Connexus first opened its’ doors in December 2014, in Wisconsin. The credit union offers a variety of checking and savings accounts, along with loans for homes, vehicles and student loans. Their website lays out all the specifics for joining, and offers a live chat option for any questions about becoming a member. Customers have a wide variety of options, including mobile deposit, direct deposit and online banking.

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The Good

Those looking for a loan, Connexus offers students loans, home and auto loans as well as personal loans. Here is how the interest rates look for a few loan types:

  • Auto Loans: as low as 2.99%
  • Mortgage: depending on options, the rate varies from 2.880% to 3.848%
  • Boats, campers and RVs: start at 5.50%

For checking and savings, here is a glance at the various interest rates:

  • Xtraordinary Checking yields 1.75%
  • My Rewards Checking yields 1.35%
  • Savings accounts brings in .25%

Even though there aren’t many ATMS owned by Connexus, the credit union does reimburse ATM fees, up to $25 per month from any US ATM location.

The Bad

The company is still relatively new, having been incorporated in December of 2014.

Connexus has very few brick and mortar locations. Mostly situated within the Great Lakes area, and over into New York, there are a few stragglers in Arizona, Texas and Florida. While the number of locations currently is low, the company is still growing, and will possibly expand its’ branches.

The Bottom Line

While Connexus is pretty young, it is competitive with the competition. All the checking account features that are pretty standard these days, such as online and mobile banking, mobile deposits, and free online bill pay.

For those eligible to join the credit union, Connexus is a solid choice, with benefits and services to keep all members happy.

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