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LAST UPDATED: October 7th, 2023 is a top rated, non-profit, debt counseling organization whose mission is to educate, advise, and empower individuals — from youth to seniors — on how to properly handle debt, credit, and home purchases. Formed in 1996, those with money management and credit issues have been utilizing's counselors, who are certified by the Financial Counseling Association of America, to find the root of their financial struggles and receive a customized resolution.

With offices in South Florida, Nevada, North Carolina, and Massachusetts, offers three main services including bankruptcy courses, credit card consolidation, and housing services. As a non-profit organization, uses relationships with creditors to obtain lower interest rates using debt management plans.

These plans allow for the reduction in the number of payments and total interest which leads to debt relief and the avoidance of home foreclosure.

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The Good

  • Non-Profit Organization
  • Personalized Assistance
  • Affordable Education Courses
  • Positive Reviews

Non-Profit Organization

As a non-profit organization, with a five-star rating from the Great Non-Profits Organization, seeks to avoid charging high fees for their services, instead choosing to allow as much money as possible to go from those they work with back towards paying off debts at a faster pace.

Personalized Assistance utilizes certified financial counselors to provide personalized assistance either in person, over the phone, or over the internet, to examine an individual's financial problems, create a personalized debt relief and budget plan, and work with creditors who offer lower interest rates to improve the finances.

Affordable Education Courses

Offering both financial outreach events at their four locations, and online courses, seeks to education anyone seeking financial advice, and education, covering a wide range of finance topics including budgeting, bankruptcy, credit card consolidation, and housing counseling, at an affordable rate ranging from free to no more than $25 per course.

Positive Reviews

Many come to feeling nervous and confused about their financial situation. As they meet with their friendly and patient, personal debt counselor, questions start to be answered, the numbers start to become clearer, and a plan is developed that leaves the individual feeling like they understand the direction and steps they must take over the coming weeks.


The Bad

  • Undisclosed Fees
  • Not Available in All 50 States
  • Lack of Face-to-Face Support

Undisclosed Fees

While is a non-profit organization, its fee process isn't entirely clear as to what money goes toward their services and what money goes towards paying off debt and avoiding home foreclosures.

Not Available in All 50 States

Currently is available to those seeking financial assistance and education in 47 of the 50 states in the United States of America; however, due to licensing issues, services are not available in the states of Kansas, Montana, or Utah.

Lack of Face-to-Face Support

There are only four physical locations in South Florida, Nevada, North Carolina, and Massachusetts. Those seeking a face-to-face experience with the outreach events and other debt reduction services will only be able to obtain services in these location. This could be especially difficult for those who wouldn't feel comfortable discussing personal information over the phone or online.


The Bottom Line

If you're looking to reduce your debt, learn sound financial advice, and obtain a personalized plan from certified financial experts, from the comfort of your own home, you'll enjoy working with this non-profit organization. If you are seeking face-to-face assistance, especially if you feel uncomfortable giving personal information over the phone or internet, you would probably be better-suited selection a more localized debt assistance organization to help you reduce your debt and provide financial education.

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Nataliia K.

The services in general and the idea of the project are great. However, it is always important to work with the friendly, professional company representative. While I am completely satisfied with the Debt Relief program itself, it has really helped my family to manage the credit card debt and cut the interest on it, However, I had to deal with the very unprofessional representative. I do not recommend Cody C to anyone. He is arrogant and narcissistic. We talked two or three times on the phone, and he kept repeating that he is a manager. Then, he told me during our first talk that we can stop paying for our credit cards to the bank as soon as we sign the consolidation agreement with the Debt Helper, and only pay to the Debt Helper. Then, when we already had everything set up to sign the agreement, Cody changed his initial story, and said we should pay the banks for another 2 weeks to a few months (depending on the bank, until they finalize the process on their side). He also told me that he was sure that the monthly payment he initially tells me for the consolidated accounts will be my actual payment. When I asked him, how can he be sure that the banks would accept that offer. He said that their company has years of experience for him to be so positive. However, my payment was increased by 10%. So I asked Cody to communicate via email. He was frustrated and rude after that request. He told me that he is an old school, and does not like to use email to talk to the customers, and that I shouldn't have signed up for the program if I am non-verbal. The program works, it is not a scam. I recommend Debt Helper to everyone, who struggles to pay off their credit cards. However, I do not recommend Cody C as the counselor. People like him should not work in the customer service, especially as the supervisors. I have asked him a question via email recently. He has never answered.

1 month ago

star star star star star

GB Jacksonville, FL

WOW! A great big Thank you to the whole team at, West Palm Beach, FL. Starting with hurricane Irma relief and assistance from Ms. Nicola B. Nicola was able to keep us in our home, while my industry took a huge hit from both the hurricane in TX and then again in FL. She was able to assist us in keeping our home afloat, and give me time with my creditors to catch up income-wise. With this opportunity, I was able to go back to school and change my career completely to one not affected by natural disasters. Once I was on my way back to recovery home, re-education and building towards a new career, my income wasn't the greatest working all different jobs to keep our bills paid. I called Ms. B again to see if she could assist me once again with my credit card debt. Very quickly she referred me to her associate in the credit card department to get me on track with my creditors and credit score. Ms. Yeleny G worked with me to negotiate with my creditors to reduce my interest rate, term length, consolidate all of them down to 1 manageable monthly payment so I could pay off my credit cards in a reasonable, timely manner, 3 years all will be free and clear and PAID! My score has already gone up over 100 points in 6 months. And, finally to my angel, Francisco V. Francisco was able to work with my existing mortgage company to negotiate a fresh, new monthly mortgage payment I can afford now and in the future and stop any pending foreclosure on our home. With the stress and worry lifted from all of Francisco's help, I am in a place of comfort, accountability, hope, and plan to graduate almost 2 months early. I am beyond grateful to have been so blessed and have the opportunity to work with this caring, talented group of young professionals! WOW! This is service and smarts as a team not often found, a very special group of professional and caring people. From tears of fear to tears of great joy, thank you to the team at, you literally have changed my family's life and future outlook. Thank YOU! GB

4 years ago

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EJ Fort Lauderdale, FL

After reading many reviews on several other credit counseling companies, I came to the conclusion that my experience might be poor with whoever I choose. offered some very good feedback on Facebook, so I gave them a try. What sold me was it's location in S. Florida where I live. I went ahead and signed on and started the online course. I was pleasantly surprised I didn't have to pay until I finished the course, giving me a chance to back out if I wasn't satisfied. The course was surprisingly well written. I took personal finance courses, years ago, and this was a good review for me. Everything was important and well presented. I think every young person should study all the suggestions. I especially liked the emphasis on saving 5% of each paycheck and putting it away for long term purchases, such as a home. I have friends who has been working hard for years, but never seem to be able to save any money at the end of each month. Putting 5% of each paycheck into a long term savings account, right after receiving it makes good sense. I have a credit score over 800, paid my bills on time, and carefully managed my money. Unexpected medical bills and an unfair judgement against me, prompted me to seek bankruptcy. After completing the course in about an hour, I paid for the course online, then called them to complete the process. Surprised again. No wait! A young woman by the name of Frances answered my call immediately, and after briefly discussing my online information with her, she agreed to email my certificate, and I got it within minutes. The entire process took just a few hours. I know there will probably be a followup class after I file, but I have every intention of completing the process with DebtHelper. My experience exceeded my expectations. Perhaps I just got lucky on a quiet Tuesday afternoon, but the course layout was well written and well presented. I cannot comment on their debt relief program because I will not be using it, but for anyone in a debt situation that's similar to mine, I recommend you give these people a try. EJ

4 years ago

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James L. Chavis, Jr. Charlotte, NC

I was referred to by Accredited Debt Relief as I did not have enough debt to qualify for their program. Counselor was initially very responsive, but has not responded to me for about 2 weeks now. They mispelled my name on their service agreement and I asked for it to be corrected and resent before I signed it. And here I sit and wait. I was also concerned by lots of spelling and gramatical errors in their online debt education course. Normally this is an indicator of a "fly by night" organization or a scam. I then checked them against the BBB, where they have an A+ rating, and googled reviews, which were glowing. Maybe I just got helped by the wrong counselor? And maybe their proofreading department that handled the preparation of their online debt education course was still asleep when they reviewed the course. At any rate, I am now leary of this company. I would like to get started with their program, but I am not going to sign a document with another persons name on it. I WOULD be a paying customer, but the ball is in their court......

4 years ago