with the credit card company. All 3 of my accounts were handled within 9 months and all at 35% of my total debt. They took care of all the communication with the cc companies and made it virtually stress-free. If you need help with your credit card debt, you can't do any better than Donaldson Williams!!

7 years ago

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Tammy Santa Barbara, CA

We cannot say enough good things about Donaldson Williams! A friend referred them to us and we feel so relieved and happy we decided to enter the debt settlement program with them. Marie, Linda, and Erin all have made this grueling situation as pleasant as possible and were a pleasure to work with. We were in over our heads in credit card debt and they came to the rescue. The DW team was professional, attentive and very helpful through the whole settlement process. 10, 10, 10's all the way across!

7 years ago

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Rebecca Tampa, FL

Linda, Erin, Marie and the entire gang here ROCK!! Not only did they get me good settlements on 11 different credit cards, but they were so communicative, always willing to answer questions, and even a year after we were all done and a question came up about something they answered quickly, thoroughly and friendly. I can't say enough positive things about them.

8 years ago

star star star star star

Joe Deer Park, NY

this company bought me about 4 years to settle and pay a discounted amt. on a huge sum of credit card debt,I just got lucky locating them on my own online,the people there are the greatest to work with.

7 years ago

star star star star star

Michael Eagle Seattle, WA

Donaldson and Williams were very professional and attentive to helping me become debt-free. Thank you so much for your help Linda, Erin and Marie. I will highly recommend your company to anyone.

8 years ago

star star star star star

DR Cape Coral, FL

Top notch company that does what it says it will do. I had over 80k in credit card debt that is now behind me just over 2 years after I started the process. Thank you!

6 years ago

star star star star star_border

Tiffany Kansas City, MO

Everyone I worked with was polite and professional. They took care of everything fast and efficiently. Would absolutely recommend them.

8 years ago

star star star star star

C Elk Grove, CA

Simply awesome. The best out there, great customer service, settled heavy credit cards.

8 years ago