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Posted By: Jordan Grimmer  |  February 12, 2016

Crowdfunding is the duct tape of the fundraising universe: it can be used for (almost) everything! From disaster relief to television series reboots, crowdfunding was perhaps the most popular fundraising model of 2015, grossing an estimated $34.4 billion, and is projected to surpass traditional venture capital funding in 2016. And while crowdfunding has been mostly used […]

Posted By: Carlie McKeon  |  June 9, 2015

Being raised in both a real estate family an in the social generation has made Ben Miller a visionary when it comes to the real estate market. Previously commercial real estate was a playground for large scale investors only. Miller is changing that. He took a beaten down building in one of  DC’s transitional neighborhoods […]

Posted By: Chase Sagum  |  December 18, 2014

Competition for exposure on Kickstarter just went up a level. By introducing “Staff Picks”, Kickstarter is acting on their plan to play a larger role in the selection and success of crowd funding startups. Each of Kickstarter’s employees can select a project of their choice and designate it as a Staff Pick. Chosen projects are […]

Posted By: Chase Sagum  |  December 16, 2014

Already a key player in the crowdfunding industry, today Indiegogo rolled out a new platform targeting crowdfunding for charitable giving and important life events. Called Indiegogo Life, the platform targets people that need to raise money for emergencies, celebrations, and unexpected medical costs, among others. In 2012, Karen Klein was a 68-year-old bus monitor who […]

Posted By: Chase Sagum  |  December 5, 2014

Based in Dubai, Eureeca Capital burst onto the stage and brought the crowd with them. Operating globally, they became the first viable, equity-based, crowdfunding platform for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Eureeca offered a service that connected SMEs to funding that previously required the investment of large capital venture firms. Additionally, Eureeca allowed any investor […]

Posted By: Chase Sagum  |  December 3, 2014

GoldieBlox, started less than two years ago as a Kickstarter campaign, has grown into a story of crowdfunding success. Designing toys that inspire girls to learn about engineering, Debbie Sterling began her crowdfunding campaign with a goal of $150,000. By the time her campaign ended, she had raised over $300,000. For Sterling, the excitement was […]

Posted By: Chase Sagum  |  December 2, 2014

Scams and failed projects are quickly becoming a problem for crowdfunding websites, such as Indiegogo. Attributable to lax project guidelines, Indiegogo attracts more extreme and highly unique ideas. Unlike Kickstarter, Indiegogo does not review and approve projects before campaigning begins. Nor do they require a funding cap or minimum. With Indiegogo, individuals collect the funds […]

Posted By: Chase Sagum  |  November 27, 2014

Launching a crowdfunding campaign can be a stressful and hectic process. Less than 50% of crowdfunding projects via Kickstarter and Indiegogo successfully meet their goal. A solid product idea is a must, but creating the product is only half the battle. Marketing your idea and gathering startup funds can be just as difficult. Determine your […]

Posted By: Chase Sagum  |  November 26, 2014

In June of 2014, Meagan Penman happened upon a wounded dog dragging his hind legs as he walked. The dog, Leo, paralyzed in his rear legs and infested with tics, was wearing his skin raw as he moved. Penman was vacationing in Thailand and tried to find care for the dog at local shelters. With […]

Posted By: Chase Sagum  |  November 25, 2014

Crowd Funding is a powerful source of soliciting capital for unique ventures. Recently, a company seeking to produce a hover board similar the one used by Marty McFly in Back To The Future Part II, raised nearly $500,000 dollars using the crowd-funding site KickerStarter. They originally requested $250,000. An aspiring author, whose book is nearly […]