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YourScoreAndMore offers credit reporting and monitoring services for $29.94 per month after a 14-day trial (which costs $9.95). Although they do provide three-bureau credit reports and TransRisk scores, along with daily monitoring via email alerts, they don't bring much to the table that helps them to stand out from the crowd. There have been numerous complaints about this company from those who had difficulty canceling their trial account in time, along with those who felt deceived or misled by statements about how the service was "free" before their card was automatically billed. The technology behind YourScoreAndMore is powered by CSIdentity, the same platform that runs many other credit monitoring companies we've reviewed. We recommend exercising caution before engaging the services of this company.


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The Good

Three-Bureau Credit Reporting and Monitoring

Being that the entire credit reporting service behind YourScoreAndMore is powered by CSIdentity (as are many companies on this list), users can expect three standard monthly credit reports from all three credit bureaus, along with ongoing monitoring of those three reports. If major changes occur on any of the reports, the customer is notified by email.

Monthly Refreshes

YourScoreAndMore does provide users with monthly refreshes to their three credit reports, which is commendable and provides customers with ample opportunity to manually review each report to ensure it is both free of errors and fraud. Each report is accompanied by a credit score; although the exact nature of the score is undisclosed, our previous experience with this software platform leads us to believe that they utilize a score similar to the TransRisk model offered by TransUnion.

Education Center

A quick perusal of the education center on offer from YourScoreAndMore reveals a reasonable effort being put in to educate customers on the dynamics of credit scoring and reporting, including general advice on how to improve one’s score, how to improve their chance of being approved for a credit card, and so forth.

Although some of the information was a little dated, the majority of the content was acceptable. Nothing amazing, mind you, but certainly better than some of the consumer credit education centers we’ve reviewed in the past.

The Bad

Possibly Misleading Ads

Arriving at the YourScoreAndMore homepage, potential customers are presented with a gigantic ad that talks about getting your “free credit score”. Our review team struggled to understand what part of the YourScoreAndMore service could possibly be described as “free”, given that even the 14-day trial costs $9.95.

Although the pricing of the service is listed in (smaller) print above the offending ad, we can’t help but imagine some people might start signing up, operating under the assumption that they are receiving a free service when they are not. We were able to locate numerous complaints leveled against this company alleging that customers were deceived into believing the service was either free or at a lower price before their card began to get billed at $29.94 per month.

Major Transparency Issues

YourScoreAndMore struggles with disclosing useful information to potential customers prior to signing up, including critical information like:

Credit Reports

How many credit reports are actually provided on the trial, the paid service, and so on. We found that the $9.95 trial only provides users with access to one credit report from TransUnion, whereas the full service at $29.94 (which automatically begins to bill after 14 days) provides all three.

Credit Scores

Nowhere on the site does YourScoreAndMore reveal the scoring model they use in providing users with their credit scores. Although our prior experience with these services have given us the benefit of knowing that they provide the relatively meaningless TransRisk score, this information needs to be disclosed up front. Withholding it like they choose to do can certainly appear to be a tactic to trick potential clients into believing they are receiving a FICO score when this is not the case.

When companies withhold important information about their service from customers prior to signing up, some might wonder What do they have to hide and why are they hiding this information from me? It is a practice that we consider a potential red flag.

Sharing Personal Information with No Opt-Out

Under Third Party Websites and Services in their privacy policy, YourScoreAndMore clearly states that by signing up for the service, you agree that:

We have your consent to share collected personally identifiable information (including email addresses) with third parties for commercial purposes, such as advertising.

This sort of sharing of personal info might make a client’s stomach squirm, but it is (unfortunately) not uncommon in this industry. However, most companies will at least provide a means for their customers to “opt out” of having their information shared with third parties, YourScoreAndMore does not provide its users with any such option, which is troubling.

Complaints of Difficulty Canceling

Most of the complaints leveled against YourScoreAndMore boil down, at some level, to customers being billed either without their knowledge, without their consent, or without being able to cancel in a timely fashion. Although some of these complaints appear to have leveled off in recent months, it is still worth considering when deciding whether or not to do business with this company.

The Bottom Line

YourScoreAndMore, like any of the many resellers of CSIdentity’s credit reporting services, provides legitimate credit reports, semi-legitimate credit scores, and legitimate three-bureau monitoring for a hefty price. Unfortunately, they bring little of value to the table beyond features that are commonly available from other companies at a lower price.

Their checkered history, transparency issues, lack of features, lack of mobile app, and laundry list of customer complaints is something to be aware of before making the final decision on whether or not to use their service.

Price Range

Monthly membership is $29.94.  This will be charged after the 14-day trial ends

Trial Detail

14-day trial is $9.95 and that gives one full access to a TransUnion credit report with an accompanying TransRisk score.

Scores & Reports Provided

A triple 3-in-1 credit score and report are offered.  The credit scores are TransRisk scores based on information contained in the Experian, TransUnion and Equifax credit reports.  


YourScoreAndMore monitors all three major credit bureaus and alerts its members of any significant changes through an email.

Credit Score and Report Refreshes

Credit Reports are provided each month, along with accompanying TransRisk scores.

Data Security/Privacy

YourScoreAndMore forces users to permit the company to share, sell, and trade their personal information as part of their privacy policy, which one must agree to in order to sign up for the service. There is no simple way to opt out of this that we could find.

Identity Theft Protection

YourScoreAndMore provides $1 million in identity theft insurance, as long as your service is active. There is no deductible with the service.  This insurance policy protects you from financial loss in case of identity theft.  It also includes lawyers, investigators and case managers retained on your behalf.  The policy reimburses you for expenses related to identity theft restoration, including replacement of documents, travel expenses, loss of income, dependent care, legal costs, and fraudulent withdrawals from a bank account.

Alert Options

Alerts on your account are sent by email only.  There are no other options at this time to receive an alert.

Time in Business

March 2005

Contact Information
  • 888-387-0890
    Mon-Fri, 6:00 am-6:00 pm PST
    Sat-Sun, 9:00 am-5:00 pm PST
  • [email protected]
  • 5951 Encina Rd. Suite 208 Goleta, CA 93117

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    October 15th, 2015 Saint Cloud, FL

    I was ripped off $29.95 I didn’t order this !!!!!!SCAM…

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  2. User Score


    March 27th, 2014 La Mirada, CA

    I WAS ALSO RIPPED OFF FOR 29.95 A BIG SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. User Score


    November 20th, 2013 Scottsboro, AL

    I am not pleased with this website. I believe its a scam just to get peoples info. I can’t sign in any now & its only been a few hours since I created my account with them. Now I have to change everything as far as my bank info & just hope & pray nothing else goes wrong. This site is fake.

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