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LAST UPDATED: July 18th, 2023

Debt Reduction Services has worked to help consumers get out of debt and improve financially since 1996. Debt Reduction Services is a nonprofit that provides many financial services including debt education programs as well as free budget and credit counseling. As a debt consolidation company, Debt Reduction Services works with consumers to manage and reduce debt in less time than it would take for a consumer to try to manage debt independently.

Based in Idaho, Debt Reduction Services has four locations in four states. The Idaho-based business is also a member of the Financial Counseling Association of America (FCAA). Debt Reduction Services finds success in helping consumers eliminate debt and use credit wisely.

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The Good

  • Financial Tools
  • Online Presence
  • Memberships and Accreditations

Financial Tools

With consumers in mind, Debt Reduction Services provides many tools for the benefit of consumers looking to improve their financial situation. Debt Reduction Services helps consumers with debt consolidation, bankruptcy certificates and credit counseling. The nonprofit provides guides on debt consolidation and credit counseling.

Other resources include webinars along with credit and debt discussions. Debt Reduction Services also provides educational resources to help consumers increase their financial literacy.

Online Presence

The online presence of Debt Reduction Services helps it increase its overall reach and financial assistance despite only having four locations. On its website, Debt Reduction Services provides consumers with different tips and deliverables helping consumers manage and eliminate debt.

Memberships and Accreditations

Debt Reduction Services is also a member of the ISO and the FCAA. These accreditations require companies to uphold certain standards and best practices. Debt Reduction Services shows that it cares about their customers and quality of service by maintaining these accreditations and memberships.


The Bad

  • Complaints about Service
  • Lack of NFCC Accreditation
  • Limited In-Person Counseling
  • No Client Dashboard

Complaints about Service

Debt Reduction Services has had a fair amount of complaints. The majority of the complaints regarding Debt Reduction Services are about problems with service. Other complaints include billing/collection issues. Consumers who are looking for a debt consolidation company to help them may have concerns about being charged fairly by Debt Reduction Services. Debt Reduction Services also requires consumers to sign a contract without seeing a full overview of possible charges.

Lack of NFCC Accreditation

While we appreciate the fact that Debt Reduction Services is accredited with the FCAA and is ISO certified, they do not hold an accreditation with the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC). Many companies hold both of these accreditations, which signals to consumers that they are committed to the industry and the industry best practices.

Limited In-Person Counseling

Although consumers across the country can access online resources provided by Debt Reduction Services, Debt Reduction Services only has four locations in four states. This means that consumers who don't live in one of those four states are out of luck when it comes to in-person counseling. Debt Reduction Services is not available in Michigan, Nevada or New Hampshire.

No Client Dashboard

One useful tool that many top companies offer is a client portal where clients of the company can login and see their progress through the consolidation program. Unfortunately, Debt Reduction Services does not offer this kind of tool for clients. 


The Bottom Line

Debt Reduction Services offers many of the services and resources provided by bigger debt consolidation companies. A nonprofit, Debt Reduction Services is also a member of the NFEC and the FCAA. However, Debt Reduction Services is a small organization with only four locations in the whole country. It also is not available in three of the 50 states. Debt Reduction Services may be a viable option for consumers who live close to a Debt Reduction Service location.

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Joshua Briles Boise, ID

I love this company, they are warm and friendly, especially Melissa my counselor. I'm about halfway through the plan and it has been very helpful for me and my husband. We had an appointment in their Boise office and it's been smooth sailing ever since.

6 years ago

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Niree Ward Kingsland, GA

They do not understand the meaning of stop contacting. I had inquired about their services and someone responded, i than did more research and found reviews that concerned me. When i explained to the rep that i no longer wished to do business with them, all i got was a sales pitch. I explained that i wished to have no further communication with the rep or the company and what happens, not 5 minutes later another email and my phone will not stop ringing. When someone says they are not interested in doing business with a company that is thier right to do so, whatever the reason may be. I do hope i have heard the last from them, I have no desire to work a company that employs reps that do not know how to respect the wishes of others

6 years ago

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Jeffrey Zwier

Id stay away from this company. Not honest and only about getting their cut of the payment. They aggressively and repeatedly call you in an attempt to sign up for their program. However, once you sign up and need their assistance in any way possible they "forget" your phone number and blame you for not having it on file. Stay far away from these cheats There are much better, cheaper companies like this out there

6 years ago

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Don Pinero Houston, TX

To me this company was unsatisfactory to me. There fees was a bit high. There customer service wasn’t that great.

7 months ago

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Steve Bleasby

Sick and tired of constant phone calls from this company. They will not take not interested or no as an answer and keep calling back. Hard sell organization, watch out!!

9 years ago


Review Source

star star star star star

ramesh pothuru Morrisville, PA

consolidated debt, reduced monthly payment amounts, flexible payment options.

1 year ago