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LAST UPDATED: October 12th, 2023

Achieve has established itself as a leader in the digital personal finance industry, dedicated to helping individuals achieve a brighter financial future. With over 20 years of experience, Achieve provides a range of services tailored to individual needs, including debt consolidation, debt resolution, and personalized loans.

Achieve is an excellent choice for individuals seeking relief from high-interest debts, such as credit cards, medical bills, and personal loans. Those facing financial stress and seeking a clear path to debt freedom can benefit from Achieve's expertise. With a focus on transparency, Achieve's fee structure ensures clients only pay once settlements are successfully reached, aligning the company's interests with the financial well-being of its members.

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The Good

  • Services Offered
  • Transparent Program Fees
  • NFCC Accredited
  • Helpful Mobile App

Services Offered

Achieve Debt Relief provides a comprehensive suite of services designed to address various financial situations and assist individuals in managing their debt effectively. These services are tailored to accommodate different needs and preferences:

Debt Settlement

Achieve's debt settlement program is designed for individuals facing significant financial challenges. This service involves negotiating with creditors to settle debts for less than the total owed. The program aims to provide a strategic and efficient approach to debt resolution, typically achieving results within 24-48 months.

By engaging a team of experts to negotiate on behalf of clients, Achieve takes the burden off individuals, allowing them to focus on their financial goals.

Debt Consolidation

Achieve offers two distinct options for debt consolidation, catering to varying financial circumstances:

  • Personal Loans —  Achieve Personal Loans, offered in partnership with Cross River Bank and Pathward®, N.A., provide individuals with access to funds ranging from $5,000 to $50,000. These loans can be utilized to consolidate existing debt, make home improvements, fund significant purchases, and more. Flexible terms of 2, 3, 4, or 5 years allow borrowers to customize their repayment plans according to their financial capacity.
  • Home Equity Loans — Achieve Loans offers home equity loans, allowing homeowners to leverage the equity in their homes to pay off high-interest debt. The loan amounts range from $15,000 to $150,000, providing ample room for addressing substantial debt loads. Homeowners can choose between flexible terms of 10 or 15 years, providing versatility in structuring their repayment schedules.

Achieve's debt consolidation services are designed to simplify financial management by consolidating multiple debts into a single, fixed-rate monthly payment. This not only streamlines bill payments but also helps individuals pay off debt faster than by making minimum payments on high-interest debts.

Debt Resolution

Achieve Resolution offers an alternative approach for individuals who may not qualify for or prefer not to pursue a consolidation loan. This program is designed to help individuals resolve their high-interest debt without the need for a consolidation loan. Achieve Resolution aims to reduce debt stress and create a clear path to financial freedom.

Enrolled debts range from $7,500 to $100,000 or more, and the program typically takes 2-4 years on average to achieve resolution. Achieve's array of services reflects its commitment to providing flexible and personalized solutions to help individuals manage their debt effectively.

Whether through debt settlement, consolidation loans, or debt resolution, Achieve aims to empower clients on their journey toward financial stability and freedom.

Transparent Program Fees

Achieve employs a transparent fee structure, based on a percentage of the total debt enrolled in the program. This ranges typically from 15 percent to 25 percent of the enrolled debt. Notably, Achieve does not impose any upfront fees, ensuring that clients only pay once settlements are successfully reached and authorized.

To further safeguard clients' financial interests, Achieve sets maximum limits on program fees. This ensures that clients never pay more in fees than the actual debt resolved. Additionally, in cases where program costs and fees exceed the enrolled debt amount, Achieve offers a refund of the difference, up to 100 percent of collected fees. This demonstrates Achieve's commitment to fairness and client satisfaction in their debt resolution process.

Achieve's fee structure is characterized by transparency and a direct correlation between fees and the benefits derived from the debt resolution services. This approach aims to instill confidence in clients regarding the value and effectiveness of Achieve's services.

NFCC Accredited

Achieve's accreditation with the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC) is a significant milestone that speaks volumes about the company's commitment to ethical and professional standards in the debt relief industry.

The NFCC is a respected nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering individuals and families to achieve financial stability and security. Accreditation from the NFCC is a testament to Achieve's dedication to providing quality debt relief services that align with the highest industry standards.

Helpful Mobile App

The Achieve GOOD™ app is a practical financial tool designed to assist users in taking control of their financial well-being and expediting their journey to becoming debt-free. Its intuitive dashboard offers a consolidated view of users' financial landscape, presenting key metrics like debts, available cash, and estimated monthly spending. This centralized approach simplifies financial management, allowing users to make more informed decisions about their spending habits.

One of the app's standout features is its ability to help users craft a personalized debt payoff strategy. By setting spending limits and prioritizing repayments, individuals can take significant steps towards their goal of financial freedom. Achieve GOOD™ doesn't just stop at providing data—it offers tailored insights and recommendations to keep users motivated and informed about their progress.

A crucial aspect of Achieve GOOD™ is its unwavering commitment to user privacy and security. The app employs bank-level encryption to safeguard all financial information, ensuring that sensitive data remains confidential. Users can securely link various financial accounts, from checking and savings to loans and mortgages, gaining a comprehensive overview of their financial standing. By conducting a soft credit check, the app generates a customized debt payoff plan tailored to the individual's unique financial circumstances, all without affecting their credit score.

Whether users are actively working towards becoming debt-free or have already achieved that milestone, Achieve GOOD™ offers valuable support. It's a free, ad-free app that can be a reliable companion on the path to financial well-being. Downloading and utilizing this app could mark a significant step towards securing a more stable financial future.


The Bad

  • Lack of Verified Achieve Reviews
  • Undisclosed Service Area

Lack of Verified Achieve Reviews

Consumer reviews play a crucial role in establishing trust and credibility for any service-oriented company, including Achieve Debt Relief. Given the importance of verified reviews, Achieve Debt Relief should actively encourage satisfied clients to share their experiences.

Additionally, addressing negative feedback, if any, in a constructive and professional manner can demonstrate the company's commitment to continuous improvement and client satisfaction. By proactively seeking and managing reviews, Achieve Debt Relief can build a positive online reputation and instill confidence in potential clients.

Undisclosed Service Area

Achieve does not explicitly disclosed any specific information about the states in which its debt relief services are available. It's important for companies to disclose this information to the public so potential clients can determine whether they are eligible for the services offered. This information is crucial for transparency and to ensure that clients have access to accurate and relevant details about the company's service availability.


The Bottom Line

Achieve stands as a reputable and established player in the realm of debt relief, boasting over two decades of experience in helping individuals regain financial stability. Their tailored solutions cater to the diverse needs of their members, reflecting a commitment to personalized financial assistance. Achieve's services encompass debt consolidation and resolution, offering a multifaceted approach to debt management.

For anyone burdened by debt and in need of a trusted partner to navigate the path towards financial freedom, Achieve is an ideal choice. Their experienced team and proven track record make them a valuable resource for those committed to achieving long-term financial stability.

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